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Team Coffeeness

Reviewing, writing, selling beans: Coffeeness equals teamwork. Who does what and how do I get involved? Get to know our company!

We Take Care of Coffee. And Everything Else.

Coffeeness was launched in 2008 as a one-man project in a small Berlin kitchen. It has since grown into a diverse team of experts, coffee connoisseurs and content kings. Moreover, Team Coffeeness now publishes in several languages.


Arne Preuss Barista

Arne Preuss. Founder, tester, author, owner and “the coffee machine guy from YouTube

Mauricio Preuss. Head of Visual Content (in front of & behind the camera)

Katrin Kadelbach Editorin Coffeeness

Katrin Kadelbach. Editor-in-Chief

Florian Obrecht. Operational Management

Editors & Contributors

Wiebke Eichler. Coffeeness Germany

Manuela Lenz. Coffeeness Germany

Annabelle Gordeau. Coffeeness Netherlands

Céline Perez. Coffeeness France

Érika García Bellés. Coffeeness Spain

Nicholas Marshall Coffeeness U.S. Chief Editor

Nicholas Marshall. Coffeeness USA

Brenda Kipkemoi. Coffeeness USA

Ray Foster. Coffeeness USA

Research & Fact Checking

Jens Steinert. Head of Research

Simona Team Coffeeness Faktenprueferin

Simona Ivanovksi. Fact Checking

Team Coffeeness Jelena Fact Checker and Formatter

Jelena Bartulovic. Fact Checking

Content & Website

Bill Kolichoski. Software Developer

Alex Kolichoski. Web Developer

Simona Team Coffeeness Faktenprueferin

Simona Ivanoksi. Formatting

Team Coffeeness Jelena Fact Checker and Formatter

Jelena Bartulovic. Formatting

Vildana Bratic. Video Editing

Reader Service / Support / Press

Sarah Pfeifer. Outreach & Customer Service

International Team. Diverse Company. Employees With Personality. Welcome to Coffeeness.

Coffee beans and coffee machines may play the leading role in our company, but our employees, contributors and team members are the true stars.

Every review and blog post is the result of a multi-stage process, in which each member of the team plays to their strengths. Despite defined roles for all members, we don’t just stay in our lanes. Rather, we are always topic-oriented:

  1. The Research Team finds new machines, exciting brands and interesting topics.

  2. The Review and Copywriting Team develops content, defines narrative strategies and tests products.

  3. The Editorial Team checks and edits content according to our style guidelines before preparing it for publishing.

  4. The Support Team monitors your feedback and passes it on to the appropriate editors.

  5. The Tech Team ensures all website functions and features work as they should. The team is always full of brilliant ideas to keep things running as efficiently as possible.

Want to find out more? We’d love that! Check out our review process to learn all about how Coffeeness works.

Join the Coffeeness Team

Can you tell the difference between an espresso machine and a French press? Or do you have a lot to offer in terms of tech, writing or content development? Write to us and introduce yourself! Simply apply via our job board or contact us and let’s talk about your future with Team Coffeeness.