DeLonghi ECP 3630 Review: Small but Mighty!

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In this DeLonghi ECP 3630 review, I'll be checking out another of the manufacturer's small manual espresso machines. The DeLonghi ECP 3630 Manual Espresso Machine might not look like much. However, there’s much more to this machine than meets the eye.

In this DeLonghi ECP 3630 review, I’ll be checking out another of the manufacturer’s small manual espresso machines. The DeLonghi ECP 3630 Manual Espresso Machine might not look like much. However, there’s much more to this machine than meets the eye.

If you don’t want to miss anything, keep reading my DeLonghi ECP 3630 review. I aim to find out exactly what’s lurking beneath this coffee maker’s shiny exterior!

fantastic milk foam!

DeLonghi ECP 3630

Small but Mighty

Simple to use

Easy to clean

Compact footprint

Advanced steam wand


No descaling light

Small water tank

DeLonghi ECP 3630 Review Overview

For $111.99, DeLonghi has priced the ECP 3630 similarly to some of its other small manual machines. Still, what features are you actually getting here? For starters, this compact coffee machine packs in 15 bars of professional pressure, which isn’t unusual for a manual espresso maker.

Anything more than 9 bars is going to be ideal for espresso preparation, while anything over 20 bars is overkill. To that end, 15 bars really is the sweet spot.

The water reservoir has a 37 ounce (1 liter) capacity. If you’re trying to make espresso for the entire family, I guess the tank might be a little small. However, if you’re only trying to make a cup for you and your sweetie, it’ll be just fine.

Now let’s talk about materials. Although the water reservoir is plastic, the machine’s boiler is made from stainless steel. Not only is stainless steel durable, it also conducts heat really well. Needless to say, I’m a fan of what I’m seeing here.

The  DeLonghi ECP 3630’s self priming technology eliminates some of the wait time associated with making your first cup of the morning. Plus, there are two separate thermostats here. One thermostat heats your water up to the right temperature, while the other takes care of steam pressure for your milk foam.

In addition to the self-priming operation, you’ll notice that this machine has something that not all small manual coffee makers do: a Rapid Cappuccino System for brewing cup after cup.

I’ll go into more detail about each of these features later in this DeLonghi ECP 3630 review. However, if you’re short on time, here’s a bite-sized summary: its compact size and simple user interface make this the perfect espresso maker for beginners or anyone with limited kitchen space.

DeLonghi ECP 3630 Features

DeLonghi ECP 3630 espresso machine overview features.

Let’s continue this DeLonghi ECP 3630 review by taking a detailed look at the machine’s many features. 

Compact Design

There are plenty of small machines in my guide to the best home espresso machines, but not all of them save space like the ECP 3630. I happen to love the DeLonghi’s sleek and slim design, as well as its compact footprint. 

Weighing just under 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms), I doubt you’ll have any problem fitting this pocket-sized espresso maker into your dorm room or apartment kitchen.


As far as color choices go, the ECP 3630 comes only in stainless steel. That might feel a little lackluster compared to some coffee makers, but at least the thing is durable. Plus, it’ll go with just about any kitchen decor.

Now, if you’ve checked out the manufacturer’s page for this coffee maker, you might be a little confused. While DeLonghi’s site makes it look like there are multiple color options, this isn’t actually the case. These “other options” are actually different models, so you’ll want to be careful there.

As tempting as a bright red espresso maker might seem, I wouldn’t want you to end up with missing features after accidentally snagging the wrong machine!

User Interface

I’ve mentioned it before, but if you’re a beginner, you can’t beat the ECP 3630’s simple user interface. There’s one large dial on the front of the machine, which controls hot water, espresso and turning on the machine. Aside from that, there’s a simple knob on the side for engaging the manual steam wand.

There are also two indicator lights you don’t want to miss. One of these lights lets you know that the machine is powered on and the other lets you know it’s done preheating.

Removable Water Tank

DeLonghi ECP 3630 with a removable water tank.

No matter how compact or lightweight your espresso machine is, you probably don’t want to lug it around just to fill it with water. Fortunately, this espresso and cappuccino machine has a removable water tank.

Clocking in at 37 ounces (1 liter), the water tank is easy to fill. You just pull it out, take it to the tap and then reattach it. I also appreciate the water level indicator on the front of the machine. Any feature that gets rid of guesswork is fine by me. Most manual espresso machines do come with removable water tanks. Still, it’s a welcome feature that’s worth celebrating!


Your espresso and cappuccino maker’s boiler can have a big impact on how long it takes to heat up. Fortunately, the ECP 3630’s boiler is made from stainless steel.

Technically, DeLonghi recommends that you give all their manual machines 15 minutes to heat up. However, it shouldn’t take more than five to seven minutes for the OK light to flash on this one. A stainless steel boiler isn’t as quick to heat as a Thermoblock, but at this price point I’m certainly not complaining.


Since we’re already on the topic of heating, you’ll find two thermostats on this coffee maker. One controls the temperature for your hot water and the other controls your milk frother. Having two thermostats is definitely handy and it’ll make sure you get the optimal temperature for both steamed milk and espresso.


The portafilter and its features of the DeLonghi ECP 3630.

I know as well as anyone that a single espresso shot isn’t always enough to get you kicking in the mornings. So, if you’ve got a machine that only allows you to pull one shot at a time, it’s going to become tedious.

The good news is that this isn’t a problem on this espresso and cappuccino machine. You’ve got a three in one filter holder, so you’ve got a basket for a single shot, double shot and even Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods. If that last option caught your attention, I’ll talk more about ESE compatibility in a minute.

Even if you’re only interested in one shot, maybe your partner needs one too. In that case, you’ll want to take advantage of the two cup function. The ECP 3630 has a “mustache spout” that allows you to extract espresso into two cups at once. That’s certainly a time saver!

As far as portafilters go, this unit comes with a pressurized one, as well as a plastic tamper. Now, a plastic espresso tamper is better than nothing, but I’d definitely recommend upgrading to a stainless steel tamper.

Milk Foam

For a small manual espresso machine, it’s no surprise that the DeLonghi ECP 3630 comes with a manual steam wand and milk frother. You’ll need to use the dial on the side to control it and there are two settings: one for regular steamed milk and one for frothy foam that’s ideal for cappuccinos and other coffee drinks.

Cup Height

The cup hight can be tall and small with the delonghi ecp 3630.

The ECP 3630 has a standard cup height of 5 inches (12.7 centimeters). You won’t have any problems fitting espresso cups under the spout. However, if you need a little extra wiggle room for that travel mug, you can always remove the drip tray to reveal a second drip tray underneath.

ESE Coffee Pod Compatibility

I said I’d circle back around to the ESE compatibility, didn’t I? If you’re not sure what an Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pod is, we’re talking about pre ground coffee that comes in a paper filter. It’s a quick alternative for brewing coffee if you don’t have the time to grind your own coffee beans.

With that said, I don’t think anything beats freshly ground beans from a good coffee grinder. With the right tools, even a simple manual espresso machine like this can create great espresso drinks to rival your favorite coffee shop.

Still, even I’ll admit in this DeLonghi ECP 3630 review that having the option for espresso pods is nice.


As is standard with most DeLonghi products and coffee makers, this espresso machine comes with a one year warranty for manufacturer defects. That’s not as long as some brands might give you, but at least you’re covered for that first year of use.

How to Use the DeLonghi ECP 3630

Pulling two shots of espresso from the DeLonghi ECP 3630.

Now that I’ve covered all the machine’s key features in this DeLonghi ECP 3630 review, let’s move on. I already told you that the De’Longhi pump espresso machine can brew a coffee drink that rivals your coffee shop favorite. With that in mind, let’s break down how prepare espresso on this machine with complete control. Don’t worry, you’ll feel like an experienced barista in no time!

Making Espresso With the DeLonghi ECP 3630

  1. Every perfect shot of espresso starts with the water tank. More precisely, filling up the water tank. That might sound a little anticlimactic, but you won’t be able to extract coffee drinks without fresh, filtered water in the tank.

  2. Now it’s time to turn your coffee beans into coffee grounds. This second step is necessary for all espresso machines and coffee makers, but it’s still worth mentioning. This espresso machine doesn’t include any kind of grinding function, so you’ll either need to use your own coffee grinder or an ESE pod.

  3. Fill up the filter basket with your desired amount of coffee grinds. I’d recommend starting with around 7 grams for a single espresso shot or 15 grams for a double. By the way, a decent coffee scale will make this part way easier.

  4. Make sure you use a tamper to evenly distribute the coffee grounds in the filter basket. Then, apply pressure to tamp the coffee down.

  5. Turn the dial to the ON symbol. You should see the ON light flicker on, and there will be a short waiting time while the machine preheats.

  6. Once the OK light comes on to let you know the machine is ready, it’s time to extract your espresso. But first, you’ll want to warm your demitasse cups with a little hot water and put them under the spout. Unfortunately, there’s no warming tray or cup warmer on this manual machine.

  7. Turn your dial to the coffee/hot water symbol. It should take around 30 seconds for your espresso to extract, and when you’re happy, turn the dial back to ON.

And that’s all there is to it! With a little bit of time to preheat and a great grinder for freshly ground beans, you could have the perfect cup of coffee within minutes.

DeLonghi ECP 3630 Cleaning

Once you’ve gulped down that espresso shot, americano or latte macchiato, it’s time for everyone’s least favorite part of owning an espresso machine: cleaning and descaling.

If you’re dreading the descaling process, don’t worry. For most manual coffee makers, including the ECP3630 espresso machine, you’ll only need to descale it every few months. DeLonghi recommends descaling every 200 coffees, but most of us aren’t counting our coffees like that. Ultimately, if you’re using your coffee maker every day, you should descale every couple of months.

I don’t want to bore you to sleep with the descaling details  – the manual for your coffee maker should have everything you need to know. That said, you might want to pick up a bottle of DeLonghi EcoDecalk descaling solution so you’ll be ready for the task ahead.

Like all espresso machines, the De’Longhi ECP3630 will need maintenance every time you use it. The manual may not mention this, but cleaning the portafilter and the filter basket after every use is great for your espresso machine’s lifespan.

Just run them under a little warm water and keep them clear of the dishwasher  – that’s all there is to it!

Along with descaling, you’ll need to clean the boiler outlet every few months too. If you’re already going to descale, I recommend taking care of this at the same time. To do so, you’ll unscrew the screw connected to the boiler outlet and run it under some hot water. Once again, steer clear of the dreaded dishwasher!

DeLonghi ECP 3630 Specifications

DeLonghi ECP 3630


Model number


Product category

Manual espresso machine

Housing material

Stainless steel

Color options

Stainless Steel

Milk frother

Steam wand

User interface

Buttons and dials


User profiles

Memo function only

Portafilter size

51 mm



Removable water reservoir

Water reservoir capacity

37.2 fl oz / 1.1 l

Number of boilers


Pump pressure

15 bar

Maximum cup height

5.0 in / 12.7 cm



Grind adjustment levels


Bean hopper capacity


Specialty drinks



Adjustable coffee temperature

Adjustable milk foam temperature

2-cup function


Hot water function

Hot milk function

Milk foam only option

Water filter

Power consumption

1100 W


9.8 lb / 4.4 kg


12.0 x 7.3 x 9.5 in
30.5 x 18.5 x 24.1 cm


1 year


Included Accessories: Filter holder, 1 shot and 2 shot filters, ESE pod filter, Measuring spoon/tamper. Water filter optional, not included.

Current price on Amazon


All specifications

DeLonghi ECP 3630 vs Other Espresso Machines

I couldn’t wrap up my DeLonghi ECP 3630 review without first talking about how it compares to similar espresso machines on the market. Let’s take a look.

DeLonghi ECP 3630 vs Gaggia Carezza Deluxe

At $299.00, the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe may not share the ECP 3630’s great price. However, it does come with plenty of extra features.

This one uses 9 bars of pressure instead of a 15 bar pump, and it’s got a bigger water tank at 47 ounces (1.3 liters). With the Gaggia, you’ll also get a much quicker heating time, automatic shutoff and a pre infusion function.

DeLonghi ECP 3630 vs EC702

For $237.15, the water reservoir on the DeLonghi EC702 has a capacity of 44 ounces (1.2 liters). That’s more than the ECP 3630, but the tradeoff is that this EC702 is definitely less compact. Otherwise, these two espresso machines share many of the same features.

DeLonghi ECP 3630 vs ECP3420

The DeLonghi ECP3420 is very similar to the DeLonghi ECP3630, but it’s got an even better price at $169.95.

Both machines weigh the same and hold roughly the same amount of water, so the ECP3420 won’t be taking up any more space on your kitchen counter. With that said, DeLonghi does specify that the ECP3420 uses double wall filters for better crema. And if you’re someone who’s big on color, the ECP3420 comes in black rather than stainless steel.

Verdict: DeLonghi ECP 3630 Review

fantastic milk foam!

DeLonghi ECP 3630

Small but Mighty

Simple to use

Easy to clean

Compact footprint

Advanced steam wand


No descaling light

Small water tank

That just about wraps up my DeLonghi ECP3630 review. With a rapid cappuccino system, removable drip tray and manual steam wand, the ECP 3630 has all the basics in a sturdy, compact package.

Unlike more advanced machines, you won’t have complete control over the brewing temperature or extraction process. Still, when paired with a decent coffee grinder, you’ll still be able to get excellent results from this affordable espresso maker.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my DeLonghi ECP 3630 review. I’d love to hear what you think of this affordable mini espresso machine, so keep the comments coming!

DeLonghi ECP 3630 Review FAQ

You can use any plant-based milk in this coffee maker, including oat milk, soy milk and even almond milk.

The ECP 3630 coffee maker is capable of making great espresso, especially if you’re using a good grinder and high quality coffee beans.

You can make a matcha latte with the DeLonghi ECP 3630, but avoid putting the powder directly into the portafilter.

Of course! The frothed milk from the steam wand on the ECP 3630 is great for making hot chocolate.

There is no indicator light for descaling, but DeLonghi recommends performing this task every 200 coffees.

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More about Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

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