Miele CM 5310 Review 2022: Silence Is Golden!

After working as a professional barista for many years, Arne Preuss founded Coffeeness.

Until now, I've only included a couple of Miele coffee makers in my super automatic espresso machine guide. That's why I'm embarking on this Miele CM 5310 review. In any case, there's a special place in my heart for the German manufacturer and I believe its machines need more exposure.

Until now, I’ve only included a couple of Miele coffee makers in my super automatic espresso machine guide. That’s why I’m embarking on this Miele CM 5310 review. In any case, there’s a special place in my heart for the German manufacturer and I believe its machines need more exposure.

I mean, while big names like DeLonghi and Jura get all the attention, Miele just keeps on truckin’ in the background. Perhaps Miele likes it that way. Still, the fact remains that it produces fantastic bean to cup machines. With that in mind, let’s shine a light on one of the manufacturer’s latest offerings. Above all, I’m confident this Miele CM 5310 review will break the silence!

Miele CM 5310

Silence Is Golden!

Super quiet burr grinder

Elegant, understated design

High quality materials and construction

Intuitive user interface

Makes great espresso and milk foam

Small water reservoir

No touchscreen

Miele CM 5310 Review Overview

Now that I’ve got my obligatory cheesy joke out of the way, let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with. Released in mid-2021, the Miele CM 5310 Silence is the successor to the aging CM 5300.

Although both machines share the same features, the updated version is supposed to be much quieter. I guess that’s where the whole “Silence” thing comes in. Anyway, Miele has worked hard to soundproof the machine’s grinder. From what I can gather, the manufacturer’s efforts have paid off and the Miele CM 5310 is a huge improvement. 

My first impressions of the Miele CM 5310 are of a surprisingly compact coffee maker. I can see this machine fitting nicely into any kitchen, and its understated design won’t draw too much attention. All the hallmarks of a classic Miele automatic coffee maker are in evidence, from the distinctive boxy shape to the slightly outdated user interface.

Speaking of the Miele’s user interface, the manufacturer obviously sees no reason to change a thing. I respect this – after all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Seriously though, don’t be put off by the old fashioned text display and sensor buttons. In my experience, Miele coffee makers are extremely intuitive and easy to use. I’ll take a closer look at the machine’s display a little later in this Miele CM5310 review.

The Miele CM 5310 will set you back $1,699.00 on Amazon, which is no small chunk of change. However, when you consider Miele’s dedication to high quality construction, the price seems fair.

Not only that, I’ve consistently been impressed by the quality of the espresso I’ve made using Miele machines. See! I told you. Miele has a special place in my heart!

Miele Super Automatic Espresso Machines Never Disappoint with Their Coffee Drinks.

Miele CM 5310 Features

Although the CM 5310 looks simple and understated, there’s a lot going on under the hood. I’m fairly confident anyone would be impressed by what the manufacturer has packed into this compact machine. With that in mind, let’s continue this Miele CM 5310 review by taking a closer look at all the cool features involved. 


Miele CM 5310 Colors.

For a manufacturer that tends to fly under the radar, Miele rarely goes out on a limb with its color options. However, they seem to be experimenting with the market for various colors, at least for now.

Aside from Obsidian Black, the Miele CM 5310 is available in a Tayberry Red finish. Heck, it’s almost as though Miele wants to be, well … noticed! That said, supply chain issues are causing some limitations, so you may have a hard time getting the one you want. So, be sure to jump on the one you like when it’s available!

User Interface

Although I did poke a little fun at Miele earlier, I stand by what I said about the user interface being intuitive and easy to use. The simple text display and surrounding sensor buttons make navigating the manu a breeze.

Not only that, you may find yourself wondering why anyone would want fancy icons and a touchscreen. Still, if you feel the need to impress your friends with an app and color TFT display, the CM 5310 might be a little disappointing.

Stainless Steel Grinder

The bean hopper and grinder of the Miele CM 5310 Silence.

The Miele CM 5310 comes equipped with a stainless steel conical burr grinder. Located under the bean hopper on top of the machine, the Miele’s grinder is quiet and efficient. What’s odd is the location of the grinder settings, which are found behind a service door. 

There, you’ll find a slide control with a choice of five grinder settings. That might not sound like you have much room to maneuver. However, in my experience Miele grinders feel infinitely variable when you’re adjusting the controller.

Ground Coffee Bypass

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know when you’ve had too much caffeine for the day. Not only will you feel like you can see through time, those around you will start running for the exits. That’s where the Miele’s ground coffee chute comes in handy. 

You can use this feature to bypass the grinder and use pre ground decaf coffee instead. However, be careful not to use too much ground coffee for a brew cycle, as it could cause a nasty blockage.

Milk Foam

Miele CM 5310 Silence making good milk foam.

Although I prefer a super automatic espresso machine with an integrated frother, the Miele’s automatic milk frother is easy to use and keep clean. The milk pipe has its own handy storage space behind the service panel. 

Once you’re ready to make a latte macchiato or cappuccino, simply connect one end to the dispensing unit and place the other end in a milk container. You can use a milk jug or a pitcher, although Miele does sell a dedicated milk container if you want to accessorize.

Specialty Drinks

The Miele CM 5310 offers eight specialty drinks including ristretto, espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. With that said, you can adjust parameters like milk volume, coffee temperature and coffee strength. That means you’re able to conjure up an almost infinite variety of personalized specialties. 

Incidentally, in case you were wondering, the CM 5310 passes the latte macchiato test with flying colors. The machine dispenses hot milk and foam, followed by espresso for a blissfully multi layered experience!

Memory Function

Unlike some pricier Miele coffee machines, the CM 5310 doesn’t offer individual user profiles. With that said, the machine will remember any setting changes you’ve made and save them for next time. 

That means you won’t have to tax your brain with trying to remember the parameters for that perfect cappuccino. However, you’ll need to make sure no one else in your household starts tinkering with your settings. I find Post-it notes with stern warnings do the job nicely!

Brew Group

The removable brew group of the Miele CM 5310 Silence.

The Miele coffee maker’s removable brew unit is where all the magic happens. This sophisticated piece of wizardry is responsible for tamping and brewing your espresso. I guess what I’m saying is you’ll want to take good care of it. I’ll go into more detail about how to clean the brew unit a little later.

Cup Height

Any automatic coffee maker worth its salt will have an adjustable coffee dispensing spout. This is super important during espresso preparation. You’ll want the spout as close to your espresso cup as possible in order to preserve the crema. Still, a generous amount of headroom is important too when you’re making taller specialty drinks.

The Miele CM 5310’s dispensing spout has a minimum height of 3.1 inches (8 centimeters) and can be moved up to provide 5.3 inches (13.5 centimeters) of clearance. Those aren’t the best numbers I’ve ever seen, but you should be able to brew into a decent sized insulated mug or travel cup.

Pot Function

I’ll admit to being a little unsure about Miele’s pot function. On the one hand, this feature could be seen as a thoughtful addition for those who want to make larger amounts of coffee.

However, you could say that it’s a shameless attempt to sell more accessories. Still, in case you’re interested, Miele offers an insulated coffee pot for an eye watering $119.00.

Child Safety Lock

Here’s a feature that I can’t make fun of. Nor should I; the CM 5310’s child safety lock is as thoughtful as it is welcome. You can lock the Miele with the touch of a button, meaning curious kids can’t get scaled on boiling hot coffee or inadvertently cause a disaster in your kitchen. Plus, who wants their kids using up all their coffee beans, anyway?!


It’s worth noting the Miele CM 5310 comes with a two year warranty. Chances are you’ll never need to take advantage of this, but it’s good to know about. I’d recommend keeping your sales receipt in a safe place, just in case. In the event that you end up with a faulty machine, contact the manufacturer and they’ll take care of everything.

Of-course, if you purchase this machine via Amazon, you can always access old receipts in your user purchase history.

How To Use the Miele CM 5310

Arne checking if the Miele does what he wants.

I wasn’t kidding earlier in this Miele CM 5310 review when I mentioned how intuitive and easy to use this machine is. I’m convinced any coffee lover could start getting delicious specialty drinks out of this automatic coffee machine without much trouble.

Still, there are a few things to take care of before getting started. Begin by cleaning all removable parts, including the water tank, brewing unit and drip tray. Once that’s done, add coffee beans to the bean hopper and fill the reservoir with filtered water. 

Once you hit the power button, the Miele will ask you to input your water hardness. After that, the machine will perform an initial rinse function.

Drink Preparation

All coffee drinks from the Miele CM 5310 Silence.

Now it’s time to get to the good stuff! There’s one more thing, though; make two or three coffees and throw them out. That’ll season the machine and get rid of any factory related residue that might be hanging around inside.

To make a drink with the Miele CM 5310, simply press an icon button or go into the menu for more options. You’ll likely need to experiment with the grinder settings to really dial in your espresso, but that’s all part of the fun!

What’s really cool is that you can adjust the brewing temperature, volume of ground coffee used and the volume of water used. Plus, if you’re making a milk drink you can adjust the amount of milk froth the Miele will produce. Remember: you’re the boss!

One setting you should definitely be aware of relates to the pre brewing function. Many of you will already know that pre infusion is a vital part of the coffee extraction process. By dampening the ground coffee a little up front, the delicate aroma has a chance to fully develop. 

That’s why you should select either a short or long pre brewing time. I’d recommend ignoring the option to turn it off altogether. I mean, why on Earth would you do that?!

Miele CM 5310 Cleaning

There’s just no getting around it, owning an automatic coffee maker means getting into the habit of performing daily cleaning tasks. However, compared to some other machines I could mention, the Miele CM 5310 makes cleaning really easy.

Thanks to its self cleaning function, the CM 5310 will rinse the dispensing spout and milk pipework after each use. Still, you will need to clean all removable parts at the end of the day. Make sure to clean the brew unit, removable drip tray and used grounds container by hand, using warm water. As for the water tank, empty it and give it a quick rinse, too. 

Every so often, the machine will prompt you to perform some more involved maintenance tasks. May I politely remind you not to ignore your coffee maker when it asks to be descaled! As it turns out, no matter how well filtered your water may be, limescale will build up inside your machine. Trust me when I say things won’t end well if you don’t address the issue.

Anyway, the descaling cycle takes a little time and effort, but the machine will guide you through the process. As you might expect, the manufacturer recommends using only Miele Descaling Tablets, warning that other brands might not work. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not that’s a load of hogwash.

Miele CM 5310 Specifications

 Miele CM 5310 Silence Super Automatic Espresso Machine
NameMiele CM 5310 Silence
Housing materialStainless steel / plastic
Colors/designs availableObsidian Black, Tayberry Red, AluSilver, Rose Gold Pearl
Removable brew groupYes
Milk foam systemAutomatic cappuccinatore
User interfaceText display with sensor buttons
User profilesNo
Water tank capacity44.0 oz / 1.3 l
Maximum spout height5.3 in / 13.5 cm
Minimum spout height3.2 in / 8.0 cm
GrinderStainless steel conical burr grinder
Number of grind adjustment settings5
Bean container capacity7.1 oz / 200.0 g
Ground coffee bypassYes
Pot functionYes
Specialty drinks 8
Adjustable coffee strengthYes
Adjustable coffee temperatureYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureNo
2-cup functionYes
Hot water functionNo
Hot milk functionYes
Weight20.9 lb / 9.5 kg
Dimensions14.2 x 9.4 x 18.1 in x / 36.0 x 24.1 x 46.0 cm
Extras/miscellaneousInstruction manual, cleaning brush, sample cleaning products
Current price on Amazon$1,608.63

Miele CM 5310 vs Other Super Automatics

As part of my Miele CM 5310 review, I think it’s only fair to take a look at a few other automatic coffee machines. Above all, it’s important to get a feel for what else is out there before parting with your hard earned cash.

Miele CM 5310 Silence vs CM 5510

Miele CM 5510 vs CM 5310.

Take a quick look at the Miele CM 5510 and you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s exactly the same as the CM 5310. However, the Miele CM 5510 offers some advanced features to justify its $1,799.95 price tag. 

Firstly, the extra money buys you a programmable hot water function. More importantly, the CM 5510 offers multiple user profiles. I’d say spending a little more on this machine would definitely be worth it if you live with other coffee lovers. Plus, you won’t have to worry about those Post-it notes, which is better for the environment!

Miele CM 5310 Silence vs Gaggia Cardorna Prestige

Gaggia Cadorna Prestige vs Miele CM 5310.

I was really impressed by the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige during my review of the machine. There’s a lot to love, including a ceramic burr grinder, integrated milk carafe and tons of adjustable settings. 

However, I was most taken by the Gaggia’s beautiful color display and user friendly menu. Costing $1,499.00 on Amazon, the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige’s price is certainly right, and could definitely tempt you away from the Miele CM 5310.

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Miele CM 5310 Silence vs DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs Miele CM 5310.

It’s no secret that the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is one of my all time favorite automatic coffee machines. Plus, with an asking price of $1,499.95, the Dinamica Plus is even more budget friendly than the Miele CM 5310.

In fact, I’ve yet to meet another machine at this price point capable of producing such excellent espresso and milk foam. What’s more, the DeLonghi features the wonderful True Brew Over Ice function, which will appeal to iced coffee fanatics.

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Miele CM 5310 vs Others Comparison Chart

 Miele CM 5310 SilenceMiele CM 5510Gaggia Cadorna PrestigeDeLonghi Dinamica Plus
NameMiele CM 5310 SilenceCM 5510Cadorna PrestigeDinamica Plus
Housing materialStainless steel / plasticStainless steel / plasticStainless steelPlastic
Colors/designs availableObsidian Black, Tayberry Red, AluSilver, Rose Gold PearlObsidian Black, Tayberry Red, AluSilver, Rose Gold PearlSilverGrey
Removable brew groupYesYesYesYes
Milk foam systemAutomatic cappuccinatoreAutomatic cappuccinatoreAutomatic, integrated milk carafeAutomatic, LatteCrema system
User interfaceText display with sensor buttonsText display with sensor buttonsTFT color display + Backlit ButtonsTouchscreen
User profilesNoYesYesYes
Water tank capacity44.0 oz / 1.3 l44.0 oz / 1.3 l50.0 oz / 1.5 l60.0 oz / 1.77 l
Maximum spout height5.3 in / 13.5 cm5.3 in / 13.5 cm6.1 in / 15.5 cm5.3 in / 13.5 cm
Minimum spout height3.2 in / 8.0 cm3.2 in / 8.0 cm2.75 in / 7.0 cm3.3 in / 8.4 cm
GrinderStainless steel conical burr grinderStainless steel conical burr grinderCeramic flat burr grinderStainless steel conical burr grinder
Number of grind adjustment settings551013
Bean container capacity7.1 oz / 200.0 g7.1 oz / 200.0 g10.5 oz / 300.0 g10.5 oz / 300.0 g
Ground coffee bypassYesYesYesYes
Pot functionYesYesNoNo
Specialty drinks 881416
Adjustable coffee strengthYesYesYesYes
Adjustable coffee temperatureYesYesYesYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureNoNoNoYes
2-cup functionYesYesYesYes
Hot water functionNoYesYesYes
Hot milk functionYesYesYesYes
Weight21.0 lb / 9.5 kg21.0 lb / 9.5 kg21.16 lb / 9.6 kgs21.0lb / 9.5 kgs
Dimensions14.2 x 9.4 x 18.1 in x / 36.0 x 24.1 x 46.0 cm14.2 x 9.4 x 18.1 in x / 36.0 x 24.1 x 46.0 cm14.96 x 10.23 x 17.32 in / 38.0 x 26.0 x 44.0 cm9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 in / 23.6 x 42.9 x 34.8 cm
Extras/miscellaneousInstruction manual, cleaning brush, sample cleaning productsInstruction manual, cleaning brush, sample cleaning productsInstruction manual, water hardness test strip, coffee scoop, brew group lubricantInstruction manual, carbon active filter, coffee scoop, water hardness test strip, cleaning brush, Descaler solution
Current price on Amazon$1,608.63$1,799.00$1,326.84$1,499.95

Verdict: Miele CM 5310 Review

Miele CM 5310

Silence Is Golden!

Super quiet burr grinder

Elegant, understated design

High quality materials and construction

Intuitive user interface

Makes great espresso and milk foam

Small water reservoir

No touchscreen

At the start of my Miele CM 5310 review, I mentioned that the German manufacturer quietly produces fantastic coffee machines. However, there’s little doubt Miele is up against some stiff competition. 

Still, nothing can take away the fact that the Miele CM 5310 has a lot to offer. I have no doubt that this machine could satisfy even the most discerning of coffee snobs. Plus, the CM 5310 is easy enough for any newbie to use without suffering an anxiety attack! 

If I had to nitpick, I’d say the 44 ounce (1.3 liter) water tank and 7 ounce (200 gram) bean hopper are both too small. That said, it really isn’t that difficult to add more water here and there. All in all, I can’t help but recommend this super automatic espresso machine. Now, excuse me while I go and see if it’s in stock on Amazon!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Miele CM 5310. I’d love to hear what you think of this affordable super automatic, so keep the comments coming!

Miele CM 5310 FAQ

Miele is a trusted German manufacturer that’s been in business since 1899. Miele is known for producing high quality, durable coffee makers.

Both the Miele CM 5310 and CM 5510 are very similar. However, the CM 5510 has the addition of a hot water function and user profiles.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the Miele CM 5310 is remarkably easy to use.

Most Miele automatic espresso machines have sensor buttons and a text display. However, the Miele CM 7750 does have a touchscreen display.

The Miele CM 5310 Silence will let you know when it needs to be descaled via the text display.

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