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Good coffee beans are not everything, but without good coffee beans, everything is nothing. I'll be your guinea pig when it comes to trying out espresso machines and coffee.

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I’ve been writing about coffee since 2008 and want to share my passion with you. Coffeeness developed from a small personal blog about french press coffee to the largest German website about coffee.

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19. July 2020

Cold Brew: Recipes, Tips and Fresh Ideas

Summer, winter, blizzard or heat wave: I drink cold brew in any weather. Cold brewed coffee is one of the most durable trends of recent years and there are many [...]

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7. January 2020

How Much Caffeine Is in Your Coffee? We Tested 15 Coffee Drinks in a Laboratory to Find Out!

On behalf of the entire world of coffee aficionados, I have a confession to make: We have absolutely no clue at all… … how much caffeine you actually consume when [...]

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13. March 2019

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Myths and Preconceptions

The questions surrounding what a super automatic espresso machine can and can't do are very controversial. In this article, I'll present you with my responses to the most typical preconceptions. [...]

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6. March 2019

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Buying a super automatic espresso machine to use at home can be a real investment. Nobody wants to buy a piece of junk. Of course, you'll also want your machine [...]

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4. March 2019

How Transparent and Ethical Trade Helps Coffee Farmers

I was recently in Hamburg for the "Transparency Colloquium," which was hosted by Quijote Coffee and organized together with Professor Peter Roberts from the Goizueta Business School. The participants included [...]

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1. March 2019

How to Make Your Own Iced Coffee – All the Best Recipes and Tips!

Is it too warm to drink hot coffee? No problem! Here you can learn how to make perfect iced coffee at home. You can even make it using a French [...]

The best super automatic espresso machines

It’s hard to find the best super automatic espresso machine. But…I’m here to help! I’ve tested and reviewed more than 40 machines. These are my results.

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