Jura S8 Review 2022: Another Jura Star!

After working as a professional barista for many years, Arne Preuss founded Coffeeness.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm currently on a mission to explore all the Jura automatic espresso machines I've previously ignored or dismissed. Hence, this initial review of the Jura S8 coffee maker.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m currently on a mission to explore all the Jura automatic espresso machines I’ve previously ignored or dismissed. Hence, this initial review of the Jura S8 coffee maker.

I’m well aware that many of you are diehard fans of the Swiss manufacturer, so it’s only fair that I add a Jura S8 review to my collection of super automatic espresso machine reviews.

Not only that, but I’m personally interested to see whether or not this sleek, sophisticated Jura coffee maker is all it’s cracked up to be. What can I say? I’m a coffee geek!

Jura S8

Loaded with great features!

High quality design and build

Adjustable microfoam

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)

Touchscreen display

Smart water filter option


Touchscreen could be improved

Jura S8 Coffee Machine Overview

The Jura S8 was almost a footnote in my guide to the best Jura coffee machines. I’m not really sure why I didn’t give this machine more attention, but it might have something to do with the way the Jura marketed the thing. 

I get that super automatic manufacturers feel constant pressure to innovate. After all, they have to stay relevant in a really crowded and competitive industry. Still, the way Jura tried to cobble together a new “premium mid-segment” with the S8 felt a little cynical and contrived to me. 

Having taken a closer look at the Jura S8, though, I can say that it actually appears to be one of the Swiss manufacturer’s most advanced and exciting super automatic coffee makers. The S8 is packed with high-end features, yet costs much less than what you’d pay for one of Jura’s premium segment machines.

Jura Prices

Jura S8 espresso machine.

That’s not to say we’re dealing with an automatic coffee maker that’s anywhere close to budget friendly. The Jura S8 costs $2,699.99 on Amazon, which is an eye watering amount of money for a coffee maker. 

Although I put up a fight at first, I eventually came to terms with the high price of Jura super automatic espresso machines. I’ve been singing their praises here at Coffeeness for quite some time now. As with other models, the S8 actually offers exceptional value for the money when you take its design, build quality and features into account.

Thanks to Jura’s innovative Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) brewing technology, the espresso you’ll get from the Jura S8 will be pretty mind blowing. In my experience, P.E.P. allows the machine to achieve espresso that’s as good as any I’ve tasted. You’re able to choose from 15 drinks at the touch of a button, and the milk foam system is pretty much second-to-none. I’ll talk more about that later; suffice to say, fans of adjustable microfoam can start celebrating right away!

Jura S8 First Impressions

Jura S8 coffee maker first impressions.

One look at the Jura S8 is all it takes to appreciate why this machine won a Red Dot Award in 2018. With its clean lines and sharp, modern aesthetic, the Jura S8 is a striking coffee maker that’s going to look great in any kitchen. Jura has obviously put a lot of thought into the S8, and the attention to detail that’s gone into the design of this coffee maker is immediately apparent.

The feature that really sets the Jura S8 apart from its mid-range siblings is a large touchscreen display. Where other Jura coffee makers employ a high resolution screen with buttons, this is the real deal. Whether or not that turns out to be a good thing remains to be seen – I’ve actually become quite fond of the screen/button combo. However, what’s for certain is that the S8’s operating system is clear, functional and easy to navigate. 

The Jura S8 comes equipped with the wonderful Aroma G3 grinder. In my past experiences with this grinder, I’ve been blown away by how fast and consistent it is. In keeping with the Jura S8’s meticulous design, the weighty bean container lid is made from hand-polished die-cast zinc. Not only does the lid fit seamlessly into the machine’s streamlined silhouette, it also keeps grinder noise to an absolute minimum. Jura has really outdone itself here.

Although the Jura S8 is packed with upmarket features, it’s actually quite compact. That said, the water tank is pretty huge and can be fitted with a filter as part of Jura’s Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.). There’s also a separate dispensing spout for milk-based drinks, meaning you can make a latte macchiato or cappuccino at the touch of a button without having to move the cup.

Jura S8 Colors

Jura S8 coffee maker colors.

Why Jura insists on dreaming up ridiculous sounding names for the colors of its fully automatic coffee makers is beyond me. But perhaps it’s some kind of inside joke. Anyway, the color of the machine doesn’t affect its performance, so I’ll give the manufacturer a pass. As always, the Jura S8’s color seems to affect its price tag in mysterious ways. Here are the options:


Jura S8 coffee machine display.

One of the most striking features of the Jura S8 is its 4.3 inch (10.9 centimeter) full color touchscreen display. Jura really knows what it’s doing when it comes to user interfaces, so navigating the machine’s menu should be a breeze. 

Thanks to the ample dimensions of the screen, there’s plenty of information immediately available, with easy to identify icons taking center stage. That said, I have heard reports that the touchscreen isn’t as responsive as it should be. Perhaps buttons are best after all.

Bean Hopper

Jura S8 coffee machine grinder.

As I already mentioned, the Jura S8 bean container is one of the machine’s most noteworthy features. The metal lid has an airtight seal, meaning you won’t have to suffer through espresso made from stale beans. Plus, I just can’t say enough about the bean hopper’s high quality materials and design. It really shows Jura’s commitment to standing out from the crowd.


Jura S8 coffee machine grinder.

The Aroma G3 grinder is one of the best fully automatic coffee maker grinders I’ve come across. This conical burr grinder produces really consistent results and it’s super fast, too. A flip top lid allows you to access the grind settings, with 7 levels to choose from. Remember, though – only make adjustments when the grinder is running! 

In case you’re wondering, yes you can use pre ground coffee with the Jura S8! There’s a bypass doser compartment next to the grinder setting compartment on top of the machine. I can’t see myself ever using this feature, but it’s nice to have all the same.

On the other hand, I could envision it being useful if a guest wanted decaf coffee.

Water Filter

Jura S8 water filter.

No matter which preparation method you’re using, fresh, filtered water really makes a huge difference to the taste of your coffee. That’s why the option to use a filter in the Jura S8’s water reservoir is such a huge bonus. Not only that, the Jura S8 employs an Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) which essentially means the machine automatically detects the CLEARYL smart water filter then lets you know when it needs to be changed. The best part? You’ll seldom need to descale your Jura coffee maker!

Water Reservoir

Jura S8 water reservoir.

The Jura S8’s water reservoir clocks in at a whopping 63.6 ounces (1.8 liters), which means you’re only going to have to fill it in the morning. That is unless you’re having an all day coffee party, of course. 

I love the water tank’s ribbed design and the way it meshes perfectly with the overall aesthetic. The water reservoir can easily be removed and even has a metal carry handle. Again, this shows that Jura has put a lot of thought into the design of the Jura S8.

Spout Height

Jura S8 coffee machine spout height.

Both the coffee and cappuccino/hot water spouts are height adjustable, which is a fairly common feature of most super automatic espresso machines. The cappuccino/hot water spout offers a maximum height of 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) which means you should be able to fit a decent sized cup or glass under there. Many insulated coffee mugs would be fine as well.

What’s more important to me is being able to move the coffee spout down to 2.8 inches (7.1 centimeters). This allows you to preserve the thick, pillowy crema that the P.E.P. brewing technology creates. On top of that, it prevents unnecessary splashes you won’t have to clean up.

Specialty Coffees

Jura S8 coffee maker specialty coffees.

If you’re going to be investing this much money at an automatic coffee maker, you’d hope that the thing can make just about any specialty drink there is. The Jura S8 allows you to choose from a pretty wide variety of specialty coffees, including cappuccino, latte macchiato and flat white

That’s not all, though; you’re able to adjust a range of settings including temperature, volume of coffee and volume of milk foam. This means the number of personalized specialty coffees you can get from the Jura S8 is almost limitless. At this point I should probably add another teaser about finely adjustable milk foam – microfoam freaks are going to love this feature! More on that later.


Jura S8 coffee machine app.

The Jura S8 doesn’t come equipped with WiFi connectivity, which is quite surprising, given the price point of this machine. So, if you want to use Jura’s J.O.E. app you’ll need to get hold of the manufacturer’s Smart Connect which plugs into the machine and works via Bluetooth.

I have to say the Jura app is pretty cool, in spite of the terrible name. It allows you to prepare drinks, adjust settings and monitor levels on your phone, all from the comfort of your couch. The J.O.E. app is also available for Apple Watch, allowing you to save three specialty drinks. If that’s your thing, you’ll be able to make coffee with just a tap of your wrist!

Brewing With Siri

Jura S8 coffee machine app and Siri.

If you want to take things to the next level, you’re able to use J.O.E. to assign Siri shortcuts to some of your favorite specialty coffees. Remember to ask politely, and always say “thanks Siri!” your coffee will taste better and you’ll feel good about yourself into the bargain.

How to Use the Jura S8 Coffee Machine

how to use the Jura S8 espresso machine.

As sophisticated as the Jura S8 is, it’s refreshingly easy to set up and use, even for those who’ve never used an automatic coffee maker before. In my experience, Jura has done a great job of creating machines that you can start enjoying without having to constantly reference the instructions.

First things first, you’ll need to add coffee beans to the hopper and water to the reservoir. If you haven’t installed a water filter, the Jura espresso machine will ask you to input your water’s hardness, which you can measure using the included test strips.

The touchscreen menu is remarkably intuitive, and you shouldn’t have any problems getting started with drink preparation. Anyway, the Jura S8 is with you every step of the way, so there’s no need to panic. What’s really cool is the ability to adjust settings “on the fly” while your drink is being prepared. The machine will then give you the option of saving those settings, once your drink is ready.

Of course, you can also venture further into the menu and fiddle with just about every setting imaginable. I highly recommend playing around with settings for espresso – the Jura S8 allows you to adjust temperature and strength, as well as lower the shot volume to an impressive 0.5 ounces (14.8 milliliters). It’s not every super automatic machine that allows you to make such an authentic ristretto.

Jura S8 Milk Foam

Jura S8 espresso machine milk foam latte macchiato.

The wait is finally over. I’ll now tell you all about what I consider to be one of the most exciting features of the Jura S8. If you’ve read any of my other Jura coffee maker reviews, you’ll know how impressed I’ve been by the quality of the milk foam these machines can produce. 

My only gripe has been the lack of a milk container. Come on Jura! For the price we’re paying for your machines, the least you could do is throw in a complimentary milk flask!

Jura S8 espresso machine milk foam instructions.

Anyway, the milk foam system on the Jura S8 has the addition of an awesome fine adjustment lever, which means you can dial in the already fabulous milk foam even further. This ability to make real time adjustments to the Jura’s milk foam is a pretty special feature, and means you have even more control over your own destiny!

Jura S8 Coffee Machine Cleaning

Jura S8 coffee maker cleaning.

Jura fans just love that the manufacturer’s super automatic machines have so many automated cleaning functions. I have to admit there’s a lot to like about how easy it is to maintain the Jura S8. The Jura coffee maker automatically flushes the milk system after every use, and will let you know when it’s time to perform scheduled deep cleaning programs.

This brings me to the ever present sticking point I have with Jura fully automatic espresso machines. Namely, the fact that Jura continues to insist on fitting its machines with fixed brew groups. I have a hard time getting over this because I know how nasty a moist, inaccessible environment containing old coffee grounds can get. It’s the kind of thing that keeps me awake at night. 

Anyway, we simply have to trust Jura and perform the coffee system cleaning cycle when prompted by the machine. Naturally, you’ll need to use Jura cleaning tablets during this process, and the S8 will guide you through the necessary steps.

And if you decide against installing a water filter, you’ll need to descale the Jura S8 using Jura descaling tablets. Again, the machine will let you know when this needs to happen. Personally, I recommend going with the water filter for better tasting coffee and less work!

I shouldn’t have to tell you that emptying the drip tray and coffee grounds container should happen every day. Go ahead and wipe down the machine housing with a damp cloth, while you’re at it; the Jura S8 is an expensive piece of kit, so you should keep it looking its sleek, snazzy best!

Jura S8 Accessories

Aside from Jura’s line of cleaning products, the Swiss manufacturer also offers a range of accessories for the Jura S8:

Cool Control

Jura S8 Cool Control.

The Cool Control is a refrigerated countertop milk container that works with the Jura S8’s milk system. The 20 ounce (0.6 liter) Cool Control costs an eyebrow raising $499.99 on Amazon.

Stainless Steel Milk Container

Jura S8 Stainless Steel Milk Container.

Jura’s vacuum insulated Stainless Steel Milk Container is a more affordable option, but the 20 ounce (0.6 liter) version will still set you back $72.62 on Amazon. Personally, I’d just use a stainless steel milk pitcher instead.

Cup Warmer

Jura S8 Stainless Steel Milk Container.

If you really want to get carried away or if money is no object, consider picking up the Jura Cup Warmer. By spending $248.95 on Amazon, you’ll have the privilege of ever present pre-warmed cups

Jura S8 Coffee Maker Specifications

Jura S8


Model number


Product category

Super automatic espresso machine

Removable brew group

Housing material

Plastic with stainless steel parts

Color options

Chrome, Moonlight Silver, Piano Black

Milk frother


User interface



User profiles

Memo function only

Removable water reservoir

Water reservoir capacity

64.2 fl oz / 1.9 l

Number of boilers


Pump pressure

15 bar

Maximum cup height

4.6 in / 11.7 cm

Minimum cup height

2.8 in / 7.1 cm


Stainless steel conical burr grinder

Grind adjustment levels

Infinitely variable

Bean hopper capacity

10.2 oz / 290.0 g

Pre-ground coffee bypass

Grounds discard container capacity


Specialty drinks



Adjustable coffee temperature

Adjustable milk foam temperature

Adjustable milk temperature

2-cup function

Yes (non-milk drinks only)

Pot function

Hot water function

Hot milk function

Milk foam only option

Water filter

Power consumption

1450 W


22.0 lb / 10.0 kg


13.8 x 11.0 x 17.3 in
35.1 x 27.9 x 43.9 cm


2 years


Included Accessories: Instruction booklet, Container for milk system cleaning, Measuring spoon, Hot water nozzle. App connectivity with optional Jura Smart Connect (not included).

Current price on Amazon



Jura S8 vs Other Super Automatics

The Jura S8, Z10, E8 and DeLonghi Dinamic Plus side-by-side.

So far, so good. The Jura S8 is obviously a pretty special coffee maker. Still, I always think it’s a good idea to see how my review subjects measure up to the competition. 

Jura S8 vs Jura Z10

Jura Z10 vs Jura S8 fully automatic espresso machine.

If you’ve read my review of the Jura Z10, you’ll recall that I went gaga over this fantastic super automatic coffee maker. The Jura Z10 is one of the manufacturer’s premium machines, and it’s not just the beautiful LED illuminated water tank that sets it apart. 

The Z10’s Product Recognizing Grinder is a true marvel, and almost justifies the machine’s $3,995.00 price tag by itself. The Jura Z10 also makes cold brew by slowing down the extraction process and using unheated water. Although it isn’t really cold brew, it’s creamy and delicious all the same.

See also: Jura Z10 Hands On Review 2022

Jura S8 vs Jura E8

Jura E8 vs Jura S8 fully automatic espresso machine.

There’s a lot to love about the Jura E8 and you might find yourself torn between this Jura coffee maker and the S8

After all, the Jura E8 shares many of the same features, including a fine foam adjustment dial on the milk frother. Plus, costing $2,469.00 on Amazon, this Jura coffee maker is a good few hundred dollars cheaper than the S8. 

I guess the main deal breaker might be the E8’s lack of a touchscreen interface. It all depends on how you feel about buttons.

See also: Jura E8 Hands On Review 2022

Jura S8 vs DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs Jura S8.

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus might not be as pretty as the Jura S8, but it’s certainly no ugly duckling. There’s also the fact that the Dinamica Plus makes fantastic espresso and its LatteCrema system creates some of the best milk texture I’ve seen

Add in the fact that this automatic machine has a fantastic touchscreen display and makes superb iced coffee, and its $1,699.95 price tag might just tempt you away from considering the Jura S8.

See also: DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Hands On Review 2022

Jura S8 vs Other Super Automatics Comparison Chart

 Jura S8Jura Z10Jura E8DeLonghi Dinamica Plus
TypeSuper-Automatic Espresso MachineSuper-Automatic Espresso MachineSuper-Automatic Espresso MachineSuper-Automatic Espresso Machine
Removable brew groupNoNoNoYes
Casing materialPlastic / aluminumPlastic / aluminumPlastic / aluminumPlastic / stainless steel
Milk frothing systemAutomatic, cappuccinatoreAutomatic, cappuccinatoreAutomatic, cappuccinatoreLatteCrema automatic
DisplayTouchscreen displayTouchscreen displayTFT color displayTouchscreen
User profilesYesYesYesYes
Water reservoir capacity63.6 oz / 1.9 l81.2 oz / 2.41 l63.6 oz / 1.88 l60 oz / 1.77 l
Minimum cup height2.8 in / 7.1 cm3.0 in / 7.6 cm2.6 in / 6.6 cm3.3 in / 8.4 cm
Maximum cup height6.2 in / 15.7 cm5.9 in / 15 cm6.0 in / 15.24 cm5.3 in / 13.5 cm
GrinderStainless steel cone grinderStainless steel cone grinderStainless steel cone grinderStainless steel cone grinder
Bean container capacity9.9 oz / 280.6 g9.9 oz / 280.6 g9.9 oz / 280 g10.5 oz / 300 g
Grounds container capacityApproximately 16 servingsApproximately 20 servingsApproximately 16 servingsApproximately 14 servings
Coffee drinks prepared at the touch of a button15321716
Adjustable coffee temperatureYesYesYesYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureNoYesNoYes
2-cup functionYesYesYesYes
Hot water functionYesYesYesYes
Hot milk functionYesYesYesYes
Milk foam only optionYesYesYesYes
Water filterYesYesYesYes
Weight22.1 lbs / 10 kgs28.6 lbs / 13 kg21.6 lbs / 9.79 kgs21lbs / 9.5 kgs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 13.7 x 11 x 17.5 in / 34.7 x 27.9 x 44.5 cm15 x 12.5 x 17.7 in / 38 x 32 x 45 cm15.0 x 12.6 x 17.7 in / 38 x 32 x 45 cm9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 in / 23.6 x 42.9 x 34.8 cm
Current price on Amazon$2,620.00$3,995.00$2,330.00$1,499.95

Verdict: Jura S8 Coffee Machine

The S8 occupies somewhat of an awkward position in Jura’s coffee maker lineup. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this machine. The Jura S8 is loaded with features that quicken my heart rate, including Pulse Extraction Process brewing technology and a highly impressive milk foam system.

Jura S8

Loaded with great features!

High quality design and build

Adjustable microfoam

Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.)

Touchscreen display

Smart water filter option


Touchscreen could be improved

Not only that, this Jura coffee maker has the dashing good looks we’ve come to expect from the Swiss manufacturer’s design team. 

It’s just that the Jura S8 is really expensive. I just can’t see many people deciding that having a touchscreen display is worth $500 more than the Jura E8. Then again, the next “step up” from the S8 is the Jura Z6, which will set you back close to $400 more. 

See what I mean? The Jura S8 seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, straddling the line between mid-range and premium Jura machines. I’ve long since jumped on board with the notion of Jura automatic coffee machines being great value for money, even if they are expensive. 

Still, I can’t help but feel like the Jura S8 is emblematic of a marketing campaign gone wrong. After all, does the world really need a “premium mid-segment” in coffee machines?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Jura S8 review. What do you think – is the Jura S8 worth the price or has the manufacturer lost the plot this time? I look forward to your questions and comments!

Jura S8 Coffee Machine FAQ

Built using the highest quality materials, the Jura S8 is a Swiss-designed automatic coffee maker, featuring several outstanding innovations such as Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) brewing technology and Jura’s Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.).

The Jura app can be used with the Apple Watch, allowing you to save up to three of your favorite coffee specialties.

You can assign Siri shortcuts to your favorite coffee specialties, then ask her to start the brewing process.

Using the Jura S8 couldn’t be easier. After you’ve put coffee beans in the hopper and water in the reservoir, follow the onscreen instructions to prepare delicious coffee specialties and espresso shots from the Jura S8 menu. 

You can use cow’s milk or any of your favorite plant-based milk substitutes in the Jura S8.

The Jura S8 super automatic coffee machine uses Pulse Extraction Process brewing technology, which shoots hot water through ground coffee in short bursts. Demanding coffee connoisseurs will love the delicious, full bodied espresso, featuring a rich, thick crema.

Jura coffee machines are made by Jura Ag, a Swiss-based manufacturer.

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