Miele CM 6160 Review 2022: Sheer Perfection!

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If you've spent any time browsing through my super automatic espresso machine guide 2022, you'll likely know how highly I rate Miele coffee machines. In this Miele CM 6160 review I'll be taking a look at one of the German manufacturer's newest offerings.

If you’ve spent any time browsing through my super automatic espresso machine guide 2022, you’ll likely know how highly I rate Miele coffee machines. In this Miele CM 6160 review I’ll be taking a look at one of the German manufacturer’s newest offerings.

With that said, don’t expect a radical design overhaul or tons of new features. Miele just keeps doing what Miele does best, by producing durable, consistent and high performing automatic coffee makers. In fact, I’m already fairly confident that I’m going to love this machine!

So, let’s get the ball rolling with this Miele CM 6160 review by taking a first look at what we’re dealing with.

Miele CM 6160

High Quality Feel!

Good value for money

Stylish design

Makes fantastic espresso and milk foam

Quiet and efficient grinder

Easy to clean

No milk container included

Miele CM 6160 Review Overview

Released in 2021, the Miele CM 6160 displays all the trademarks of a Miele automatic coffee machine. I happen to love the boxy, minimalist design and I feel like this countertop coffee maker would enhance any kitchen.

The whole package is sleek and streamlined. Up top you can access the 10.6 ounce (300 gram) bean container, as well as a ground coffee bypass chute. I especially love how the removable water tank is seamlessly integrated into the machine’s overall design. Plus, its 61 ounce (1.8 liter) capacity means you won’t need to run to the sink every five minutes.

What’s immediately apparent is that Miele has stuck with its DirectSensor display instead of venturing into touchscreen territory. Although some of you might think this Miele user interface looks a little dated, I’ve only ever had good experiences using it. The simple LCD screen and sensor buttons make it really easy to navigate the menus, which is what you want from an automatic coffee maker, right?

In case you’re wondering whether the CM 6160 brings anything new to the table, I’m happy to report that this machine is equipped with the same milk system as the Miele CM 6360. That means you’re going to get creamy hot milk froth from this machine as well as double milk pipework that’s self cleaning. I’ll go into more detail about that later in this Miele CM 6160 review.

Unlike the Miele CM 6360, there’s no actively heated cup warmer on top of this machine. Still, that’s no biggie, really. The inclusion of a dedicated hot water spout means you can easily warm up your espresso cups or favorite travel mug before preparing a beverage.

Miele CM 6160 Features

Before I go any further, I should mention that the CM 6160 is going to set you back $2,199.00 on Amazon. While that’s a fairly sizable investment, I believe this machine is worth every penny. Let’s continue this Miele CM 6160 review by examining the machine’s many awesome features.


Miele CM 6160 in Lotus White.

The Miele CM 6160 is available in a couple of different colors, both with the usual exotic sounding names. Although my natural inclination would be to go with Obsidian Black, I’m actually drawn to how the machine looks in Lotus White. I guess it’s good to know I can still surprise myself from time to time!

User Interface

As I mentioned earlier in this Miele CM 6160 review, the machine’s user interface comprises a basic LCD screen surrounded by touch sensor buttons. If you have your heart set on a touchscreen interface with pretty color drink icons, you’ll be disappointed. 

However, allow me to remind you that the Miele CM 6160’s user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate. Anyway, what’s more important is the consistently high coffee quality and creamy milk foam you’ll get from this Miele countertop coffee machine. More on that a little later.


Unlike some manufacturers, Miele doesn’t make a huge big deal out of its app. It’s almost as if the German manufacturer just came up with an app because it felt like that’s what everyone expects. 

Anyway, the CM 6160 is equipped with WiFiConn@ct (see what they did there?), meaning you can monitor the machine and prepare beverages remotely. Big whoop de doo!

Stainless Steel Grinder

In my experience, Miele grinders are among the best I’ve seen on any super automatic espresso machine. The CM 6160 features a stainless steel conical burr grinder that’s both durable and efficient. Not only that, the manufacturer goes to great lengths to soundproof its machines, so the Miele CM 6160 should be really quiet in operation. 

As seems to be the norm with Miele countertop coffee makers, the grinder adjustment settings are behind a service door. Remember to only make changes to the grind setting while the grinder is running, or else you could damage the delicate burrs. Oh, and if you try using oily coffee beans, you’re just asking for trouble.

Ground Coffee Bypass

A ground coffee bypass chute is fairly standard on automatic coffee makers these days. I get that it’s a good feature to have if you need to prepare the odd decaf coffee. However, I’ve always found a bypass doser to be more of a pain than it’s worth

For starters, the chute easily becomes clogged because it tends to be quite humid in there. Also, pre ground coffee always seems to be either too fine or too coarse for a super automatic. Anyway, you’ll find the ground coffee chute on top of the CM 6160, behind the coffee bean container. Use it at your own risk!


Miele CM 6360 brewing an espresso.

Seeing as the Miele CM 6160 uses the same brewing technology as the CM 6360, I can tell you to expect delicious, chocolatey espresso. What’s more, you’re able to tweak settings like temperature, pre infusion and strength. In combination with the grinder adjustment settings, this means you can really dial in your espresso. 

By the way, you should know that this Miele coffee maker has the new DoubleShot feature. With this setting engaged, the machine grinds and brews twice, using half the amount of water each time. If one of those doesn’t wake you up and get your blood flowing, nothing will!

Specialty Drinks

The Miele CM 6160 comes fully loaded with just about any specialty drink you can imagine. All the greatest hits are here, including latte macchiato, espresso macchiato and flat white. Not only that, you’re able to adjust a ton of parameters, including strength, size and temperature. That means the possibilities for creating coffee specialties are almost endless. 

Tea drinkers are in for a treat, too. The CM 6160 is pre programmed to prepare a host of different teas, adjusting the water temperature and steep time for each. Way to keep everyone happy, Miele!

Milk Foam

Miele CM 6360 making a great milk froth.

As I already mentioned, the Miele CM 6160 is equipped with the manufacturer’s latest double milk pipework system. From my experiences using this cappuccinatore with the CM 6360, I can tell you the quality of milk foam you’ll get is exceptional. Not only was my latte macchiato really hot, the milk texture was ideal. I guess that explains the whole MilkPerfection thing in the name. 

I hate to break it to you, but you’ll have to buy Miele’s glass milk container separately. That said, it only costs $49.00 on Amazon. Plus, by using the milk container, you’ll be able to take advantage of the awesome self rinsing milk siphon system. In short, you won’t have to remove the milk hose to clean it. Nifty, eh?

User Profiles

From where I’m sitting, there’s nothing worse than spending time dialing in the perfect specialty drink only to come back and find that someone has changed the settings. Okay – there are lots of things worse than that but it’s still really annoying!

With that in mind, the CM 6160 has four user profiles, making it ideal for households with multiple coffee lovers. Once you’ve adjusted the settings for your dream cappuccino, you can name it and save it to your individual profile. Barring some wanton act of sabotage, it’ll be waiting for you next time!

Brew Group

As with most bean to cup machines, the Miele CM 6160 is equipped with a removable brew group. I’m always happy to see this, because it makes it easy to keep the thing clean. I mean, the brew group is the machine’s beating heart and should be treated with the care and respect it deserves.

As part of Miele’s AromaticSystem, the CM 6160’s dynamic brew group actually expands slightly as water mixes with ground coffee. This ensures an even extraction and results in wonderfully aromatic coffee.

Cup Height

I love how streamlined and elegant the Miele CM 6160’s dispensing spout looks. What’s more, the dispensing spout can be moved down when you’re preparing an espresso. That way, you’ll eliminate needless splashes and help preserve the espresso’s beautiful crema. 

On the flip side, the dispensing spout allows for a maximum clearance of 5.5 inches (14 centimeters). That should be more than enough headroom for travel mugs and latte macchiato glasses. That’s what I call a double win!

LED Lighting

I’m a sucker for features like this. Honestly, I just love Miele’s ClearView Lighting, even if it is another opportunity to toss around stupid sounding jargon. At any rate, soft LED lights illuminate your drinks as they’re being prepared. 

For me, this creates sophisticated ambience and enhances the beauty of freshly extracted espresso. Seriously, how cool is that?!

Pot Function

When I want to prepare a pot of coffee, I usually turn to one of my trusty drip coffee makers. Still, I get that if you’re spending $2,000 or more on a bean to cup machine, you expect it to do everything. Well, fear not, because the Miele CM 6160 can whip up a pot of coffee lickety split! 

With that said, you will have to shell out an extra $119.00 for a Miele coffee pot. No matter how pretty or well designed it is, that’s still a lot of money for a coffee pot.

Child Safety Lock

Having reviewed a few Miele coffee machines, I’m starting to wonder why other manufacturers haven’t started adding a safety lock feature. I mean, it just makes so much sense. 

The Miele CM 6160 can be locked with the touch of a button, meaning little ones won’t be able to burn themselves or flood your kitchen. Not only that, your kids won’t be able to load up on caffeine and ruin your day!


All Miele coffee machines come with a two year warranty. It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to take advantage of the warranty, but it’s good to have, just in case. 

Make sure to keep your sales receipt in a safe place, as you’ll need it to file a claim. That said, if you buy on Amazon you can just find your receipt in your purchase history. 

How To Use the Miele CM 6160

The User Interface of the Miele CM 6160.

I come bearing good tidings: the Miele CM 6160 is remarkably easy to use. In fact, I think a space alien with no prior knowledge of coffee or coffee makers could figure this thing out within minutes. I wonder whether we’ll ever get to test out that theory? 

Anyway, don’t be intimidated by the extensive user manual. All you’re going to need is freshly roasted coffee beans, filtered water and fresh, cold milk. 

Of course, it’s a good idea to rinse out the water tank before using it, and I’d recommend preparing one or two espressos to season the coffee system. Go ahead and throw those out – the good stuff is yet to come. 

Once you’ve filled the water tank and bean container, you’re ready to start making specialty coffees. Don’t worry, it’s really straightforward!

Drink Preparation

The Grind Setting on the Miele CM 6160.

It’ll take a little trial and error before you achieve the perfect coffee, but you’ll have fun along the way. I recommend starting with the grinder at the finest setting and the coffee strength set to maximum. 

You can choose between a short or long pre infusion, but forget about turning it off altogether. It just so happens that dampening coffee grounds slightly before brewing really promotes a balanced and aromatic extraction. You’ll just have to trust me on that. 

Feel free to tinker with other settings, including temperature and portion size. The results will depend on your taste and the type of coffee beans you’re using. Still, it won’t be long before you’ve dialed things in perfectly.

Speaking of perfection, making milk based drinks with the Miele CM 6160 is a breeze. Again, you’re able to select from several adjustable parameters and then save the settings as you please. Once you’re feeling more confident, you can use Expert Mode to make changes as a drink is being prepared.

Miele CM 6160 Cleaning

Here’s some more good news: you won’t find an automatic coffee maker that’s easier to clean than a Miele. For example, the German manufacturer makes a point of labeling all dishwasher safe parts. I’m not a fan of dishwashers in general, but it’s good to see such attention to detail.

Listen, I don’t want to lecture you. Still, keeping on top of regular cleaning and maintenance will benefit both you and your machine. Plus, there really isn’t that much to take care of. I won’t bore you to sleep with too much detail; I’ll leave it to the user manual to do that. 

For the purposes of this Miele CM 6160 review, I’ll just give a quick overview of how to keep your machine in tip top condition.

Earlier in this Miele CM 6160 review, I mentioned the importance of cleaning the removable brew unit. You can rinse it using warm water then allow it to fully dry before reinserting it in the machine.

I’d recommend making that part of your daily cleaning schedule, along with emptying and rinsing the drip tray and used grounds container. Just remember, mold and bacteria thrive in damp environments filled with old coffee grounds!

The milk system’s self rinsing function is awesome, but you’ll still need to take the whole thing apart to clean it. I’d say once a week is good there.

Seeing as you can’t install a water filter in the Miele’s reservoir, regular descaling is of the utmost importance. The CM 6160 will let you know when it needs to be descaled, so don’t ignore it! The manufacturer recommends using Miele descaling tablets, although other brands are likely to work fine. Just don’t let Miele know I told you that.

Miele CM 6160 Specifications

 Miele CM 6160
NameCM 6160 MilkPerfection
Housing materialPlastic
Colors/designs availableObsidian Black, Lotus White
Removable brew groupYes
Milk foam systemAutomatic cappuccinatore
User interfaceText display with sensor buttons
User profilesYes
Water tank capacity60.9 oz / 1.8 l
Water filterNo
Maximum spout height5.5 in / 14.0 cm
Minimum spout height3.1 in / 7.9 cm
GrinderStainless steel conical burr grinder
Number of grind adjustment settings5
Bean container capacity10.6 oz / 300.0 g
Ground coffee bypassYes
Pot functionYes
Specialty drinks 18
Adjustable coffee strengthYes
Adjustable coffee temperatureYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureNo
2-cup functionYes
Hot water functionNo
Hot milk functionYes
Weight21.8 lb / 9.9 kg
Dimensions14.1 x 9.9 x 16.8 in / 35.8 x 25.1 x 42.7 cm
Extras/miscellaneousInstruction manual, stainless steel milk rod, descaling tablets, cleaning tablets
Current price on Amazon$2,008.63

Miele CM 6160 vs Other Super Automatics

As much as I love this Miele coffee machine, it’s only fair that I mention a few of its direct competitors. Let’s continue this Miele CM 6160 review by seeing how the machine fares in comparison with some of my other all time favorites.

Miele CM 6160 vs Miele CM 6360

I was really impressed by the Miele CM 6360 during my hands on review of the machine. In fact, I didn’t hesitate in awarding this awesome coffee maker full marks across the board. 

Costing $2,455.29 on Amazon, the Miele CM 6360 offers a few upgrades, including eight user profiles and an actively heated cup warmer. You’ll also get the glass milk container as part of the package instead of having to buy it separately.

See Also: Miele CM 6360 Hands On Review 2022

Miele CM 6160 vs Jura E8

If you’re looking for a bean to cup machine that’ll deliver exceptional espresso and milk foam, the Jura E8 might be just the ticket. Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process brewing technology is a true marvel, resulting in some of the best espresso I’ve ever had. Plus, the milk system’s fine foam frother means you can really dial in the microfoam. 

Costing $2,399.00 on Amazon, the Jura E8 is a good chunk more expensive then the Miele CM 6160. However, if you can spend the extra cash, the E8 is definitely worth considering.

See Also: Jura E8 Review 2022

Miele CM 6160 vs DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

Here at Coffeeness, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is considered an absolute classic. In fact, I believe the DeLonghi’s $1,990.00 price tag represents extremely good value for money. 

The DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ticks all the boxes: fantastic espresso, sublime milk foam and elegant design. Not only that, this machine features the TrueBrew Over Ice function, which means you can make delicious iced coffee drinks. In short, there aren’t many mid range automatic coffee machines that compete with the Dinamica Plus.

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Miele CM 6160 vs Others Comparison Chart

 Miele CM 6160Miele CM 6360Jura E8DeLonghi Dinamica Plus
NameCM 6160 MilkPerfectionCM 6360 MilkPerfectionJura E8Dinamica Plus
Housing materialPlasticPlasticPlastic / aluminumPlastic / stainless steel
Colors/designs availableObsidian Black, Lotus WhiteLotus White, Obsidian Black, Lotus White & Clean Steel Metallic, Obsidian Black & Bronze Pearl Finish, Obsidian Black & Bronze Pearl MetallicChrome, Piano Black, WhiteTitanium
Removable brew groupYesYesNoYes
Milk foam systemAutomatic cappuccinatoreAutomatic cappuccinatoreAutomatic cappuccinatoreLatteCrema automatic
User interfaceText display with sensor buttonsText display with sensor buttonsTFT color display with buttonsTouchscreen display
User profilesYesYesYesYes
Water tank capacity61.0 oz / 1.8 l61.0 oz / 1.8 l63.6 oz / 1.9 l60.0 oz / 1.8 l
Water filterNoNoYesYes
Maximum spout height5.5 in / 14.0 cm5.5 in / 14.0 cm6.0 in / 15.2 cm5.3 in / 13.5 cm
Minimum spout height3.1 in / 7.9 cm3.0 in / 7.6 cm2.6 in / 6.6 cm3.3 in / 8.4 cm
GrinderStainless steel conical burr grinderStainless steel conical burr grinderStainless steel conical burr grinderStainless steel conical burr grinder
Number of grind adjustment settings55613
Bean container capacity10.6 oz / 300.0 g10.6 oz / 300.0 g9.9 oz / 280.0 g10.6 oz / 300.0 g
Ground coffee bypassYesYesYesYes
Pot functionYesYesNoYes
Specialty drinks 18181716
Adjustable coffee strengthYesYesYesYes
Adjustable coffee temperatureYesYesYesYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureNoYesNoYes
2-cup functionYesYesYesYes
Hot water functionNoYesYesYes
Hot milk functionYesYesYesYes
Weight21.8 lb / 9.9 kg21.8 lb / 9.9 kg21.6 lb / 9.8 kg21.0 lb / 9.5 kg
Dimensions14.1 x 9.9 x 16.8 in / 35.8 x 25.1 x 42.7 cm14.1 x 9.9 x 16.8 in / 35.8 x 25.1 x 42.7 cm15.0 x 12.6 x 17.7 in / 38.0 x 32.0 x 45.0 cm16.9 x 9.3 x 13.7 in / 42.9 x 23.6 x 34.8 cm
Extras/miscellaneousInstruction manual, stainless steel milk rod, descaling tablets, cleaning tabletsInstruction manual, glass milk container, descaling tablets, cleaning tabletsInstruction manual, water filter, water hardness test strip, coffee scoop, cleaning containerInstruction manual, thermal milk carafe, coffee starter kit
Current price on Amazon$2,008.63$2,699.00$2,330.00$1,499.95

Verdict: Miele CM 6160 Review

Miele CM 6160

High Quality Feel!

Good value for money

Stylish design

Makes fantastic espresso and milk foam

Quiet and efficient grinder

Easy to clean

No milk container included

At the start of this Miele CM 6160 review, I was pretty confident that I’d love the machine. As it turns out, I wasn’t shooting myself in the foot – I really do think the CM 6160 is a special coffee maker. Then again, having spent time with other Miele countertop coffee machines, I knew what to expect. 

The German manufacturer never hits you with a curve ball, instead relying on consistency in terms of design, features and quality. Some folks might find this kind of boring and predictable. Then again, there are always those looking for the newest flashy diversion. 

Personally, I’m happy that Miele doesn’t seem to care about all that. After all, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Miele CM 6160. I’d love to hear what you think of this affordable super automatic, so keep the comments coming!

Miele CM 6160 FAQ

Miele and DeLonghi both produce a range of excellent super automatic espresso machines, and neither could be said to be better than the other.

Miele coffee makers are designed in Germany and manufactured in Switzerland.

Miele super automatic espresso machines make fantastic lattes, cappuccinos and other milk based specialties.

As long as you take good care of your Miele CM 6160 and descale it on a regular basis, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last for ten years or more.

You can’t install a water filter in the Miele CM 6160, which means it’s really important to descale the machine on a regular basis.

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