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The Most Popular Coffee Drinks: Comparing Data for Countries Worldwide

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

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Disclaimer: Our results are based on an analysis of Google search data. We understand that this is far from a definitive method for determining the most popular coffee drinks in any given country.

Disclaimer: Our results are based on an analysis of Google search data. We understand that this is far from a definitive method for determining the most popular coffee drinks in any given country.

Coffee is more than just a beverage, it’s a culture. People in countries worldwide incorporate coffee drinks into their daily routine; either for relaxation and socializing or to start off the day. Seeing as coffee occupies such a sentimental place in people’s hearts, coffee preferences will vary across the globe.

Some coffee drinks, like Turkish coffee, are associated with specific regions, while others like espresso, cappuccino and latte are now considered global coffee trends. Plenty of folks like their coffee black, while others prefer a creamier, frothier taste in their drink. 

Whether you’re a globetrotter or simply curious about the most popular coffee drinks worldwide, this comprehensive, virtual tour guide has all the details. This study is based on the Google search volumes for various coffee types in multiple languages.

  • Cappuccino is the most popular coffee drink in the world, topping lists in 24 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

  • Espresso is the second most popular coffee drink worldwide and is number one in 14 countries.

  • 42 of the largest cities in the US claim espresso as their preferred coffee variation.

  • 12 countries love black coffee the best for its rich, unadulterated coffee flavor. 

  • Turkish coffee is the least preferred coffee drink in our analysis, being that it’s mainly popular in Turkey alone.

Mapping Global Coffee Preferences 

Coffeeness Map with the coffee drink preferences in each country in the world

In our findings, cappuccino is the world’s favorite coffee drink. It is milder and creamier than straight espresso and comes in a larger cup. Still, espresso comes in second since it’s made in a jiffy and quickly kicks in for a prompt energy boost.

It’s common to find one country with multiple coffee preferences because sometimes it’s not that easy to decide between favorites. We wanted to dig further and discover what’s the most popular coffee drink in every country and why.

So we studied the Google Search volumes for various coffee types in multiple languages and came up with the list below.

  • Albania – Macchiato and cappuccino

  • Argentina – Americano

  • Australia – Macchiato

  • Austria – Cappuccino

  • Bahamas – Cappuccino

  • Bahrain – Cortado

  • Bangladesh – Mocha

  • Belgium – Cappuccino

  • Bolivia – Americano

  • Brazil – Latte

  • Bulgaria – Black Coffee

  • Croatia – Cappuccino and espresso

  • Cyprus – Espresso

  • Czech Republic – Flat White

  • Denmark – Cappuccino, cortado and flat white

  • Finland – Irish coffee

  • France – Cappuccino

  • Germany – Espresso

  • Greece – Espresso

  • Hungary – Cappuccino

  • Iceland – Espresso

  • Ireland – Irish coffee

  • Italy – Americano

  • Luxembourg – Cappuccino

  • Malta – Cappuccino

  • Netherlands – Cappuccino

  • Norway – Iced coffee and Irish coffee

  • Poland – Flat white

  • Portugal – Black coffee

  • Romania – Cappuccino

  • Serbia – Espresso

  • Spain – Cappuccino

  • Sweden – Irish coffee

  • Switzerland – Cappuccino

  • Ukraine – Espresso

  • United Kingdom – Macchiato

  • Canada – Espresso

  • Dominican Republic – Black coffee

  • Nicaragua – Iced coffee

  • United States – Espresso

  • Chile – Iced coffee

  • Colombia – Black coffee

  • Costa Rica – Americano

  • Ecuador – Americano

  • Paraguay – Americano

  • Peru – Frappuccino

  • Uruguay – Americano

  • Venezuela – Black coffee

  • Egypt – Espresso

  • Kenya – Cappuccino

  • Mauritius – Mocha

  • Morocco – Black coffee

  • Nigeria – Cappuccino

  • South Africa – Black coffee

  • Hong Kong – Latte and mocha

  • India – Cappuccino

  • Indonesia – Cappuccino

  • Israel – Black coffee

  • Japan – Mocha

  • Jordan – Black coffee

  • Kuwait – Cappuccino

  • Lebanon – Black coffee

  • Malaysia – Latte

  • Oman – Cappuccino

  • Pakistan – Espresso

  • Philippines – Iced coffee

  • Qatar – Flat white

  • Saudi Arabia – Cappuccino

  • Singapore – Cappuccino

  • Taiwan – Espresso

  • Thailand – Espresso

  • Turkey – Turkish coffee

  • United Arab Emirates – Black coffee

  • Vietnam – Espresso, latte and mocha

  • Jamaica – Frappuccino and cappuccino

  • Trinidad and Tobago – Cappuccino

The five most popular coffee drinks around the world are cappuccino, espresso, black coffee, americano and mocha. They’re popular in multiple regions including Europe, North America, Africa, South America, Asia and the Caribbean. Let’s take a closer look at each one and why it’s so popular.

1. Cappuccino Craze

A cappuccino with latte art

Cappuccino is easily the most popular coffee drink in the world. It is preferred by 24 countries, including Albania, Austria, France, Kenya, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. It is one espresso shot mixed with steamed milk and foam. The foam is created by frothing up milk using pressurized steam.

People love cappuccino because it offers a balanced amount of each component in every sip – the coffee, steamed milk and foam. Though many believe it shouldn’t be stirred, a cappuccino is usually served with a spoon.

The word cappuccino is an Italian term derived from the word cappuccio meaning “hood.” The friars and nuns of the Capuchin order wore hoods of a similar color, hence the name “cappuccino,” meaning “small hood.”

2. Espresso Elation

Pulling a nice shot of espresso from a breville espresso machine

The second most popular coffee drink is espresso, which is a strong, concentrated drink made by forcing pressurized water through finely-ground coffee beans. We found it to be preferred in 14 countries globally, including Canada, Pakistan, Germany, Iceland, Greece, Egypt and the United States. 

Espresso has a high caffeine content and is ideal if you need a quick energy boost. It also has more complex flavors than cappuccino and normal coffee. The name is derived from the Italian word esprimere which means “squeeze out.” The name stuck because the drink is quickly made on the spot at the customer’s request.

An espresso is served in a small cup called a demitasse, which is placed on a saucer. The cup is heated to maintain the drink’s temperature after serving. A small spoon is placed on the saucer, allowing the drinker to stir in sugar or other sweeteners.

3. Black Coffee Uptake

Arne pouring black coffee into cup

Black coffee took third place, and is made using coffee grounds, water and nothing else. This means that it has no added cream, milk or sweetener. It is the most popular coffee drink in 12 countries, including Bulgaria, Israel, Jordan, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

You can make black coffee using freshly ground beans in a drip machine or by mixing instant granules and hot water in a cup. People love black coffee because it gives them all the benefits of coffee without the added calories and fat that come with milk and sugar. It’s also believed to help with weight loss when combined with a little cinnamon. 

Black coffee is mostly served hot. It is the base for several coffee drinks around the world. You can also soak the ground coffee beans, leave them to cool and add ice to make an iced coffee drink. 

4. Americano Adoration

An americano with a nice crema

Americano is most popular in 10 countries, including Argentina, Costa Rica, Italy, South Korea and Uruguay. Widely popular in South America, an americano is made by mixing an espresso shot with some hot water for a smoother, less intense cup of coffee.

Americano is a good choice for those who find espresso to be too strong. The drink was supposedly made famous during World War II, when American soldiers stationed in Italy would mix Italian espresso shots with water. They did this to get coffee that was similar to what they were used to.

Americano is served in a standard, heated cup to prevent the coffee from cooling too quickly. The cup needs to have enough room to add the water, and the americano can be enjoyed with or without cream and sugar.

5. Mocha Love

Mocha is the most popular choice in six countries: Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan, Mauritius, New Zealand and Vietnam. Mocha is a decadent and tasty treat for those who love chocolate and coffee. This milk-based espresso drink is flavored with chocolate powder or syrup and is commonly topped with whipped cream and some chocolate shavings.

People drink mochas at any time of the day and appeal to those who want a good balance between sweet and rich. A mocha combines two flavors that go well together and is known to boost both energy and metabolism.

The mocha is similar to the cappuccino in that it contains both espresso and milk foam with steamed milk. Other names for mocha include mocha latte, mochaccino, chocolate latte and cafe mocha.

Latte, Irish coffee, flat white, macchiato and iced coffee tied for the sixth spot. They are all popular in four countries spanning Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. 

Latte is popular in Brazil, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is made in almost the same way as a cappuccino; one or two espresso shots mixed with steamed milk and a thin layer of frothed milk added at the top. The difference between the two is that a latte has more milk and a mellower taste than a cappuccino.

Latte from Solis espresso machine

Irish coffee is popular in Finland, Ireland (of course), Norway and Sweden. It’s a curious coffee variation because it is spiked with whiskey, sweetened with some sugar and has a whipped cream layer added to the top. Irish coffee is served in a footed glass mug and served hot. It is commonly enjoyed during the winter season to help warm up the body. 

Flat white coffee is made by mixing two espresso shots with steamed milk, without adding any froth on top. It’s popular in the Czech Republic, Qatar, Poland and Denmark because it gives a double kick from the espresso shots and a rich coffee flavor. It’s originally from Australia and New Zealand but has made its rounds across Europe and the Middle East.

Espresso macchiato is served in an espresso cup and is the smallest of the milky espresso-based drinks. It is famous in Honduras, Australia, Albania and the United Kingdom. It has a coffee-to-milk ratio of 1:2 and is considered the perfect middle ground between espresso and cappuccino. It’s great for people who find a cappuccino too weak but an espresso too bitter.

Iced Coffee from the Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Iced coffee is the preferred drink in Nicaragua, Chile, Norway and the Philippines. It is simply your favorite coffee drink served on ice and can be mixed with sweeteners and milk. Iced coffee is great in hotter climates or during summer months. It’s different from cold brew coffee in that cold brew coffee has a bolder taste and takes longer to make. 

Cortado, frappuccino and Turkish coffee came at the bottom of our list, each being popular in less than three countries. This is simply because they are mainly associated with certain destinations and have not yet been widely embraced by the rest of the world.

Each U.S. State’s Favorite Coffee Beverage

Coffeeness Map for the most popuplar coffee drinks in every us state

In our study, we found espresso to be the most popular coffee drink in the United States, taking top spot in 28 states. It’s a great way to get a quick coffee kick without the long wait. Latte follows espresso and is most popular in 14 states. Cappuccino comes in third in the US, being preferred in 11 states. 

It’s worth noting that some states like more than one type of coffee drink. For instance, Alabama, Nebraska, North Dakota and Connecticut have both cappuccino and latte as their favorites. Connecticut also prefers affogato, while Hawaii likes affogato and espresso.

Interestingly, Louisiana is the only state that prefers cafe au lait, which is a French coffee drink made with equal parts black coffee and steamed milk with no froth. Meanwhile, coffee drinkers in Georgia love black coffee without cream or sugar. 

List of Major U.S. Cities and Their Coffee Preferences

New York, San Diego, Dallas and Austin all have a solid caffeine culture and a strong inclination toward espresso. These cities are considered the melting pots of contemporary coffee culture, where espresso is more than a coffee beverage; it’s a passion, a daily necessity, a way of life. 

We found cappuccino to be quite popular in the Midwest, surpassing its formerly known strongholds on the East Coast. Tampa, New Orleans and Atlanta in the southeast also favor the large, frothy, creamy cappuccino. 

  • New York – Espresso

  • Los Angeles – Macchiato 

  • Chicago – Cappuccino

  • Houston – Cappuccino

  • Phoenix – Americano

  • Philadelphia – Cappuccino

  • San Antonio – Cappuccino

  • San Diego – Espresso

  • Dallas – Espresso

  • San Jose – Espresso

  • Austin – Espresso

  • Fort Worth – Espresso

  • Jacksonville – Espresso

  • Columbus – Cappuccino, Latte

  • Charlotte – Cappuccino

  • San Francisco – Espresso

  • Indianapolis – Espresso

  • Seattle – Espresso

  • Denver – Cortado

  • Washington – Espresso

  • Boston – Macchiato

  • Nashville – Cortado

  • El Paso – Espresso

  • Detroit – Cappuccino

  • Oklahoma City 10 – Espresso

  • Portland – Espresso

  • Las Vegas – Affogato

  • Memphis – Latte

  • Louisville – Americano

  • Baltimore – Latte

  • Milwaukee – Latte

  • Albuquerque – Espresso

  • Tucson – Espresso

  • Fresno – Espresso

  • Mesa – Espresso

  • Sacramento – Espresso

  • Atlanta – Cappuccino

  • Kansas City, MI – Cappuccino

  • Boise – Espresso

  • Colorado Springs – Espresso

  • Omaha – Affogato

  • Raleigh – Latte

  • Miami – Black Coffee

  • Cincinnati – Americano

  • Long Beach – Espresso

  • Lincoln – Espresso

  • Virginia Beach – Latte

  • Oakland – Espresso

  • Minneapolis – Espresso

  • Tulsa – Affogato

  • Tampa – Cappuccino

  • Arlington – Cortado

  • New Orleans – Espresso, cappuccino, cafe au lait

  • Wichita – Espresso

  • Bakersfield – Espresso

  • Cleveland – Cappuccino

  • Aurora – Affogato

  • Honolulu – Affogato

  • Anaheim – Espresso

  • Henderson – Espresso

  • Santa Ana – Espresso

  • Riverside – Latte

  • Garland – Cappuccino

  • Irving – Cappuccino

  • Plano – Cappuccino

  • San Bernardino – Espresso, affogato

  • Spokane – Espresso

  • Jersey City – Espresso, affogato

  • Henderson – Affogato

  • St. Paul – Latte

  • Glendale – Espresso

  • Fort Wayne – Espresso

  • Madison – Espresso, latte

  • Reno – Espresso

  • Chula Vista – Espresso

  • Richmond – Espresso

  • Frisco – Espresso

  • Anchorage – Espresso

  • St. Louis – Espresso

  • Irvine – Espresso

  • Stockton – Espresso

  • Lexington – Espresso

  • Newark – Espresso

  • Durham – Espresso

  • Chandler – Espresso

  • Scottsdale – Americano

  • Port St. Lucie – Cappuccino, latte

  • Greensboro – Latte

  • Buffalo – Latte

  • Cortado – Latte

  • St. Petersburg – Latte

  • Chesapeake – Latte

  • Winston Salem – Latte

  • Lubbock – Latte

  • Toledo – Latte

  • Gilbert – Affogato

  • Omaha – Affogato, latte

  • Corpus Christi – Iced coffee

  • Laredo – Iced coffee

  • Sacramento – Espresso

American vs Worldwide Coffee Preferences

The main difference between the US and the rest of the world is that most countries prefer cappuccinos while the US loves espresso. It seems like the majority of Americans prefer their coffee strong and bitter while the rest of the world leans towards a milder taste. 

A freshly pulled espresso

This means that the coffee culture in America is one of speed and convenience rather than relaxation. Americans mainly take coffee as a way to kick start the day rather than sitting back to rest after a long one. On the contrary, countries like Ireland, France, Turkey and Kenya enjoy their coffee as they catch up with friends at a less busy time of the day.

We found it interesting that the biggest americano lovers are in South America and not in the United States. Only Phoenix, Louisiana and Cincinnati have it as a favorite.

Methodology & Sources

In our analysis, we considered a total of 21 coffee types, which encompassed popular choices like cappuccino, affogato, espresso, latte, macchiato, iced coffee and Irish coffee among others. Additionally, we included a few more coffee types when comparing countries with distinct coffee preferences based on their culture.

We gathered data by checking the search volume for each coffee type in various countries worldwide. This analysis encompassed data available in both English and the native languages of the respective countries. It’s important to note that certain countries had limited or no available data, leading to their exclusion from our list.

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Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

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