DeLonghi EC702 Review 2022: A Lot of Machine for Your Money!

After working as a professional barista for many years, Arne Preuss founded Coffeeness.

One really nice manual espresso machine I’ve come across lately is the DeLonghi EC702. You’ll find everything you need to know about it in this DeLonghi EC702 review.

One really nice manual espresso machine I’ve come across lately is the DeLonghi EC702. You’ll find everything you need to know about it in this DeLonghi EC702 review.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to espresso machines, the complex features and settings can be a deterrent. But, a small manual one like the DeLonghi EC702 is beginner-friendly.

On top of that, at $248.58, it won’t break the bank if you’re not ready to commit to a big, expensive espresso machine just yet.

For a more in-depth look at the good, the bad and the espresso that this machine has to offer, keep reading my DeLonghi EC702 review below.

DeLonghi EC702

Lots of Great Features at an Affordable Price!

Compact design


Easy to clean

Sleek look

Doesn’t include a milk jug

Have to remove drip tray to increase cup height

DeLonghi EC702 Review Overview

As mentioned above, the EC702 by DeLonghi is a good pick. This holds true whether you’re still early in your journey to perfect espresso at home. Or, if you’re just not ready to commit to something more price-intensive yet.

At first look, the DeLonghi EC702 hits a lot of the same points that most manual espresso makers do. It has a manual frother to steam your milk, a removable water tank and a rapid cappuccino system to ensure there’s less wait time between cups.

I appreciate that the water tank is removable for easier cleaning. It also includes a water level indicator so there’s no guesswork for when it’s low.

In addition, having two separate thermostats is a handy feature that you’ll appreciate. That’s because you won’t have to worry about fiddling with steam pressure and brewing temp at the same time. One thermostat controls the steam wand and the other handles the water tank.

Speaking of temperature, that Rapid Cappuccino System is all about maintaining the right temperature, which prevents the machine from cooling down or heating up too quickly when you’re ready to brew that second cup.

The EC702 has 15 bar of pressure, which surpasses the industry minimum of nine to make good espresso. A lot of manufacturers promote higher pressures under the “bigger is better” principle, but nine is all you need. Beyond that, it’s a moot point, though 15 bar has become the most common pressure available on espresso machines.

Does the EC702 have all the manual control you’d expect from some of the high-end machines? No, but you’ve still got your say in pressure, water temp, and shot type, which is more than some espresso machines have to offer in this price range.

DeLonghi EC702 Features

DeLonghi EC702 Features.

If you’re used to using some of the high-end DeLonghi espresso machines, the EC702 probably won’t blow your mind – but it’s definitely got a lot of nice features to offer. Let’s take a closer look at the various components as we delve into this DeLonghi EC702 review. You’ll see why I think it has a lot to offer.

Compact Design

Whether you’re a pro at brewing espresso machines or not, a lot of the fancier machines just aren’t compact enough to fit into a dorm room, RV or studio apartment. When you’ve got limited counter space, you’ve got to be careful how you use it. 

Fortunately, that’s the magic of the EC702. It has a compact design that won’t be an issue to fit into small spaces or even take with you on the road. This 44 ounce (1.3 liter) machine uses its limited space well. The steam wand is located on the side and you can even store your favorite demitasse cups on top, if you’d like.

It’s also just under 12 pounds, so it shouldn’t be a complete nuisance to transport if you need to. The compact design is certainly a perk if you’re limited on space and need something that’s not going to monopolize all your counter space like some coffee makers do. 


If you’re looking for something with a ton of color options that’s going to match your decor, you might want to look elsewhere. This entry level espresso machine only comes in one color: metal. There are plenty of stainless steel components with this machine, and if nothing else, that gives this espresso maker a tough, durable feel.

So, even if the metal exterior doesn’t pop off the page, that durable exterior is hard to beat – and fits with just about any kitchen theme.

User Interface

There’s no LED display to talk about here, but there are a few notable knobs and buttons to mention. Ultimately, the EC702 has a straightforward interface, which only adds points to how beginner-friendly this manual espresso machine is. 

There’s an on/off indicator light located on the side of the machine, a light to tell you when it’s done preheating and a light for the steam wand too. On the opposite side of the machine, you’ll find a knob to help you control the steam.

That’s about as complex as the user interface gets. And, while they might take a little getting used to, the indicator lights are more than useful for notifying you about steam pressure and preheating.

Removable Water Tank

The removable water tank on this machine is capable of holding 44 ounces (1.3 liters) of water. There’s also an indicator that gives you an exact idea of the current water level, which is a handy feature on any coffee maker.

Another thing to note about this water tank is that it’s removable, so cleaning is a breeze.

Water Filter

DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter.

You don’t have to use a water filter with the DeLonghi EC702. However, if you do, you’ll significantly reduce the frequency of descaling.

The EC702 uses DeLonghi DLSC002 Water Filter Cartridges, which are readily available and easy to replace.

Not only will using a water filter reduce the amount of descaling, but it will also improve the taste of your coffees.


No surprise here, the EC702 has a stainless steel boiler and lacks handy features like Thermocoil or Thermoblock for rapid heating. So, it can take up to fifteen minutes (if you fill up the entire tank) for it to heat up for your first shot.

However, once you’ve passed those first five or ten minutes, you don’t have to wait for the boiler to heat up again for your next shot. The Rapid Cappuccino System maintains the right water temperature between brewing each cup.

Let’s not forget about that dual thermostat, either. The temp that you brew your espresso at won’t be the same for steaming your milk. Fortunately, the dual thermostat means you can toggle steam pressure separately.


DeLonghi EC702 Portafilter.

As far as size goes, you can pull a single or double shot with the EC702. It comes with both filter sizes. Remember though, you’ll need finely ground coffee, so it’s important to invest in a quality grinder.

Many people are surprised to find that an electric grinder capable of producing a fine grind and even consistency costs more than the espresso machine itself. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider a hand grinder. Check out my comprehensive coffee grinder guide for more details.

There’s an option to use Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) Pods. However, I’m not a big fan of pod coffee, as it contains stale coffee. That said, I know many people who enjoy them or the convenience they offer. I constantly challenge them about the environmental impact though. I mean, the fishies aren’t big fans of single-use plastics!

Speaking of brewing an espresso shot, the EC702 includes a two cup function. Need more than one espresso shot to start your day? Or, maybe you live with someone who also needs some espresso to jumpstart their morning. This espresso machine allows you to set a twin brewing cycle and fill two cups at once.

Milk Foam

DeLonghi EC702 Milk Foam.

Nothing completes that picture-perfect latte or mocha better than a little steamed milk and froth. The good news is that you can texture your milk with the manual steam wand that comes with this entry level machine – although you will need to purchase a milk jug separately.

There are lots of milk frothing pitchers on Amazon though, so go with the one you like.

The manual frother mixes steam with milk to create that bubbly, textured topping that many people use for latte art. If that interests you, consider a pitcher that comes with latte art stencils. latte art stencils.

Cup Warmer

One thing that’s unusual to find with an entry level espresso machine is a cup warmer. Keeping your cup at the right temperature is going to preserve that high quality crema when you brew. It might not be a make-or-break feature for most people, but it’s still a nice little perk to have.

Cup Height

At first sight, and according to many inexperienced reviewers, one thing the EC702 tends to fall a little short with is their cup height – literally. They claim it offers only 2.6 inches (6.6 centimeters), which is only enough for an espresso cup. What many people don’t realize is that you can remove the drip tray and gain sufficient space to put taller glasses for cappuccinos, lattes and macchiatos. It’s also the result of DeLonghi not promoting this feature on this specific machine, even though they do on some others.

Drip Tray

Oh, and let’s not forget about the removable drip tray. With any coffee maker, a little drip is almost guaranteed, but nobody wants to wipe down their machine after every shot. The tray catches any excess drip, and when you’re done brewing coffee, you just need to slide out the tray and clean it. Super easy! Super convenient!


Nothing puts a damper on your day more than your espresso machine breaking down. And you know, if it does, it will be in the middle of the brewing process. That’s why an entry level machine that includes a warranty is nice. 

Like many DeLonghi products, this machine includes a one-year limited warranty. After that period, you’ll need to handle the purchase of any replacement parts or components yourself. 

How To Use the DeLonghi EC702

While you can refer to the instruction manual for a more detailed look at using this machine, I’ve got a quick guide on how to use it as part of this DeLonghi EC702 review. See below.

  1. Start by filling up the water reservoir with clean, cold water. You’ll need to lift the tank sideways out of the espresso maker. Alternatively, you can use a separate vessel to pour water in.
  2. Grab your demitasse cups, place them on the cup warming tray or run them under a little hot water to make sure they maintain the right temperature. 
  3. Next, you’ve got to preheat the espresso maker. Make sure you press the on button at least fifteen minutes before you plan to brew your coffee. When you do this, you’ll want to ensure your steam knob is closed and your filter holder is attached. While the machine is preheating is an ideal time to grind your coffee beans.
  4. Put a clean filter basket in the portafilter and add ground coffee. Make sure it’s evenly distributed before tamping.
  5. Place your cups under the spout and wait for the “OK” light to come on, indicating that the espresso maker is done preheating.
  6. Now, just press the coffee button and wait for the magic to happen!

As far as usage goes, the EC702 is pretty straightforward for even the newest of beginners – and if you’re someone who’s looking to adjust every part of the brewing process, you’ll likely find this machine to be a breeze to use.

DeLonghi EC702 Cleaning

DeLonghi EC702 Cleaning.

Cleaning an espresso machine is everyone’s least favorite part, but unfortunately, it’s also a necessary one. It’s pretty standard to descale your espresso machines every couple of months (or sooner if you use it all the time), and the EC702 is no exception to this.

DeLonghi sells EcoDecalk that you can use to descale the machine. The manual includes detailed instructions for not just descaling but also cleaning every other part of the machine.

DeLonghi EC702 Specifications

 DeLonghi EC702 Manual Espresso Machine
Name15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker EC702
Water tank capacity44.0 oz / 1.3 l
Removable water tankYes
Water level indicatorYes
User interfaceDial, buttons, lights
Water filterNo
Milk frothing systemManual steam wand
Dedicated hot water spoutNo
Removable drip trayYes
Double espresso optionYes
ESE pod compatibleYes
Housing materialStainless steel
Boiler materialStainless steel
Auto shutoffNo
In-the-box accessoriesInstruction manual, tamper, 3 x filter baskets, measuring spoon
Weight11.4 lb / 5.2 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)11.6 x 9.1 x 11.0 in / 29.5 x 23.1 x 28.0 cm
Current price on Amazon$248.58

DeLonghi EC702 vs Other Espresso Machines

Sure, the EC702 and its stainless steel boiler, steam wand, separate thermostats, self priming operation and cappuccino maker seem great. But, how does it really compare to the competition? As always, I’ve got what you need to know in a comparison section of this DeLonghi EC702 review.

DeLonghi EC702 vs ECP3630

DeLonghi ECP3630 vs EC702.

At $188.36, the DeLonghi ECP3630 Espresso Machine is certainly a smaller, slightly more affordable option than the EC702. These machines are both from the same series, so they do have quite a few similarities – including a stainless steel finish, the ability to make single or double shots and a steam wand.

They also both use 15 bar of pressure, but the ECP3630 has a smaller water tank at just 37 ounces (1095 ml). One perk that the ECP3630 does have over the EC702 is its adjustable cup height so that you can use taller glasses for ultra smooth lattes or double espresso. 

DeLonghi EC702 vs ECP3420

DeLonghi ECP3420 vs EC702.

The DeLonghi ECP3420 Espresso Machine is another small, budget pick for $169.95. This one also includes a Rapid Cappuccino System, 15 bar pressure system, and a manual steam wand to create creamy froth for your coffee grounds. 

While it doesn’t include a cup warmer or separate thermostats for water and steam pressure, it does take up less space on your countertop. Both of these espresso machines offer a lot of value for the money.

DeLonghi EC702 vs Gevi GECME003D-U

Gevi GECME003D-U vs DeLonghi EC702.

For $141.16, the Gevi Espresso Machine With Milk Frother uses the same 15 bar pressure as the DeLonghi and includes a milk frother.

Despite the two different brands, these machines use a lot of similar features for the brewing process: a stainless steel finish, two thermostats, stainless steel boiler, a portafilter and a steam wand. 

However, the EC702 definitely has a few features that the Gevi doesn’t, like a bigger water tank. However, Gevi’s user interface is a little easier to navigate.

DeLonghi EC702 vs Others Comparison Chart

 DeLonghi EC702 Manual Espresso MachineDeLonghi ECP3630 Espresso MachineDeLonghi ECP3420Gevi GECME003D-U
Name15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker EC702Espresso and Cappuccino Machine ECP3630Manual Espresso Machine ECP3420Espresso Machine GECME003D-U
Water tank capacity44 oz / 1.3 l37.2 oz / 1.1 l37.2 oz / 1.1 l50.7 oz / 1.5 l
Removable water tankYesYesYesYes
Water level indicatorYesYesYesYes
User interfaceDial, buttons, lightsDial, lightsDial, lightsDial, buttons, lights
Water filterNoNoNoNo
Milk frothing systemManual steam wandManual steam wandManual steam wandManual steam wand
Dedicated hot water spoutNoNoNoNo
Removable drip trayYesYesYesYes
Double espresso optionYesYesYesYes
ESE pod compatibleYesYesYesNo
Housing materialStainless steelStainless steelPlastic
Boiler materialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Auto shutoffNoNoNoStainless steel
In-the-box accessoriesInstruction manual, tamper, 3 x filter baskets, measuring spoonInstruction manual, tamper, 3 x filter baskets, measuring spoonInstruction manual, tamper, 2 x filter baskets, measuring spoonInstruction manual, 2 x filter baskets, measuring spoon / tamper
Weight11.4 lb / 5.2 kg9.8 lb / 4.4 kg9.0 lb / 4.1 kg8.5 lb / 3.8 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D)11.6 x 9.1 x 11.0 in / 29.5 x 23.1 x 28.0 cm11.9 x 7.2 x 9.6 in / 30.2 x 18.3 x 24.4 cm11.9 x 7.2 x 9.6 in / 30.2 x 18.3 x 24.3 cm14.2 x 10.1 x 13.1 in / 36.0 x 25.6 x 33.3 cm
Current price on Amazon$232.80$180.00$164.00$141.16

Verdict: DeLonghi EC702 Review

DeLonghi EC702

Lots of Great Features at an Affordable Price!

Compact design


Easy to clean

Sleek look

Doesn’t include a milk jug

Have to remove drip tray to increase cup height

While it doesn’t come with some of the bells-and-whistles of machines three times its price, the EC702 definitely offers a lot for your money. If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly espresso machine to learn on, the DeLonghi EC702 reviewed here today will exceed your expectations.

From monitoring steam pressure to that convenient warming tray, the EC702 definitely has handy features to offer in a compact package.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my DeLonghi EC702 Review. I’d love to hear what you think of this affordable mini espresso machine, so please join the discussion in the comments section below.

DeLonghi EC702 Review FAQ

I’ve covered a lot in this DeLonghi EC702 review, but can you use oat milk in the milk frother? The short answer is yes, and I’m a big fan of oat milk. On the contrary, I’m a little less enthusiastic about using almond milk in this machine – or any manual machine – given how much water is involved when it comes to growing almonds in drought-ridden California.

When it comes down to it, the DeLonghi EC702 is capable of making a great americano as well as many other espresso-based drinks – like lattes or mochas. Shoot, you can even make fantastic matcha lattes.

Without a doubt, it’s possible to steam your milk for hot chocolate in the DeLonghi EC702, and I’d recommend adding extra froth!

Given the shorter cup height that I’ve mentioned in this DeLonghi EC702 review, it might be a stretch to use a tall glass to make a latte macchiato in your EC702 – but it’s still possible. You’ll need to brew your espresso in a regular demitasse cup first and once you’ve finished steaming your milk, you can add it to a taller glass. 

Preheating your EC702 can take as long as 15 minutes if you fill up the entire water tank, but the actual brewing cycle should be done within thirty seconds if you’re brewing a single shot. 

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