My Promise to You

Jura J8
  • Not for sale

  • Independent

  • Honest

  • Sassy

Originally I was just a coffee fan, then I became a barista. During that time I learned that good coffee doesn’t just start at the machine. I also realized at some point that no one in Germany was working intensively with coffee and coffee equipment or teaching people anything. That’s how the idea for Coffeeness came about.

I’ve been reviewing coffee beans, coffee makers, fully automatic coffee machines and passing coffee fads since 2008. I look behind the marketing curtain and scrutinize every company. And I’m never afraid to say what excites me, what bores me and what makes me angry.

Every review is honest, independent, sassy and always transparent. We test objectively, but include personal opinions. Crucially, we are always on your side and never sponsored by a manufacturer.

Where I Come From, Where I Want To Go

While Coffeeness was initially just a hobby, the project has been my profession since 2015. The website has almost seven million visitors a year (for all country pages), our YouTube channel has up to 300,000 views a month (depending on the time of year) and we sell around five tons of coffee beans a year through our store.

Just as Coffeeness has grown over the years, so has the team around me. Because good content across all channels is a case for real specialists. So, please feel free to get to know us and our team!

I think it’s great that you’re so interested in good coffee and good equipment. Your trust is my motivation for a very specific goal:

Coffeeness should continue to grow until the last coffee capsule has disappeared and the last pod manufacturer stops trying to sell us anything!

The Coffeeness Philosophy

Coffeeness is completely free of advertising — unless I advertise my own products. This means we remain independent and can always freely express our opinion in our reviews. If a manufacturer or coffee roaster sends us test products, we do not make any concessions.

Coffeeness relies on affiliate links to make a living. Here’s the deal: If you click on a store link and order the product of your choice online, we receive a commission. If you send it back because it doesn’t suit you, the commission is canceled.

Our review selection process always depends on you: which devices do you want to get to know, which roaster sounds exciting, which coffee-related topic interests you? We consider all your tips and comments and always make an effort to respond. And what you want will be implemented at some point.

Right from the start, I focused on realistic testing. After all, fiddling with machines in the lab or measuring the quality of coffee beans using instruments makes no sense. At the end of the day, it’s all about you having fun with these products at home. That’s why I test everything in the way you’re likely to use it in the end.

What’s Important to Me in Every Review:

  • Clearly state the advantages and disadvantages

  • Use both words and images to illustrate my discoveries

  • Always take marketing lingo with a grain of salt

Since no appliance can do everything you want, I don’t have an ultimate test winner. Every good product — from fully automatic coffee machines to beans — is designed for specific target groups. That’s why I sort my recommendations according to user, price range, area of application, etc.

Coffeeness offers a mix of objectivity and opinion. And it will stay that way.