Best Espresso Tamping Mat 2023: Your New Best Friend!

As a former professional barista, I can tell you there is one accessory that a lot of home baristas tend to overlook: the espresso tamping mat. It’s a common sight in most cafes, but it’s a rarity in most home setups, especially newer ones. 

As a former professional barista, I can tell you there is one accessory that a lot of home baristas tend to overlook: the espresso tamping mat. It’s a common sight in most cafes, but it’s a rarity in most home setups, especially newer ones. 

I suspect it’s because espresso tamping mats don’t get a lot of press. Well, you can consider me the unofficial spokesperson for the best espresso tamping mats. Here’s everything you need to know about this underrated espresso accessory! 

Best Espresso Tamping Mats at a Glance

Ready to skip to the good stuff? Here’s a quick look at the best espresso tamping mats I’ll be diving into below.

Product List Image

Fits well onto counter edges

Durable silicone

Doesn’t hold odors

Product List Image

Cool design

Includes corner edge

Completely flat surface

Product List Image

Perfect for cat lovers

Includes notches

Rolls up easily

Product List Image

Non-slip surface

Doesn’t have to fit on the corner

Easy to clean

Product List Image

Pretty ripple design

Doesn’t hold odors

Easy to clean

What Is an Espresso Tamping Mat?

Before I dive into the details, I should answer the obvious question here: what is an espresso tamping mat? I’d consider the espresso tamping mat to be an extension of the espresso tamper, although most home espresso machines don’t include it in the box. 

Among other things, the mat protects your countertop from damage when you’re using the tamper. Some mats provide a basic non-slip surface while others even include slots for the tamper and portafilter. I’ll get into the benefits of each type below. 

As I mentioned, espresso machine mats are common in professional settings. Next time you’re at your local coffee shop, sneak a peek at the espresso preparation setup. I’d bet you one good espresso shot that your professional baristas only do their tamping on a mat! 

Why Do I Need an Espresso Tamping Mat?

Closeup of tamping with an espresso tamping mat.

Now that you know what an espresso tamping mat is, I’ll bet you’re wondering whether you really need one. After all, you’ll find plenty of coffee gear that may elevate your coffee experience, but aren’t entirely necessary. Pitcher rinsers spring to mind here.

While it’s possible to get away without an espresso machine mat in your home setup, I do think it’s a worthwhile upgrade. More than just adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen, the biggest advantage of using a tamping mat is that it’ll protect your counter.

Sure, tamping once in a while probably won’t cause permanent damage, but using your kitchen counter to tamp all the time? Your countertop material may be tough, but my money is on the stainless steel tamper eventually leaving its mark. 

Chances are, you’ll be saving yourself a future headache as well as a temporary one. With a mat, there’s also less cleanup to worry about. You can just rinse off the mat instead of dealing with loose coffee grounds all over your kitchen surfaces. 

However, if you’re still unsure about the utility of espresso tamping mats, here’s one more advantage: they help you tamp better. I mentioned that mats provide a non-slip surface, which is more than I can say for most kitchen counters. Since you don’t need to worry about causing damage, you’re free to apply the necessary pressure when you tamp.

What Size Espresso Tamping Mat Is Best?

So, I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to tamping mat dimensions. When it comes to the design and size of your tamping mat, counter space availability matters more than anything else. I mean, you can only work with what you’ve got. If what you’ve got is limited space, then you may need to stick with a smaller mat. 

Smaller tamping mats may not provide as much coverage when it comes to cleaning up, but you’re still getting a non-slip surface. 

More than size, I find the design of your tamping mat matters more than most people think. If you use a portafilter with a spout, a tamping mat with notches will be your best friend. On the other hand, flat mats are best-suited for bottomless portafilters. 

Ultimately, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if you plan in advance where you’ll place your tamping mat in your home espresso machine setup. If you know how much space you’re working with, you’ll be able to figure out the right size too. 

The 5 Best Espresso Tamping Mats

I’ve gone over the basics, so let’s keep the ball rolling. Below, you’ll find what I consider to be some of the best espresso tamping mats on the market.

Watchget Espresso Tamping Mat

Watchget Espresso Tamping Mat. Buy Now on Amazon

They say black goes with everything, right? For $22.00, this Watchget Espresso Tamping Mat is certainly no exception. It’s one of the smaller mats on this list as well as a corner mat that’ll sit great on the edge of your counter. You may not be living on the edge with this mat design, but you’ll definitely be tamping on it. 

Speaking of size, the smaller dimensions of this mat could double as a pro or con, depending on personal preference. If you prefer more surface area when you tamp, this might not be the mat for you. However, if you’re short on counter space, you may appreciate its compact design. 

This mat is made of silicone, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping, or the material picking up odors. As great as fresh coffee grounds may smell, I’m not sure I want to smell stale grounds every time I tamp! 

When it comes to maintaining this mat, there’s really nothing to it! A quick rinse with a mild cleaner or a cloth should get the job done. Plus, since it’s silicone, you don’t need to worry about water damaging the surface of the mat. 


  • Fits well onto counter edges
  • Durable silicone
  • Doesn’t hold odors


  • Smaller than it looks

Motta Barista Espresso Tamping Mat

Motta Barista Espresso Tamping Mat. Buy Now on Amazon

Black may be fine, but maybe you prefer something with a little more … pizzazz? In that case, I’d recommend this Motta Barista Tamping Mat. I’ll admit it’s a little pricier at $28.95, but if you’re a cat lover, investing in this cute tamping mat will probably be worth it!

Much like many of the other espresso tamping mats on this list, the Motta Barista uses a hard silicone rubber. That means it’ll protect the surface of your counter as well as your portafilter. Seeing as it’s a flat mat with no notches, it’s especially great for bottomless portafilters.

Specs aside, I think we can all agree the crowning feature of this tamping mat is its shape. Not only does it work well, but it’ll never get boring to look at. With that said, the Motta Barista may get a little boring to clean since you’ll need to hand wash it every time. 


  • Cool design
  • Includes corner edge
  • Completely flat surface


  • Has to be hand washed

BooTaa Espresso Tamping Mat

BooTaa Espresso Tamping Mat. Buy Now on Amazon

Did you think I’d only include one cat-themed espresso tamper mat on this list? Of course not! I couldn’t forget about the BooTaa Espresso Tamping Mat available for $9.99. Featuring the shape of a cat’s face, this tamping mat sits on the edge of your countertop. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering where to put your tamper or portafilter, there’s no confusion with this mat! The “cat eyes” double as dedicated spaces for your espresso tools, which makes the mat even easier to use. Plus, it’s sturdy enough that even your real furry friends shouldn’t be able to knock it off. 

With non-slip silicone and silica gel, you also don’t need to worry about cracking or damage over time – for both the mat and your counter. When you’re done using it, the mat rolls up for easy storage until the next time you need it. 


  • Perfect for cat lovers
  • Includes notches
  • Rolls up easily


  • Has to sit on the edge of your counter

KYONANO Espresso Tamping Mat

KYONANO Espresso Tamping Mat. Buy Now on Amazon

At $13.99, the KYONANO Espresso Tamping Mat avoids cracks and damage in a different way: by using thick prongs on top of food-grade silicone. 

You’ll probably notice almost immediately that there is no corner edge on this mat. However, that doesn’t have to be a negative. You’re not limited to using this mat on the edge of your counter, which may work better for some layouts. 

Still, this mat is just as easy to roll up and clean when you’re done using it. My only complaint about the design of this tamper mat has to do with cleaning. Because of its thick grooves, you may have some trouble cleaning out coffee grounds that get stuck between them. 

Beyond that issue, this large tamping mat would fit just fine in most kitchens and coffee shops alike. 


  • Non-slip surface
  • Doesn’t have to fit on the corner
  • Easy to clean


  • Coffee grounds may get stuck in the grooves
  • Rather large

Mumisuto Gray Espresso Tamping Mat

Mumisuto Gray Espresso Tamping Mat. Buy Now on Amazon

If you can’t bear to look at another black tamper mat, you may want to check out the Mumisuto Gray Espresso Tamping Mat. The color may be a breath of fresh air, but it’s hardly the most budget-friendly option at $15.69.

Gray may fit your kitchen decor better, but keep in mind that this mat will be prone to stains. While black may hide those spots until you clean them, there’s no covering up coffee grounds or stains on a light gray tamping mat. 

Fortunately, a quick rinse or wiping with a clean cloth should have this tamping mat looking just as spotless as the day you bought it. As you’d expect, the durable silicone on this mat ensures it won’t hold odors. Plus, there’s that pretty ripple design!

Ultimately, a gray mat may not be for everyone. Still, if you can drink coffee in a white shirt without spilling a drop, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle this tamping mat! 


  • Pretty ripple design
  • Doesn’t hold odors
  • Easy to clean


  • Prone to visible stains

How Do You Use an Espresso Tamping Mat?

Showing how to use an espresso tamping mat.

Sure, you may now know which espresso tamping mat to buy, but do you know how to use it? Unfortunately, most tamping mats don’t include instructions, but that’s what I’m here for! 

The good news is that using an espresso machine mat isn’t rocket science  – even for complete newbies. You’ll start off by positioning your mat on the counter. If it’s a corner mat, you’ll need to line it up with the edge of your counter. 

Once you’ve got your mat in position, it’s time to use it. If your mat has notches, you’ll want to make sure the portafilter is placed correctly. By the way, that notch can also double as a coaster for travel mugs or espresso cups. If there isn’t a notch on your mat, try placing the portafilter in the center. While most mats use non-slip surfaces anyway, you’ll still have plenty of room on each side in case the mat does slip. 

Apply firm pressure as you’d normally do when tamping, making sure the portafilter stays in place on the mat. After you’re done, remove the tamper from the mat and wipe off the remaining coffee grounds. That’s all there is to using a tamping mat! As long as you’ve got it in the right position, the mat functions as a layer of protection for your counter. 

How Do You Clean an Espresso Tamping Mat?

We’ve reached the not-so-fun part of owning any espresso accessory or tool: cleaning. Or, if you’re a clean freak like me, this might be your favorite part! Either way, you’ll find most maintenance for tamping mats to be straightforward. 

Although most tamping mats claim to be odorless, that doesn’t mean you should ignore hygiene altogether. You don’t want to skip the cleaning process after each use – even if the mat still looks spotless. 

A quick rinse will clean off most tamping mats, but you can use a mild cleaner and a cloth to remove difficult stains. The dishwasher is also an option, but just make sure your tamper mat is dishwasher-safe. 

Regardless of how you clean it, you don’t want to forget about this final step: making sure it’s completely dry before you put it back down. Otherwise, you could risk water damage. This is especially true for wood counters and cabinets, but it’s a safe rule for any surface you’re using the mat on. 

Which Espresso Tamping Mat Will You Choose?

You may have gotten away without using a tamping mat so far, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need this espresso accessory. Not only will an espresso tamping mat protect your counters, it can also help you tamp better. When you’re not worried about the portafilter slipping, you’re able to add as much pressure as you need. 

So, with that said, which espresso tamping mat fits your taste? Is it classic black, cat-themed or bold white? Whichever mat you choose, you can count on it to elevate your home barista experience! 

Do you own an espresso tamping mat from this list? Please share any tips you have about how to maximize its use!

Espresso Tamping Mat FAQ

Durable silicone tends to be the best material for espresso tamping mats.

An espresso tamping mat will protect your kitchen countertop as well as help you tamp more evenly.

Most espresso tamping mats are waterproof or water-resistant.

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