Best Coffee Scoop in 2023: Here’s the Scoop!

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If there’s any coffee accessory that gets overlooked, it’s the trusty coffee scoop. You may not realize it, but the best coffee scoop can make all the difference. So, put away your spoons and those flimsy plastic scoops you get with pre ground coffee. I’m about to give you the rundown on finding the best coffee scoop for your morning brew!

If there’s any coffee accessory that gets overlooked, it’s the trusty coffee scoop. You may not realize it, but the best coffee scoop can make all the difference. So, put away your spoons and those flimsy plastic scoops you get with pre ground coffee. I’m about to give you the rundown on finding the best coffee scoop for your morning brew!

Best Coffee Scoops at a Glance

Amidst a sea of cheap plastic scoops that wouldn’t last a year, I’ve compiled a list of the best coffee scoops currently on the market. I’ll get into the details below, but if you don’t mind spoilers, here are my top picks at a glance:

Product List Image

Beautiful design

Durable birch wood

Long handle

Product List Image

Sturdy construction

Easy to clean

Clear measurements

Product List Image

Eye-catching color

Durable construction

Bigger capacity

Product List Image

Extendable handle

Larger capacity

Easy to store

Product List Image

Includes bag clip

Long handle

Durable stainless steel

Product List Image

Retro design

Comfortable handle

Several color options

What Makes a Good Coffee Scoop?

I think it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of coffee scoops to go around. If you buy pre ground coffee from certain brands, you may end up collecting plastic coffee scoops like loose change. Even if you have a coffee grinder at home and use your own storage container, you can still find those same flimsy plastic scoops in the coffee aisle at most grocery stores.

However, not all coffee scoops are of the same quality. While I can appreciate the convenience of those included plastic scoops, most of them aren’t durable. They’re designed to be disposable, which means they’ll spend far longer in landfills than they ever will in your kitchen.

All this to say that you’re almost always better off upgrading to a good coffee scoop that doesn’t come in a can. What makes a good coffee scoop, you ask? Well, there are a couple of features that separate the best coffee scoops from the mediocre ones.

For one thing, clear measurements on your coffee scoop are critical. With any kind of preparation method – especially pour over – you need the right coffee-to-water ratio. Too little coffee and you’ll end up with a watered-down drink that barely tastes like anything. Too much coffee and the results will be too bitter to stomach.

While the specific measurements depend on your preference and how many cups you’re making, the easiest way to measure out your grounds is by tablespoons. So, you’ll want to make sure your coffee scoop holds at least 1 tablespoon (10 grams).

Besides the measurements, the material matters too. As you can probably tell, I’m not the biggest fan of plastic scoops. In fact, I’m not a fan of plastic anything. Environmental concerns aside, stainless steel and wooden coffee scoops will last you much longer.

The 6 Best Coffee Scoops

Did you think I’d leave out a list of the best coffee scoops? Of course not! Here are my six favorite coffee scoops to revolutionize your morning cup of joe.

Izelokay Coffee Scoop

Izelokay Coffee Scoop. Buy Now on Amazon

If durability is your biggest concern, there’s no better place to start than with the Izelokay Coffee Scoop, which costs a mere $5.45 on Amazon.

Holding 1 tablespoon (10 grams), you’ll never have to play a guessing game about how much coffee you’ve added to your coffee filter. That measurement is clearly marked on the handle, so you don’t need to worry about anybody else getting confused either.

I wasn’t kidding about the durability of this scoop. It uses sturdy stainless steel that’s unlikely to break or melt in the same way that plastic scoops are prone to do. Plus, the design features an opening on the end of the handle. That way, you can hang this scoop on a kitchen hook with your other tools, and keep it around for easy access.

If you’re worried about cleaning, there’s no reason to be. I doubt you’ll need to do more than give this spoon a good rinse. Still, you can always pop it in the dishwasher if needed.

The Izelokay may not be as flashy as some coffee scoops you’ll find online, but it’s hard to go wrong with polished stainless steel. If nothing else, it’ll be sure to match just about any kitchen decor!


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Clear measurements


  • Not very lightweight

Apace Living Coffee Scoop

Apace Living Coffee Scoop. Buy Now on Amazon

Maybe silver and gold don’t catch your eye, but what about rose gold? I can’t be the only one who thinks that color looks striking on this Apace Living Coffee Scoop. If this scoop seems a little pricey at $13.99, it’s because you’re actually getting a set of two. So, you’re getting double the trouble, double the fun … double the coffee scooping capabilities?

As pretty as these scoops are, they’re still made of stainless steel. That means you won’t have to sacrifice durability or sturdiness for a pair of elegant coffee scoops. Each scoop holds 2 tablespoons (20 grams), which is pretty generous. If you frequently make big pots of coffee, you may appreciate the extra capacity.

The ergonomic handle is small enough to fit in a coffee canister, so you may not need to store these scoops separately. My only complaint about the handle is that you may have some trouble fitting it into the bottom of some bags or containers. When you’re scooping out the last of the coffee and every inch counts, that short handle probably won’t do you any favors.

Still, I wouldn’t call that a dealbreaker. Anyway, the manufacturer promises a risk-free purchase with a full refund. So, if the design isn’t for you, you can always change your mind.


  • Eye-catching color
  • Durable construction
  • Generous capacity


  • Handle on the short side
  • No kitchen hook hole

Baltique Marrakesh Collection Coffee Scoop

Baltique Marrakesh Collection Coffee Scoop. Buy Now on Amazon

Just because your coffee scoop is functional doesn’t mean it has to look boring. The Baltique Marrakesh Collection Coffee Scoop is a perfect example of this, even if those bright colors are a little pricier at $9.99. That blend of durability and style is also why I’ve named this the “Best Overall” coffee scoop!

This coffee scoop has traded stainless steel for birch wood dyed in a colorful pattern. As part of this brand’s Marrakesh collection, those colors aren’t random either. The pattern is meant to symbolize the busy marketplaces of Marrakesh, Morocco.

In other words, this coffee scoop is bringing a little bit of international culture into your home – and in the most vibrant, colorful way.

While I think that colorful birch wood is this coffee scoop’s best attribute, there are other things to appreciate about the utensil. For example, it has a no-mess design, so you’re less likely to spill coffee grounds when you use it to scoop.

Speaking of spills and messes, I wouldn’t plan on introducing this scoop to the dishwasher anytime soon. You run the risk of damaging that beautiful design if you submerge it in water. Instead, this scoop requires a much gentler touch: a damp cloth and a little hand washing are all you need.

As far as capacity goes, the scoop holds 1 tablespoon (10 grams). It would be convenient if the measurement was marked on the scoop itself, but I doubt there will be much confusion.


  • Beautiful design
  • Durable birch wood
  • Long handle


  • No measurement marker
  • Not dishwasher safe

GoodCook Extendable Coffee Scoop

Goodcook Extendable Coffee Scoop. Buy Now on Amazon

Now, I know I’ve sworn off plastic coffee scoops, but there are exceptions to every rule! That’s certainly the case with the GoodCook Extendable Coffee Scoop, available for $6.67.

It may not be as durable as stainless steel or wood, but this coffee scoop has one leg up on the competition – or one handle, I should say. This scoop features an extendable handle, which isn’t something you’ll find with a lot of the competition.

That extendable handle goes a long way (pun fully intended) in making this utensil more functional. When you need to scrape out the last beans from the bottom of the bag, you can pull out the handle to make the scoop longer. When it’s time to store the scoop, you can push that handle back in, so the scoop is small enough to fit into the container.

In other words, you’re getting the best of both worlds with this coffee scoop. It’ll be small enough to fit into the bag holding your coffee, but still long enough to use.

And if you’re wondering about capacity, this is one of the larger scoops on the list, holding 2 tablespoons (20 grams).


  • Extendable handle
  • Larger capacity
  • Easy to store


  • Made of plastic

Voice on Growth Golden Coffee Scoop

Voice on Growth Golden Coffee Scoop. Buy Now on Amazon

At $5.97, I’ll point out the obvious and say that the Voice on Growth Golden Coffee Scoop is not solid gold.

That may be a letdown to some people, but you’re still getting the impression of luxury with the price tag of stainless steel. Speaking of materials, the scoop does use food-grade stainless steel. That just means it’s safe for all kinds of food preparation and storage, including measuring out your coffee grounds.

Looks aside, the crowning feature of this 1 tablespoon (10 gram) coffee scoop has got to be its handle, which doubles as a bag or crocodile clip. Don’t worry – despite the name, this scoop doesn’t bite!

With the crocodile clip, you can fasten the scoop to your bag of coffee beans or grounds for easy storage. Not only is that convenient, it can seal the bag and keep things fresh too. Check out my post on how to store coffee beans if you want to learn more about why that’s important!

If you’re like most home baristas, you’ll want to keep your coffee beans as fresh as possible, and this coffee scoop just gives you another way to achieve that.


  • Includes bag clip
  • Long handle
  • Durable stainless steel


  • No marked measurements

Easyworkz Retro Coffee Scoop

Easyworkz Retro Coffee Scoop. Buy Now on Amazon

If vintage is your style, there’s no reason to look further than the Easyworkz Retro Coffee Scoop. I’ve talked about wood and metal as the most durable options for coffee scoops, and with this utensil, you get both.

Costing $15.99, the scoop itself is stunning rose gold stainless steel, whereas the handle is black walnut. Even if you’re not interested in collecting retro utensils or appliances, it’s hard to deny the high-quality craftsmanship.

And if rose gold isn’t your jam, you might want to check out some of the other color options for this coffee scoop, such as Brushed Gold and Gunmetal. Personally, there’s just something about that gunmetal scoop that really floats my boat!

Color options aside, you can still count on getting polished steel and a black walnut handle regardless of which scoop you go with.

By the way, that stainless steel finish does more than just look pretty. You won’t have to worry about the steel cracking, rusting or corroding from too much wear and tear.

Combined with the wooden handle, the Easyworkz scoop ends up being more lightweight and comfortable to use. As you’d expect, the capacity for this scoop is 1 tablespoon (10 grams), so you should have no issues getting a precise measurement.


  • Retro design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Several color options


  • Not as affordable

How Do You Clean Coffee Scoops?

I wouldn’t be able to wrap up my best coffee scoop guide without telling you how to clean these utensils. As you can probably guess, there’s no one-size-fits-all cleaning process for every coffee scoop out there. Some coffee scoops, especially those that use wood, may have specific directions for handwashing. Other scoops may be as easy to clean as popping them in the dishwasher and walking away.

Regardless of whether or not your scoop is dishwasher safe, I’m always a big fan of washing by hand. Not only is it gentler on the utensil, but it’s more precise. There’s no guarantee that your dishwasher will eliminate all the coffee oil residue like handwashing will.

Maybe it requires a few extra steps, but cleaning your coffee scoops by hand isn’t much of a chore. All you’ll need is a little bit of water, a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Using the damp cloth, you’ll want to wipe down the scoop. Cleaning the handle and tiny crevices on the scoop is important. Ultimately, though, your focus should be on getting all the residue out of the scoop itself.

When you’re done cleaning out the scoop, you can use a dry cloth to wipe off any remaining moisture. After that, it’s just a matter of letting the scoop air dry, which is the most time-consuming part of this process. That said, metal and plastic options will dry much faster than completely wooden coffee scoops.

However, if you can handle the wait time, that’s all there is to cleaning and maintaining your coffee scoop. It’s not much different than caring for other utensils, and if you’re used to cleaning drip coffee makers or espresso machines, it’ll be a breeze!

Which Scoop is For You?

There’s only one question left to tackle here: which is the best coffee scoop for you? While I can’t tell you which of these coffee scoops is the right pick for your lifestyle, I can tell you that they’ll work a lot better than the disposable plastic scoops that come with pre ground coffee.

Whether you like colorful birch wood, stainless steel or retro vibes, you’re guaranteed to scoop your coffee out in style!

Do you have a favorite coffee scoop you can’t live without? Have I overlooked what you consider to be the very best coffee scoop? I look forward to your comments!

Coffee Scoop FAQ

Wood and stainless steel are the most durable materials for coffee scoops.

Size can vary, but most coffee scoops use a standard size of either 1 or 2 tablespoons (10 or 20 grams).

Spoons do not work as well as coffee scoops. They aren’t as precise, so it’s much harder to know how much coffee you’re using.

Typically, a tablespoon per cup is the standard measurement for most drip coffee makers.

Some coffee scoops can go in the dishwasher, depending on the material. If the scoop doesn’t say it’s dishwasher-safe, you should assume it’s not.

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