6 Best Glass Coffee Mugs: Sip in Style!

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If you've been thinking about adding to your cup collection, this guide to the best glass coffee mugs is for you.

If you’ve been thinking about adding to your cup collection, this guide to the best glass coffee mugs is for you.

As you might already know, glass is quickly becoming one of the most popular materials for enjoying carefully prepared coffee. I mean, glass coffee mugs don’t just look great, they offer a refined way to appreciate the delicate aromas in specialty coffee.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to step in and help you narrow down your search for your new favorite coffee cup. I’ve curated a selection of what I consider to be the six best glass coffee mugs out there.

You’ll find everything from durable standbys to high-end sipping glasses, with plenty of options in between. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Glass Coffee Mugs at a Glance

Here’s a quick look at the glass coffee mugs I’ll be reviewing today.

Product List Image

6.8 and 10.1oz capacity

Double walled

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass

1Product List Image

Durable construction

Straightforward design

Easy to clean

2Product List Image

Stunning design

Double and single wall construction

Ideal for coffee connoisseurs

3Product List Image
Best for Travel

KeepCup Brew Cork

Eco-friendly cup

Rugged and durable

Intelligent design

4Product List Image

Cool design

Suitable for hot and cold drinks

Good value

5Product List Image

Looks fantastic

Dishwasher friendly

Heat-resistant glass

6Product List Image

Iconic design

Reasonably priced

Hand blown glass

Why Buy Glass Coffee Mugs?

Probably the most obvious reason for buying glass coffee mugs is that they look super cool. Well, I guess not all the glass cups in the world look cool, but all the options on my list certainly do!

Anyway, there’s no getting around the fact that drinking coffee from an attractive cup elevates your experience. Besides, when they’re not in use, you can proudly display your glass mugs on your kitchen shelves.

While you might imagine that glass coffee mugs are delicate and easily broken, the opposite is often true. As it happens, thick, double walled glass is way more durable than you think, and won’t smash at the slightest contact. In fact, I’d say that borosilicate glass mugs are way more durable than their porcelain or ceramic counterparts.

Finally, I’ve found that glass coffee mugs retain heat better than any other type of vessel. That’s especially true if you’re drinking from double walled mugs. And as a bonus, that double wall insulation means all the heat will be kept on the inside so you won’t burn your fingers if there’s no handle.

Choosing the Best Glass Coffee Mugs: What to Consider

Now that we’ve established the reasons for buying glass coffee mugs, let’s take a gander at a few things to consider before committing.


It might seem obvious, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that we should always try to live within our means! So, if you have a limited budget, splashing out on fancy glass tasting cups might not be the best idea.

Rather, you’d be better off shopping for something a little more versatile and durable. Plus, you can easily find attractive glass coffee mug sets of two or four that’ll set you back considerably less than a single boutique cup.


Choosing the right size of cup really comes down to how much coffee you drink. For example, if you regularly make a full pot with your drip coffee maker before emptying the whole thing, having to constantly refill a small cup might get annoying.

On the other hand, buying a larger cup and only filling it halfway cuts down on its heat-retaining properties.

So, you should be realistic about how much coffee you drink in one sitting before deciding on which glass mug will work best for you.


As I’ve already mentioned, double walled coffee mugs made of borosilicate glass are about as good as it gets in terms of durability and heat retention. With that said, some of the best glass coffee mugs are made from rugged tempered glass.

Either way, the devil’s in the details, so make sure you know what type of glass is involved before buying. After all, cheaper mugs made from soda-lime glass will be prone to shattering when they’re filled with hot liquid. 


Finally, you should definitely go with a glass coffee mug that you find visually appealing. I mean, who wants to drink coffee from an ugly mug?

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, I think you’ll be sure to find at least one of the options on my list that floats your boat!

The 6 Best Glass Coffee Mugs

Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug

Bodum Bistro Coffee mug


  • Simple and pleasing design
  • Durable construction
  • Holds heat well
  • Dishwasher friendly


  • On the small side

If you’ve read my guide to the best Bodum French press, you’ll know that the manufacturer really knows its glass. What’s more, you won’t be surprised to find the Bodum Bistro Coffee Mug topping out my list of the best glass coffee mugs.

The Bodum Bistro costs $26.99 for a set of two, which is actually very reasonable considering how well-designed these coffee mugs are.

Made from double walled, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the Bodum Bistro mug is durable and dependable. Plus, it’ll keep your coffee hot and you won’t burn your fingers if you choose to ignore the handle.

Clocking in at 10-ounces (296 milliliters), I consider the Bodum Bistro to be the ideal size for a coffee mug. Still, at the end of the day, what makes this glass coffee mug so popular is its simple, effective design and rugged construction.

Kruve Excite and Inspire Set

Kruve Excite and Inspire Coffee Glass


  • Superb design
  • Beautiful to behold
  • Ideal for coffee connoisseurs
  • Double and single wall construction


  • Very expensive
  • Not for everyone

Kruve topped out my list of the best espresso cups with its awesome Propel glass. So, you won’t be surprised to find the Kruve Excite and Inspire Set featured here.

I’ve named this elegant glass coffee mug set “best high-end” option for a couple of reasons. For starters, the $49.99 price tag will raise more than a few eyebrows. Still, the Kruve Excite and Inspire Set isn’t meant for chugging your morning cup of joe.

Rather, these beautiful glasses have been designed with coffee connoisseurs in mind. I’m thinking of the kind of folks who approach a cup of pour-over coffee in the same way as they do a glass of expensive wine.

Anyway, thanks to Kruve’s dedication to producing exceptional products, both the Excite and Inspire glass have been meticulously designed to elevate the coffee experience. Standout features include double wall construction tapering to single wall at the top and plenty of “headroom” to help maximize your appreciation of the coffee’s aromatics.

What can I say? These are the ultimate glass coffee mugs for nerds like me! 

KeepCup Brew Cork

Keepcup Glass cup


  • Eco-friendly travel cup
  • Ideal size
  • Durable construction
  • Smart and stylish design


  • Not double walled

Australian manufacturer KeepCup produces a wide range of travel mugs and reusable cups, including the awesome KeepCup Brew Cork.

Made from durable tempered glass, this 12-ounce (355-milliliter) glass coffee mug is actually very rugged and won’t break easily. Plus, there’s a stylish cork band to protect your fingers and a well-designed splash proof lid for when you’re drinking on the go.

Of course, the best thing about the KeepCup Brew Cork is that you’ll be helping to cut down on coffee cup and lid waste every time you take it to your local coffee shop. And don’t worry – this lightweight glass coffee mug has been designed to fit in most cup holders and is super easy to clean.

Costing $32.00, the KeepCup Brew Cork isn’t exactly cheap. Still, it’s a small price to pay when you consider its many benefits.

Ovalware Double Wall Glass Cup

Ovalware Glass cup


  • Stunning design
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Double wall borosilicate glass
  • Good value


  • Single wall lip could break easily

I first came across Ovalware when I was putting together my guide to the best cold brew coffee makers. And as it happens, the RJ3 Cold Brew Maker took the “best overall” title.

So, I wasn’t at all surprised to find myself drooling over the Ovalware Double Wall Glass Cup. As with the manufacturer’s other glass products, this stunning cup looks like something you’d find in a science lab. And I mean that in the best way possible.

As it happens, quite a lot of science has gone into the design of double walled coffee mug, from the “aromatically engineered” shape to the flared single wall lip. Incidentally, apart from the lip, the Ovalware glass is made from double wall borosilicate glass that’s able to withstand extremes of hot and cold.

With that in mind, this glass cup is ideal for iced coffee as well as hot coffee drinks. Heck, I could see myself sipping wine, whiskey or coffee cocktails from this thing too.

The 12-ounce (355-milliliter) Ovalware Double Wall Glass Cup costs $35.99 for a set of two.

Kinto Sepia Amber Mug

Kinto Sepia Amber mug


  • Beautiful design
  • Durable construction
  • Available in different sizes


  • Rather expensive

I happen to have a major crush on Kinto. The Japanese company produces a wide range of stunning ceramics and glassware, most of which is right up my alley. That’s why I’ve had to stop looking at Instagram – Kinto stuff keeps showing up and I want it all!

I mean, just look at the Kinto Sepia Amber Mug. This gorgeous piece of eye candy is somehow both classic and contemporary, and there’s just no way it wouldn’t elevate the vibe of whichever room it happens to be in.

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to stop at just one of these glass coffee mugs, each of which will set you back $23.00. Still, if money’s no object then I’d say start with a set of four and see if you can stop there!

While the Kinto Sepia Amber is beautiful to behold, don’t imagine you’ll have to baby the thing. In reality, this glass coffee mug is quite durable. Made from heat-resistant glass, this mug is dishwasher safe and can go in the microwave, although I’d keep it away from both if it were mine.

Chemex Hand Blown Glass Coffee Mug

Chemex Glass mug


  • Hand blown glass
  • Iconic Chemex design
  • Durable construction


  • A little gimmicky

No one can deny that the Chemex Coffeemaker is a timeless classic. Still, gone are the days when there was just one or two sizes of the classic glass model to choose from. In fact, the manufacturer seems to be on a mission to create as many products as possible, ranging from the unnecessary Chemex Ottomatic to this Chemex Glass Coffee Mug. Personally, I feel like the Chemex mug looks a little silly and gimmicky. However, I feel like Chemex completists just won’t be able to resist it.

Either way, there’s no denying the fact that this 10-ounce (296-milliliter) glass coffee mug is well-designed and made from high-grade materials. Plus, seeing as this is a Chemex product the glass has been hand-blown and is completely non-porous.

Costing $22.99, the Chemex double wall glass mug isn’t actually that spendy, especially given its quality. And I guess I have to admit that it’s going to look pretty cool sitting next to its namesake coffee maker in your kitchen!

Decision Time

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be trying to figure out how to justify buying one of each of the best glass coffee mugs on my list. Then again, maybe I’ve got a problem!

Anyway, as we’ve seen, there are tons of different styles and sizes of glass mugs out there, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that works for you.

Whether you’re a manual brewing freak or a coffee pot guzzler, there could be a beautiful glass coffee mug in your future!

I hope you’ve found my guide to the best glass coffee mugs useful. What’s your favorite type of mug? I’d love to hear about it, so please leave a comment!

Glass Coffee Mugs FAQ

Seeing as glass is a neutral material, it won’t affect the taste of your coffee. With that said, unless your glass coffee cup is double walled, it might not retain heat as well as other materials.

Without a doubt, double walled glasses are best for coffee. As well as being more durable than other types of glass, the double wall construction will maximize heat retention.

The most obvious disadvantage of using glass cups is that they can break more easily than other materials.

Both glass and ceramic mugs are made from neutral materials that won’t impart undesirable flavors into your coffee.

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Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

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