Best Turkish Coffee Cups: Sip in Style!

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Drinking Turkish coffee from something other than Turkish coffee cups is a lot like trying to eat soup from dinner plates. Not only is it unsettling, but you’ll be missing out on the full sensory experience.

Santa Marla Best Turkish Coffee Cups

Drinking Turkish coffee from something other than Turkish coffee cups is a lot like trying to eat soup from dinner plates. Not only is it unsettling, but you’ll be missing out on the full sensory experience.

What are Turkish coffee cups and why are they special, you ask? As the name suggests, Turkish coffee cups are crafted for, well, Turkish coffee. Some people mistake them for demitasse or espresso cups, but there are definite differences. I’ve got more to say about that later, but for now, just know that “Turkish coffee cups” isn’t a synonym for “espresso cups.”

Names aside, not everyone has a collection of Turkish coffee cups lying around in their cabinet. You also won’t find them at most department stores. You may get lucky at your local Mediterranean or Turkish market, but otherwise, you’ll need to scour the internet for a set you like.

Fortunately, I’ve already done all the heavy lifting for you. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best Turkish coffee cups for enjoying this delicious preparation method!

Best Turkish Coffee Cups at a Glance

Not sure where to find the best Turkish coffee cups and Turkish coffee cup sets for your morning brew? I’ve got six great options for you below!

1Product List Image

Includes matching saucers

Non-stick lacquer

Stylish floral pattern

2Product List Image

Durable copper and porcelain

Beautifully crafted

Made in Turkey

3Product List Image

Simple design

Dishwasher safe


4Product List Image

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Stunning design

Uses reinforced metal

5Product List Image


Includes serving spoons

Made in Turkey

6Product List Image

Ornate design

Includes metal tray for serving

Larger capacity

Turkish Coffee Cups vs. Espresso Cups: What’s the Difference?

I said I’d come back to espresso vs Turkish coffee cups, didn’t I? I can understand why some coffee drinkers might mix these two up. They look quite similar, although the former is best paired with a home espresso machine, while the latter is designed for Turkish coffee.

Searching for Turkish coffee cups online often yields some results for espresso cups too, which doesn’t help clear up the confusion.

However, there are a couple of key differences between the two. Traditional Turkish coffee cups are crafted from thin, hand-painted porcelain. Espresso cups can be made from ceramic, stainless steel, glass, porcelain and a variety of other materials. A lot of Turkish coffee cups don’t shy away from using bright colors and intricate designs either.

Some Turkish coffee cups also come with copper lids and saucers, which you won’t always find with espresso cups.

As far as size goes, Turkish coffee cups and espresso cups can have varying capacities. The serving size for Turkish coffee is actually around 2.5 ounces (75 milliliters) while espresso usually clocks in at around 1 ounce (29 milliliters). Even if the cup size is the same, Turkish coffee cups tend to have higher sides to accommodate that larger serving size.

With all this said, you may still see manufacturers advertise Turkish cups as espresso cups too. The key is to look for those bright colors, porcelain and high sides.

This isn’t to say that you couldn’t drink Turkish coffee from an espresso cup (or vice versa). In a pinch, an espresso cup will hold your Turkish coffee just fine. But if you’re drinking Turkish coffee on a regular basis, there’s no better way to honor the roots of this delicious beverage than by using real Turkish coffee cups!

What Makes a Good Turkish Coffee Cup?

Like most coffee cups, mugs and glasses, not all Turkish coffee cups are created equal. Aesthetics are a big part of the appeal of Turkish coffee cups, but looks don’t always make a “good” Turkish coffee cup. Size and material matter just as much, if not more.

As I mentioned, Turkish coffee cups can vary in size, usually anywhere from 3 to 4 ounces (88 to 118 milliliters). Since the traditional serving size is around 2.5 ounces (75 milliliters), you only need to make sure the cup is large enough to accommodate that much liquid.

Let’s not forget materials either. Traditional Turkish coffee cups use thin, hand-painted porcelain or ceramic – sometimes in combination with copper or metal tea holders and handles.

Those thin porcelain walls help your Turkish coffee cup retain heat for longer periods of time. Since most people prefer to sip and savor Turkish coffee, you don’t want it to cool off too quickly.

Looks may not affect how well your Turkish coffee cup works, but I wouldn’t gloss over appearances. The elaborate designs and patterns are what make Turkish coffee cups unique. Without them, you might as well be using any old coffee mug.

Speaking of aesthetics, the copper lids, saucers and handles aren’t just there to look pretty. Saucers prevent the cup’s heat from damaging the surface underneath. The lid prevents heat loss, and those handles keep you from ending up with burned fingers.

So, if you can find pretty porcelain coffee cups that are the right size and come with saucers, lids and handles, then you’ll have a good Turkish coffee cup on – or in – your hands.

6 Best Turkish Coffee Cups

I’ve done a lot of talking about how to find good Turkish coffee cups, but I’m not done yet! Here are some of the best Turkish coffee cups currently on the market.

Santa Marla Turkish Coffee Cups

Santa Marla Best Turkish Coffee Cups


  • Includes matching saucers
  • Non-stick lacquer
  • Stylish floral pattern


  • Not as durable as porcelain cups
  • No lids

Starting off strong, these Santa Marla Turkish coffee cups take hand-painted porcelain to a whole new level. Plus, costing just $24.99, you don’t have to worry about these cups breaking the bank. Maybe breaking or chipping if you drop them, but that’s about it.

These Turkish cups are thin ceramic, which isn’t as dense as traditional porcelain. Still, they should still survive a fall or two. Since the cups have a 3 ounce (88 milliliter) capacity, they should hold a full cup of Turkish coffee just fine.

I appreciate the saucer and handle on these cups – one protects your table and the other protects your fingers. However, my favorite feature of these Santa Marla cups? The floral pattern that’s been painted on the cups and saucers. It’s pretty enough to make these mugs look like the traditional Turkish coffee cups they are, but not ornate enough to look out of place among the rest of your dishes.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about how much of a chore cleaning will be, there’s no need to stress. The smooth lacquer on these cups prevents sticking and stains and you can always throw them in the dishwasher if you need to.

Ankara Bakir Turkish Coffee Cups

Ankara Bakir Turkish coffee cups


  • Durable copper and porcelain
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Made in Turkey


  • Smaller capacity
  • Need to be hand washed

If that last set looked a little plain, you may appreciate these Ankara Bakir Turkish coffee cups a lot more. Unsurprisingly, this set of two is also a little pricier at $34.90.

Personally, if you want something that’s going to look more traditional, this set may be your winning ticket. While the cups are handmade (and painted) porcelain, the lids and metal holders are all copper. In other words, you’re getting the best of both worlds with these Turkish coffee cups.

The only real complaint I have about these cups is their limited capacity. Unlike most Turkish coffee cups, these only hold 2 ounces (75 milliliters). That’s not completely unusual with traditional cups made in Turkey.

If you’re used to regular or larger serving sizes, you may need to scale down a little if you want to enjoy your Turkish coffee in these cups.

As far as cleaning goes, a handmade set like this is going to need to be hand washed. I wouldn’t put these cups anywhere near the dishwasher – not if you want to preserve that excellent craftsmanship.

Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Cups

Arzum Okka Turkish coffee cups


  • Simple design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • More affordable


  • No lid
  • Small capacity

If you recognize the brand name on these Arzum Okka Turkish coffee cups, it’s probably not a coincidence. Arzum Okka also makes Turkish coffee makers, much like SAKI and BEKO coffee pots I’ve reviewed. So, if you’d like a cup set to match your coffee maker, you’ll find this one just $19.99.

With this set, you’ll get two porcelain coffee cups, each capable of holding 2.3 ounces (70 milliliters). Don’t ask me why you’re not getting a 2.5 ounce (75 milliliter) capacity, but it’s still close enough to hold a full cup of Turkish coffee.

If you’re someone who appreciates simple design, I can’t think of anything that would look better in your kitchen cabinet. The Arzum Okka Turkish coffee cups will fit right in with your coffee thermos and ceramic travel mugs. As understated as these cups may look, their patterns have actually won a design award. Who doesn’t want to drink their Turkish coffee from an award-winning cup?

Oh, and you can easily clean these porcelain cups. Since they’re dishwasher-safe, there’s no need to sweat over the sink every time you need to wash them.

Avanos Turkish Coffee Cups

Avanos Turkish coffee cups


  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Stunning design
  • Uses reinforced metal


  • he handle is more decorative than useful

If you looked up “decorative” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure you’d find a picture of these Avanos Turkish coffee cups. This set of Turkish coffee cups costs $54.90 on Amazon.

Up until now, the best Turkish coffee cups on this list have all come as two-piece sets. One or two cups might be fine for daily use, but if you plan to host a party or have guests over, you may want a larger set on hand. That’s the kind of scenario I’d definitely recommend this Avanos Turkish coffee cup set for. Not only does it come with six stunning cups, saucers and tea holders, but the cup capacity is 3 ounces (90 milliliters).

Logistics aside, the crowning feature of this set is definitely its beautiful appearance. Along with delicate porcelain mugs, you’ll also get reinforced metal handles and saucers. The cups come in tea holders, which are easy to remove if needs be.

Once you pop the cups out of the holder, you can throw them in the microwave or the dishwasher. Granted, I wouldn’t actually throw them, but you get my point. The manufacturer also recommends hand washing these cups even though they are dishwasher safe, so I’d keep that in mind.

Either way, if you pull these delicate porcelain cups out at a party, you’re sure to earn a few compliments from friends and family.

Demmex Turkish Coffee Cups

Demmex Turkish coffee cups


  • Durable
  • Includes serving spoons
  • Made in Turkey


  • Small capacity
  • Less affordable

For $67.80, the Demmex Turkish coffee cups represent one of the priciest options on this list,. Still, you are getting another set of six.

Now, if bright reds or blues don’t fit with your kitchen decor, these black Turkish coffee cups might just do the trick. Available in stunning black or silver, this set comes with saucers, cup holders and even spoons. This is one of the rare Turkish coffee cup sets to include serving spoons, but they’re a valuable addition.

While you may be able to add sugar or milk directly to your Turkish coffee if you’re brewing an individual pot, the same can’t be said if you’re making coffee for several people. Since each cup comes with its own serving spoon, guests can scoop out as much sugar or cardamom as they’d like for their own cup.

My only complaint about this set is its cup capacity of 2 ounces (60 milliliters). As stunning as those serving spoons are, the limited capacity probably won’t allow much room to add milk or sugar.

As with some of the other coffee cups on this list, this set comes straight from Turkey. The cups are traditional porcelain, but it’s mixed with zamak metal. For those that don’t know, zamak metal is a durable blend of aluminum, copper and zinc. In other words, these cups aren’t as fragile as they look. Still, they’re not dishwasher safe, so handwashing is the only way to clean them.

SohoConcept Turkish Coffee Cups

SohoConcept Turkish coffee cups


  • Ornate design
  • Includes metal tray for serving
  • Larger capacity


  • Not dishwasher safe

I’ve saved the best for last, and that’s why I’m naming these SohoConcept Turkish coffee cups as the best overall option.

Costing $69.99, these stunning cups are completely handmade from durable metal and porcelain. With this set of six, you’ll get a removable tea holder, lids and saucers. They’re also not short on capacity either – you’ll be able to fit 3.3 ounces (100 milliliters) in each cup.

While I think this set would be the perfect addition to any party, I don’t think you need an excuse to pull them out either. Who says you shouldn’t feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury when you go to take a sip of your morning coffee?

As you can probably guess, this eye-catching set would not pair well with a dishwasher. The metal tea holders and saucers may be durable, but a spin in the dishwasher could be cutting their lifespans short.

One of my favorite parts of this set has to do with the large metal tray it comes with. In addition to the individual saucers, the ornate metal tray will hold all six cups. That’s definitely a handy tool to have for parties, and since it matches the rest of the set, it’ll only complete the look.

How Do You Clean Turkish Coffee Cups?

I wish I could tell you that cleaning Turkish coffee cups was as easy as popping them in the dishwasher, but unfortunately, the process is a little more involved. Handmade porcelain requires a gentle touch – at least if you want to keep your cups in tip-top shape for more than a couple of weeks.

As you’ve probably noticed, some of the cups I’ve talked about are listed as dishwasher safe. However, I’d still be careful about using the appliance. Porcelain is more durable than ceramic, but it’s still prone to chipping or breaking if it’s handled too roughly. A spin in the dishwasher could end up damaging your cup, whether it’s labeled “dishwasher safe” or not.

Really, the safest way to clean Turkish coffee cups is by hand. The cups will get a much more thorough cleaning, and you won’t have to risk accidental damage. Just be sure you’re staying away from harsh cleaners with a lot of chemicals. Since a lot of these cups are hand-painted, some cleaners could wear away the design.

Ultimately, a little bit of mild dish detergent and a soft sponge will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning Turkish coffee cups. When you’re done washing them off, the final step is to use a soft cloth to dry them.

That’s all there is to it! You’ll need to handle these cups with a little more care than you might handle plastic cups or dishes. However, that extra attention will pay off in the long run. You’ll end up with a durable (and beautiful) coffee cup set that’ll last for years.

Which Turkish Coffee Cups Fit Your Style?

I might be a little biased when I say all the Turkish coffee cups on this list are stylish, but it’s true! However, we’ve all got personal preferences, so it’s up to you to find the set that matches your style.

Whether that’s a simple set of two, or several ornate cups complete with lids and saucers, there’s something for everyone on this list. Regardless of which option you go with, the end result will be the same: you’ll get a stunning and durable coffee cup that’s designed to enhance your Turkish coffee experience.

Which set of Turkish coffee cups do you like the best? Let me know your top pick (or picks) in the comments below! 

Turkish Coffee Cups FAQ

The best material for Turkish coffee cups is porcelain, and preferably, handmade porcelain.

Most cups come in sets of two or six, so it’ll depend on how many people you plan to serve Turkish coffee to.

Turkish coffee cups use thinner porcelain, feature higher sides and usually have brighter designs and patterns than demitasse.

Turkish coffee cups with metallic designs or handles should not go in the microwave. In most cases, manufacturers will specify if their cups are microwave safe.

Some Turkish coffee cups are dishwasher safe, but the best way to clean these cups is always by hand washing.

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More about Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

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