It’s that time of the year again folks! Amazon Prime Day 2023 runs from October 10-11th, which is actually two full days of screaming deals and epic steals! 

Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. In fact, Amazon Prime Day is one of my favorite summer events After all, it means more people have the chance to get hold of quality coffee gear, which I consider a big win!

So, if the supply chain blues have been getting you down, Prime Day could be the ideal time to find a sweet bargain. 

Just to get your heart racing, here are a few ideas of how you could take advantage of Amazon Prime Day:

  • Make the switch to a good burr coffee grinder. Using freshly ground coffee beans will change your life!

  • Finally purchase that super automatic espresso machine you’ve been flirting with. 

  • Replace your tired old drip coffee maker. There are some incredible machines out there that’ll blow your mind!

I want to help, so I’ll be spending all my time looking for the best Amazon Prime Day deals on coffee machines and equipment. Make sure to keep stopping by to find regular updates on what I’ve found!