Solis Scala Zero Static Review 2023: Has It Solved a Problem?

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In today's Solis Scala Zero Static review I'll be looking at the Swiss manufacturer's newest coffee grinder. Intended as an upgrade to the hugely popular Solis Scala Plus, I must say I was left feeling a little confused after having tested the thing. I'll talk more about that later.

Solis Scala Zero Static

In today’s Solis Scala Zero Static review I’ll be looking at the Swiss manufacturer’s newest coffee grinder. Intended as an upgrade to the hugely popular Solis Scala Plus, I must say I was left feeling a little confused after having tested the thing. I’ll talk more about that later.

For now though, you should know that we’re looking at a perfectly good beginner-friendly grinder that won’t break the bank. The Solis isn’t going to find its way onto the top 10 list in my burr coffee grinder guide 2023 any time soon, but it does have a lot to recommend it.

Incidentally, this coffee grinder has been selling like hot cakes and is currently out of stock on Amazon. However, I’ve been assured that it’ll be available for purchase again really soon. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into my Solis Scala Zero Static review!

Practically no static charge!

Solis Scala Zero static

Not much new to discuss

Consistent results

Almost no static charge


Easy to use

Good value

Not suitable for espresso

Timed doser function irrelevant

Solis Scala Zero Static Grinder Review Overview

Listen, I’m always happy when manufacturers have obviously paid attention to reviews and customer feedback. For example, the folks at Fellow realized that they hadn’t quite nailed it with the original Ode grinder and quickly released the outstanding and much superior Fellow Gen 2 Ode.

However, I’m a little confused by the Swiss in this regard. After all, the Solis Scala Zero Static Grinder is obviously meant as an upgrade to the Solis Scala Plus. Thing is, the two grinders are almost identical, even if the Scala Zero does have a couple more grind settings.

Solis Scala Zero Static Mahlgrad Einstellen

Furthermore, the new grinder’s main selling point is its superior anti-static technology, although one of my favorite things about the Scala Plus was its lack of static buildup in the chute! So, it seems like Solis has addressed a problem that wasn’t even a problem in the first place.

All that aside, the Solis Scala Zero is a perfectly good entry-level burr grinder that won’t take up much space in your kitchen. Oh, and at $N/A, it won’t cause you to shed a tear as you hit the Buy Now button.

Of course, Solis would have you believe this grinder is a silver bullet for all brew methods. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that just isn’t true. Sure, you might be able to get a somewhat acceptable espresso grind from the thing, but don’t imagine this baby will help you achieve espresso perfection.

As it happens, true “all-rounder” coffee grinders are pretty scarce. However, if you want something both versatile and affordable, consider either the Baratza Encore ESP or Fellow Opus. Both of those grinders include clever innovations, making them successful for just about every preparation method.

Solis Scala Zero Features

Thus far, I feel like this Solis Scala Zero Static review hasn’t done a very good job of selling the thing! That’s on me, because while the Solis grinder is fairly straightforward, it does have plenty to offer. So, let’s continue by taking a closer look at the features on offer.

Size and Design

As with all Solis products I’ve tested, the Scala Zero Static grinder feels solid and well-made. Sure, the housing is all plastic, but I wouldn’t expect an abundance of stainless steel at this price point.

As I already mentioned, the grinder is nice and compact, meaning it’d easily fit in a cupboard if you need to store it when it’s not in use. With that said, the Scala Zero Static is attractive enough that it’ll look great sitting on your kitchen counter.

In terms of design, solis hasn’t reinvented the wheel or anything. There’s a 300-gram bean hopper up top, below which you’ll find the grind adjustment dial. The grinder body is nicely contoured, featuring a prominent start/stop button on the front and a timer dial on the side. Elsewhere, the grounds bin slots nicely under the dispensing chute.

One small feature worth mentioning is the cord storage compartment underneath. If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate long power cords snaking all over your countertops, so props to Solis for providing this thoughtful design element!

User Interface

Solis Scala Zero Static Start Knopf

I have to say the Solis Scala Zero Static excels in terms of intuitive operation. This is a fairly bare-bones user interface, comprising a start/stop button and a dial for setting a timed dose. Really, what could be simpler than that?

Getting back to the timed dosing function, you can choose from 10 settings, each of which sets the grinder to run for around six seconds.

While that might be kind of handy if you’re the type to just eyeball the amount of coffee you use in a drip coffee maker, obtaining a more precise dose will require a coffee scale. After all, even if you determine that x dial clicks will produce x grams of ground coffee, that’ll go out the window as soon as you adjust the grind or use different coffee beans.

Bean Hopper

Featuring an airtight lid and UV-tinted plastic, the Scala Zero Static’s 300-gram bean hopper ticks all the boxes for a grinder in this price range. Still, I’d never recommend storing your precious coffee beans in there. Rather, get hold of a good coffee storage container and keep it in a cabinet.

Anyway, seeing as I’ve already trashed the idea of the timed dosing function, you’re much better off using the Solis as a single dose grinder. That way, you can weigh your beans and grind them to order each time.

Stainless Steel Conical Burrs

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The Scala Zero Static is equipped with high-quality stainless steel conical burrs that are easily accessible for cleaning. What’s more, the powerful 130-watt motor is more than up to the task of keeping those burrs moving, evenif you’re using light roast coffee beans.

With that said, the grinder does have an overheating prevention mechanism, just in case.

Speaking of protective measures, I was also happy to discover that the Solis Scala Zero static is equipped with a built-in stone safety device.

In case you’re wondering why anyone would try to grind stones, this is actually to protect the burrs from any little bits of grit that make their way into your coffee. You’d be surprised how many sticks, stones and other bits and bobs make their way into green coffee for export. And even though coffee roasters use destoners, it’s not that unusual to find the odd small stone in a bag of roasted coffee beans.

Grind Settings

In the same way that we judge a super-automatic espresso machine by the number of specialty drinks it can produce, it’s all too easy to get distracted by a coffee grinder’s adjustment settings.

Thing is, the actual number of grind settings isn’t nearly as important as the degree of burr movement each setting change produces.

As an example, the Baratza Encore ESP has 40 settings in total, the first 20 of which are calibrated for espresso. So, with each adjustment, the burrs move only a few microns, enabling you to precisely dial in your espresso grind.

So, while Solis claims you can use the Scala Zero Static for espresso, it’s actually just not capable of such fine adjustments.

On a positive note, the Solis grinder performs really well across the grind size spectrum in terms of particle consistency. So, as a grinder for pour-over coffee makers or French press, the Scala Zero Static is actually very successful.

ZeroStatic Technology

Now we get to the part of this Solis Scala Zero Static review where I address the grinder’s major selling point. Actually, I first encountered the manufacturer’s ZeroStatic technology when I was reviewing the wonderful Solis Grind and Infuse Perfetta.

So, does this anti-static thing work? Yes it does. The built-in ion generator performs admirably, and the Scala Zero Static is one of the most efficient grinders I’ve reviewed. Still, I have to remind you once more that the original Solis Scala Plus performed equally as well!

Grounds Bin

Solis Scala Zero Static Kaffeepulver Behaelter

As a further reminder that this isn’t actually an espresso grinder, there’s no portafilter cradle in evidence, nor a specialized dosing cup. Instead, you’ll find a standard-issue grounds bin that sits under the chute.

So, if you do want to try your luck at using the Solis Scala Zero Static with your home espresso machine, you’ll need to either hold the portafilter under the chute (messy) or spoon coffee grounds from the grounds bin into the filter basket (also messy).

The Solis Scala Zero in Operation

I don’t feel like I need to launch into a full description of how to use the Solis Scala Zero. I mean, coffee grinders don’t get much more straightforward than this.

However, for those of you moving away from the dreaded blade grinder and buying your first burr model, a word of advice: only make grind adjustments when the grinder is running. Otherwise, you could run the risk of damaging the burrs. To make changes, simply turn the bean hopper, paying attention to the clearly marked scale.

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During my testing I used my Coffeeness beans, seeing as they work well for all brewing methods. While I focused mainly on preparing French press coffee, I also whipped up a couple of pour-overs as well as a pot of drip coffee from an automatic machine.

I have to say I was mighty impressed by the particle consistency at the coarser end of things. This is an area where many grinders struggle, making the Solis ideal for cold brew, percolators and press pots.

That’s not to say the results for pour-over were any less impressive – the grind consistency at a setting of around 15 was such that I was able to tease out all the chocolate and spice notes from my coffee, as well as plenty of syrupy body.

Finally, the Scala Zero Static worked quickly and efficiently, producing very little heat and, of course, next to no static charge.

How Loud Is the Solis Scala Zero Static Grinder?

Although the Solis Scala Zero Static is a stainless steel burr grinder with plastic housing, I found it to be surprisingly quiet in operation. In fact, my phone app measured just 70 decibels as the grinder was working.

That’s way more tolerable than the majority of coffee grinders out there, and noticeably quieter than the Scala Plus. Perhaps more importantly, the quality of the noise produced wasn’t unpleasant. No brain-melting screeching here!

Solis Scala Zero Cleaning

It’s all too easy to neglect a coffee grinder, especially when you’ve got other coffee equipment to clean. However, you’ll quickly notice a dip in the quality of your coffee if you don’t take care of your grinder.

It’s really very simple: just remove the bean hopper, take out the top burr and give it a good brushing to remove buildup on the surface. While the included brush is cute, it’s not the best for this task, so get hold of one with soft, round bristles from the hardware store.

Once you’ve removed the upper burr, the best solution for cleaning inside is a vacuum cleaner. Trust me, something like the Brigii Mini Vacuum will do a great job! In fact, it’s what pro baristas use to clean their super fancy espresso grinders.

Solis Scala Zero Static Grinder Specifications

Solis Scala Zero Static
NameScala Zero Static Coffee Grinder
TypeElectric coffee grinder
GrinderStainless steel conical burrs
Grind levels24
Power140 watt
Voltage120 volt
Weight3.3 lb / 1.5 kg
Dimensions10.5 x 5.0 x 6.8 in / 26.7 x 12.7 x 17.3 cm
Suitable forMoka pot, AeroPress, pour over, drip machines, French press
AccessoriesUser manual, grounds container with lid, cleaning brush
Current price on Amazon$N/A

Verdict: Solis Scala Zero Static Grinder

Practically no static charge!

Solis Scala Zero static

Not much new to discuss

Consistent results

Almost no static charge


Easy to use

Good value

Not suitable for espresso

Timed doser function irrelevant

At the end of my Solis Scala Zero Static review, I asked myself whether or not this grinder was any better than the Scala Plus. To be honest, I think the answer is no. They’re both successful in the same ways and both suffer from the same limitations.

Ultimately, the Scala Zero Static is pleasantly quiet, performs well for a variety of brew methods and the price is right. So, should you buy it? After all, there are plenty of better models in my burr coffee grinder guide. For example, the Breville Smart Grinder Pro immediately springs to mind.

I guess it all comes down to what’s more important to you – precisely measured ground coffee to the gram, a wide range of functions or a simple device with a friendly price tag.

How do you rate the Solis Scala Zero Static? Is there a grinder I’ve overlooked that you’d like me to test out next? Let me know in the comments section!

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