101 Coffee Names for Dogs: Which One Will You Pick?

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

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I’m willing to bet you’ve been hopping from website to website, in search of the perfect coffee themed name for your furry friend. I’m super happy you landed here, because today I put together the ultimate list of 101 coffee names for dogs.

I’m willing to bet you’ve been hopping from website to website, in search of the perfect coffee themed name for your furry friend. I’m super happy you landed here, because today I put together the ultimate list of 101 coffee names for dogs.

Whether you’re a new pup owner or a seasoned pup-professional, one thing that is undeniable is that person to dog connection. It’s a lot like the person to coffee connection, except coffee is much less hairy … unless you live with a lot of dogs, but that’s a different story for another time.

Let’s face it, coffee and dogs just go together, don’t they? They both get you going in the morning, have this uncanny way of comforting you and there are so many varieties that you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and lifestyle.

How to Choose a Coffee Name for Your Dog?

So, how do you choose the perfect coffee name for your fur baby? There are a handful of things you should consider.

First, what type of personality does your dog have? Bouncy, fun and boisterous? Or calm and collected? 

Second, what kind of dog are they? For instance, some coffee related dog names may be better suited for a Frenchie rather than a Golden Retriever.

Third, what’s their body type? Are they smooth and sleek, or super fluffy?

Fourth, what color are they? Brown and white? Black all over? And distinct markings?

Keep in mind that it’s easier for dogs to learn names with two syllables or less. So, if you do decide on one of the fancier dog names below, keep in mind that you can always shorten it. For example, you could have Cappuccino for a formal name at the vet, but shorten it to a super cool street name like Cino.

Lastly, think about how comfortable you will feel calling out the name in public. I once heard of a guy that regretted naming his dog Shark because he lived at the beach. Ha!

It’s always great when you can find a moniker that matches your pup to a tee. Ready to see the best coffee related dog names ever? 

Coffee Names for Dogs

Coffee Drink Names for Dogs – Mocha

So, we’ll start with the most basic of coffee themed dog names: variations on the word coffee.

  • Coffee — Classic black coffee drink and great name for a dark brown doggie.

  • Cafe — French word for coffee, great for a dog with French origins.

  • Bunna — Ethiopian word for coffee. Such a cute name for a cuddly dog.

  • Kavy — Ukrainian word for coffee.

  • Kopi — The Indonesian word for coffee.

  • Kahawa — Swahili word for coffee.

  • Kava — Czech word for coffee.

  • Decaf — Short for decaffeinated coffee. Great for a brown dog with a chill attitude.

  • Joe — A popular nickname for coffee.

  • Java — Another nickname for coffee, but also a type of coffee bean.

Coffee Drink Names for Dogs

Coffee Names for Dogs – Espresso

Next, these fun coffee names for dogs are all inspired by different kinds of coffee drinks from around the world

  • Latte — A classic drink with coffee and milk. Nice for light brown female dogs.

  • Mocha — Espresso with steamed milk and chocolate.

  • Cortado — A half and half mix of steamed milk and espresso.

  • Cappuccino — Made with an equal amount of espresso, milk and foam. You can make cute shortened versions of this name, too (Cappy, Cino etc.)

  • Espresso — Coffee extracted under pressure to create a strong shot.

  • Americano — One or two shots of hot espresso diluted with water. Great for dogs who are all bark, no bite.

  • Redeye — Coffee with an added shot of espresso. Not your usual coffee related dog name, but would be great for a hound.

  • Macchiato — Espresso with steamed milk foam on top. In Italian, macchiato means “stained” or “spotted,” so this name would be ideal for a dog with one spot.

  • Bon Bon — For a mostly sweet dog with a little bit of sass, a coffee based dessert where espresso is layered over sweetened condensed milk.

  • Panna — From espresso con panna, which means espresso with cream. Perfect for a female Chinese Crested dog.

  • Melya — A coffee drink made with cocoa, honey and espresso.

  • Misto — A drink made with half brewed coffee and half steamed milk. One of the better coffee dog names.

  • Frappuccino — An iced and blended cappucino-style drink, usually associated with Starbucks.

  • Doppio — A double shot of espresso, and one of my favorite coffee inspired names.

  • Breve — Espresso with half and half or cream instead of milk.

  • Schiumato — An espresso with a dollop of foamy milk. Cute for a dog with a fluffy hairdo.

  • Lungo — Espresso made with more water and a longer pull. Perfect for a daschund!

  • Ristretto — A very strong shot of espresso, great for an athletic breed of boy dog

  • Demi — Short for demitasse, the small cup for espresso. One of the best coffee names for girl dogs.

  • Dalgona — A drink with equal parts instant coffee, sugar and hot water that’s whipped and served mixed with cold or warm milk

  • Cortadito — Similar to a macchiato, it is espresso with milk.

  • Borgia — Hot chocolate and espresso, with whipped cream and orange peel for a citrusy flair.

  • Marochino — Italian drink made with espresso, cocoa powder, and milk froth.

  • Corretto — An alcoholic coffee drink, made with espresso and sambuca or brandy. Best for a silly, goofy dog.

Coffee Bean Names for Dogs

Coffee Bean Names for Dogs – Jember

In addition to the drink names above, I also took the time to brainstorm bean types that would be great coffee related dog names.

  • Arabica — The first kind of coffee bean to be cultivated. The name can be shortened to Ara or Bica.

  • Robusta — The other popular coffee bean; much more resilient than arabica. Wonderful for a rescue dog.

  • Bourbon — An heirloom variety of the arabica bean.

  • Catimor — A Portuguese cross between Timor and Caturra coffee. Perfect if you have a Portuguese Water Pup!

  • Catuai — A hybrid coffee variety from Central America.

  • Caturra — A natural hybrid of bourbon coffee.

  • Excelsa — Rather uncommon by itself, this bean is used mostly in blends. Great name for a unique dog.

  • Geisha — A flavorful and rare kind of coffee bean with origins in Ethiopia’s Gori Gesha forest.

  • Icatu — A resilient cross between bourbon and robusta coffee.

  • Timor — An Indo-Pacific variety of coffee. Splendid name for a medium-sized dog.

  • Jember — An Indonesian coffee, and a fun name for outdoorsy, playful dogs.

  • Liberica — One of the rarest types of coffee, hailing from West Africa.

  • Maracatu — A natural hybrid of maragogype and caturra coffee from Brazil. Gorgeous name for a Brazilian mastiff.

  • Mocca — Not to be confused with the coffee and chocolate drink, it’s also the type of coffee bean that originated in Mocha, Yemen.

  • Kona — Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii only. A big dog would wear this name well.

  • Coffea — The genus of flowering plants from which coffee is made.

Coffee Ingredient Names for Dogs

Coffee Ingredient Names for Dogs – Au Lait

So now let’s list a few ingredients that some people like to add into their cup of joe. I think these would work well as coffee inspired dog names.

  • Au Lait — Inspired by cafe au lait, French for “coffee with milk,” which often gets sprinkled with cinnamon. Think of a white dog with brown or reddish brown spots!

  • Caramel — Sometimes added as a topping on sweet coffee drinks. Can be shortened to Mel.

  • Cocoa — A perfect name for a dark-colored male or female pup. 

  • Cinnamon — A spicy name for a girl dog.

  • Milky — Creamy coffee-colored dogs, unite!

  • Dolce — Soft and sweet. It’s a perfect name for a dog, like a lovable girl pup.

  • Vanilla — A popular flavoring. Ideal name for a furry friend who’s mostly white.

  • Freddo — Iced espresso topped with frothy milk. A great name for a boy dog.

Coffee Gear Names for Dogs

Coffee Gear Names for Dogs – Grinder.

I scoured the world of all things coffee gear and found these fun name ideas.

  • Moka — A type of two-chambered pot used to brew coffee. 

  • Brewer — A machine used to make coffee, and also one of the best coffee names for boy dogs.

  • Aero — Short for Aeropress, a kind of manual coffee maker similar to a French press. Also, a fun dog name who loves to speed around the house. 

  • Roaster — From the equipment used to roast green coffee beans. A great name for a big dog.

  • Mugsy — Inspired by drinkware, and would be a solid name for a bulldog. 

  • Cuppa — Also inspired by your favorite coffee or tea cup. A dainty name for a miniature breed. 

  • Ibrik — A long-handled pot used to make Turkish coffee. Wonderful name for an elegant dog, or one with a long tail. 

  • Cupper — Inspired by cupping, the process by which pro coffee tasters evaluate coffee. This name would suit a dapper boy dog perfectly. 

  • Grinder — The machine used to crush coffee beans into fine or coarse grounds. A strong name for a dog who’s equally as tough.

  • Scoop — The tool used to “scoop” coffee beans out of a coffee canister

  • Pressley — Inspired by the French press, a manual coffee brewer. Also a charming name for both boy and girl dogs. 

  • Burry — Inspired by a burr grinder which is used to grind whole coffee beans. 

  • Tryer — A tool used to check coffee beans as they are roasting. Also a great name for both boy and girl dogs. 

Coffee Brand Names for Dogs

Coffee Ingredient Names for Dogs – Caramel

There’s also several brand names that would make a great dog name for your new dog. 

  • Maxwell — From Maxwell House, a coffee company. 

  • Peet — From Peet’s Coffee, a roastery in California. 

  • Starbuck — Inspired by Starbucks, the popular desser..ahem, coffee franchise. Shorten to Buck for boy dog’s name. 

  • Illy — An Italian coffee company.

  • Bustelo — A company that makes ground coffee specifically for espresso. 

  • Dunkin — Inspired by the popular donut and coffee shop chain. 

  • Jura — One of the best espresso machine brands you can buy. Perfect name for fancy breeds. 

  • DeLonghi — Another great espresso machine brand. 

  • Chemex — Sometimes pronounced “sha-mey”, a company that makes coffee equipment.

  • Kalita — Another company that makes coffee equipment, like the Kalita Wave. 

  • Melitta — A coffee company in Germany

  • Lavazza — An Italian coffee company.

Cute Coffee Names for Dogs

Cute Coffee Names for Dogs – Crema

Finally, these are my favorite cute coffee related dog names. I mean, does it get any sweeter than Peaberry?

  • Beans — Where all good coffees begin. A funny name for a funny pup. 

  • Bica — A term from Portugal, refers to the way coffee flows from the espresso machine to the cup. 

  • Perky — A cute name for a peppy puppy, especially a Pug!

  • Sugar— A cute name for your sweet pup.

  • Peaberry — A naturally occurring mutation where the coffee bean grows as one round bean instead of two halves. It’s a sweet, unique name for a tiny dog. 

Other Cool Coffee Names for Dogs

Other Cool Coffee Names for Dogs – Nitro
  • Buzz — That feeling you get when you’ve had a lot of caffeine. Great for high-energy pups, like Boxers. 

  • Jitter — That other feeling you get when you exceed the “buzz” stage of coffee drinking. Excellent name for a pet that’s a bit on the nervous side of things.

  • Crema — That lovely coffee cream that sits atop a good espresso. It would be an amazing name for a Goldendoodle or Retriever. 

  • Frothy — Inspired by milk froth. A great name for a big, shaggy dog!

  • Puck — The spent coffee grounds from an espresso pull. Since it’s done under pressure, the grounds retain their shape. 

  • Bloom — Means to pour hot water slowly over a bed of coffee grounds. Marvelous name for a girl dog! 

  • Cherry — The fruit of the coffee plant. Also a fabulous name for a happy girl dog. 

  • Roselius — The name of the man who discovered decaf coffee. Can be shortened to Rose or Seli for a unique twist. 

  • Cascara — The dried fruit part from the outside of the coffee cherry. 

  • Nitro — A type of cold brewing method where nitrogen is added to the extraction process.

  • Kaldi — A legendary Ethiopian man who is credited with discovering coffee. 

  • Barista — The amazing person who creates your favorite coffee drink at the local cafe.

  • Barristo — A slang boy version of a barista, even though barista is gender neutral. 

The Last Drop

Conclusion on Coffee Names for Dogs – Kalita.

There you have it: 101 of the best coffee dog names. Whether you purchased, adopted or rescued your pet, I hope you found something on this list that is perfect for your new dog.

If you’re continuing your search for coffee related dog names, you can always check out our page on coffee terms for more ideas. Oh, and one last thing: yes, coffee is bad for dogs, so don’t go giving Cappy a morning macchiato!

Do you coffee lovers have an idea for a pet name that’s not listed here? Post your coffee inspired dog names in the comments below and keep this list growing!

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Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

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