Today I will introduce you to the AeroPress Coffee Maker. In this article you will find an exhaustive review, several operating instructions, and tips for preparing delicious coffee. There is also a breakdown of the positives and negatives of the AeroPress.

AeroPress with Arne


What is an AeroPress?

An AeroPress is a manually operated device that prepares coffee through a filtration process.

It is made solely out of plastic with three individual parts – a brew cylinder, a press, and a filter holder – and it requires you to have a cup to press the filtered coffee into.

Aeropress pieces

Operating instructions of an AeroPress – Classic way

  • How to prepare a cup of coffee.
  • Insert the filter in the filter holder.

AeroPress Filter

  • Wet the filter completely with hot water.
  • Screw the filter holder in the brew cylinder and place it on the cup.

Screw in the Aeropress

  • Put 4 to 5 teaspoons of coffee grounds in the brew cylinder.

Coffee in the AeroPress

  • Pour 194 F hot water up to the middle marking.

Water in the AeroPress

  • Shake it resolutely for 10 seconds.

Stirring the AeroPress

  • Slowly press down on the press until the rubber seal reaches the coffee grounds.

Press the AeroPress

  • Top it off with hot water until you obtain your desired coffee strength.

Fill up the AeroPress

  • If you would like to clean the Aeropress, unscrew the filter holder and simply push out the remaining coffee grounds and the filter itself.

Clean up the Aeropress


Tip: if you wet the press beforehand, it eases the flow of the pressing movement.

This is the classic way to use an AeroPress, but there is another technique as well.

Operating instructions of an AeroPress - Inverted Technique

  • Insert the brew cylinder slightly into the ram.

Insert AeroPress inverted

  • Place the inserted piece on its head (the numbers now start on the side of the head).
  • Put 4 to 5 teaspoons of coffee grounds into the AeroPress.

Aeropress Inverted Coffee

  • Fit the filter in the filter holder and wet it completely with hot water.

Aeropress Inverted Filter

  • Fill it with 194 F hot water up to the upper marking.

Aeropress Inverted Water

  • Shake it resolutely for 10 seconds.
  • Let it infuse for another 30 seconds.
  • Insert the filter holder with the filter in the brew cylinder.

Shake the inverted AeroPress

  • Put a cup inverted over the assembled AeroPress and turn everything over.

Aeropress Inverted Cup

  • Press the ram down slowly until the rubber seal reaches the coffee grounds.

Aeropress Inverted Structure

  • Clean up is the same as before – simply push out the remaining coffee grounds and the filter.

Aeropress Inverted Clean-up

How can you change the taste of coffee with the AeroPress?

Different sorts of coffee:

Keep in mind that if you want your coffee to be tasty, you need to use good coffee. The AeroPress is a great option for brewing, but if the grounds aren’t good, it won’t turn out too great.

You will find a list with the tested coffees and tested espressos under the respective links.

Grinding degree and amount:

To get your coffee grounds to the coarseness you’re looking for, a coffee mill is ideal. Freshly ground coffee is of course the best option when looking for great flavor.

How fine should the coffee be ground? You want to keep the coffee grounds at a consistency similar to that of typical coffee grounds. The more acidic the coffee, the coarser you should make the grounds.

The finer coffee is ground the more surface area you’ll have and the stronger the extraction is going to be. The coarser the coffee grounds the less surface area you’ll end up with. Thus you need either more coffee or a longer extraction time.

Keep in mind, the finer you grind your coffee, the harder it gets to press down the ram.


That’s a good thing. Exactly like with the coffee press. However, in this case, we do not stir to initiate the extraction, we stir to distribute the coffee grounds evenly and to achieve a water-coffee mixture as homogenous as possible.

Let it infuse:

After the stirring! The longer the coffee infuses, the stronger the aroma will be.


The coffee should never boil! Boiling water destroys the etheric oils in the coffee, and with the plastic and a bit of bad luck you may be left with a melting mass of plastic. My tip is to start with 194 F hot water. You may test between 203 and 149 F.

Upsides of the AeroPress

  • It’s made 100% out of plastic, so it’s easy to bring it around with you.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • The coffee grounds will all be filtered out.
  • During the short brewing time the whole mass of the coffee grounds are in the water and its entire surface is available to extract the aroma evenly.
  • Thanks to a few adjustable screws, the coffee can be adjusted to your personal taste (see more below).
  • The AeroPress is affordable.

Downsides of the AeroPress

  • For every round, compared to other preparation methods (4 cups of French Press), it “pressed out” less coffee.
  • It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing item.
  • It’s made 100% out of plastic (it can worsen the taste – or last for a shorter half-life period.
  • You always need a paper filter.

How much does an AeroPress cost and where can I buy it?

The AeroPress can be found on Amazon. When I first got it, I was a bit of skeptic.AeroPress1

Since then, I’ve enjoyed using the AeroPress. It gives you the opportunity to make your coffee specifically to your liking.

It appears to be indestructible and it’s very suitable for traveling. I now use the AeroPress almost as often as my French Press or my Manual Coffee Filter.

This device is really something else and if you use it in front of your friends you’ll seem like a true coffee nerd. Because of its price and the very good craftsmanship, it’s really worth it.Here you can look for your AeroPress on Amazon.

This article is constantly under improvement, so it pays off to look it up once in a while.

Coming soon here:

  • A video tutorial
  • French Press vs. Aeropress
  • Espresso vs. Aeropress
  • Manual coffee filter vs. Aeropress

And much more 🙂

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