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CASABREWS Espresso Machine with Grinder

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Super Automatic Espresso Machine Finder

Eight steps to the ideal fully automatic coffee machine: Find your personal favorite now from over 60 tested appliances. All brands, all price ranges, for every taste!

Kaffeevollautomaten Finder

How Much Do You Want to Spend on a Super Automatic Espresso Machine?

My recommended fully automatic coffee machines start at around $450. As the price increases, you get more functions and setting options. However, the price has relatively little influence on the taste of espresso or milk foam.

Choose Your Preferred Housing Material

A fully automatic machine with plastic housing can be just as high-quality as a machine made of stainless steel. At least from a certain price point. While stainless steel is more durable, it's also heavier and more expensive.

Choose Your Preferred Milk System

Perfect milk foam isn't necessarily a question of the milk system. However, there are differences in terms of cleanliness and the effort you have to put in yourself.

    Steam wand for manually frothing milk in a pitcher. Affordable and versatile, but also requires practice
    Frothing nozzle and milk flask integrated into the machine. Foaming works automatically at the push of a button. Convenient, good foam quality, harder to clean.
    Milk suction tubes can sit in a container of your choice. Works automatically. Always better-quality foam, easier to clean. Takes up more space and is less visually appealing.

Which Controls Are Important to You?

The more modern and high-tech your machine's user interface, the higher the price tag. Still, an app or color display won't influence functionality. Inexpensive fully automatic coffee machines with buttons rely on the same principles.

There are many gradations between a simple LCD display and a full-color, high-resolution screen. Budget super automatics usually offer buttons or backlit icons instead.
With a touchscreen interface, you can operate your fully automatic machine in the same way as a smartphone. However, many older touchscreens aren't nearly as responsive.
Machines with multiple user profiles are ideal for coffee-loving households. That way, you won't have to readjust your preferred settings every time someone else makes a cup of coffee.
A remote connection is ideal for adjusting a fully automatic machine's settings. Some high-end models even allow you to adjust the grinder via the app. Still, the app should never be the deciding factor in your purchase!

What Do You Value Most in Coffee Drinks?

These filters are based on my (subjective) impressions of drink quality from the machines I've reviewed. You can also feel free to skip this step.

What Special Features Do You Want?

Feel free to check more than one box.

Grinder volume below 68dB when running.
Revolutionary and therefore (still) expensive – the grinder can be infinitely adjusted via app or display. The machine also automatically adjusts the grind according to the coffee beans you're using.
In North America, only Jura machines have permanently installed brew groups. These are maintained via automatic cleaning programs. We're still a little skeptical, seeing as it's easier to thoroughly clean a removable brew group.

Which Drink Functions Do You Want?

Feel free to check more than one box

Two cappuccinos or espressos at the touch of a button. Some machines can only make twice the espresso or coffee, while others can make two milk drinks at once.