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Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker: My Top 6 Picks

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

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Two things I know to be true: a good drip coffee maker is a staple of any kitchen, and Cuisinart’s affordable and accessible products make it one of the most popular kitchen companies of all time. Obviously, this begs the question: what is the best Cuisinart coffee maker?

Two things I know to be true: a good drip coffee maker is a staple of any kitchen, and Cuisinart’s affordable and accessible products make it one of the most popular kitchen companies of all time. Obviously, this begs the question: what is the best Cuisinart coffee maker?

It almost goes without saying that the value of any given coffee machine is very subjective. After all, no two coffee drinkers are alike – we all have our own needs and preferences, and our quirks dictate which machine would best suit us.

Consequently, I’ve created a round-up of some of the best Cuisinart coffee makers, so you can decide for yourself. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers at a Glance

Here’s a sneak peek at the best single serve coffee makers I’ll be discussing today.

1Product List Image

SCA certified home brewer

Adjustable temperature

Sleek design

2Product List Image

Built-in grinder

Compact design

Easy to use

3Product List Image

Tons of programmable settings

Easy to use

Stainless steel construction

4Product List Image

Versatile brewer

Great value

Stylish design

5Product List Image

Unique design

Very convenient

No hotplate needed

6Product List Image

Built-in milk frother

Easy to use

Extremely versatile

Background on Cuisinart

I doubt that the Cuisinart brand needs much introduction. After all, you can hardly take two steps in a modern kitchen without tripping over a Cuisinart product. That’s how ubiquitous this brand is. But if you’ve been living under a rock since the 1970s, I’ll bring you up to speed.

As it happens, Cuisinart blew up in the early 1970s with the release of its first food processor. Even culinary stars like Julia Child and James Beard were enamored with the product, and it quickly took the American public by storm.

Fast forward half a century and Cuisinart is a giant in the home appliance market, selling everything from outdoor pellet grills to measuring spoons. In fact, at this very moment I have at least half a dozen Cuisinart products sitting in my own kitchen, including a toaster oven and a set of mixing bowls.

Generally, Cuisinart products tend to be pretty affordable, stylish and reliable. What’s not to love?

Unsurprisingly, Cuisinart has also stretched its legs in the world of coffee supplies. Though Cuisinart also makes a handful of espresso makers and coffee grinders, the bulk of its lineup is made up of coffee makers. That’s where this guide to the best Cuisinart coffee maker comes in.

Before I jump into the rest of the article, let me just say that you can expect a few common features across these models. For example, they all come with reusable coffee filters, including reusable K cups, as well as charcoal water filters.

More importantly, the drip brewers all have large shower heads in the brew group. As it happens, shower-style spray heads make a world of a difference in the final cup quality, ensuring that the water is evenly distributed over the coffee bed. It’s nice to see that this design feature is a Cuisinart staple!

The Best Cuisinart Coffee Makers

It should be clear by now that Cuisinart is a pretty stand-out company. Incidentally, it’s no wonder that its coffee makers are quite popular. But as far as which is the best Cuisinart coffee maker for your needs, that’s up to you to decide. Below I’ve highlighted some of my favorites.

Cuisinart PurePrecision: Best Overall

Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Maker Overview


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Temperature control
  • Bloom setting
  • Simple user controls


  • Plastic shower head
  • Limited brew capacity

The Cuisinart PurePrecision 8-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Maker is my favorite out of all the models I’m going to discuss today. Importantly, it’s also the only Cuisinart brewer that is an SCA-certified drip coffee maker. Since the PurePrecision meets the quality standards of the Specialty Coffee Association, you can trust that it makes a solid cup of joe.

And really, the $96.62 price tag is quite reasonable when you consider what you’re getting. The PurePrecision’s features include two brew temperature options, advanced strength control and a doubled-walled, insulated thermal carafe.

What’s more, an automatic bloom setting pre-wets the coffee bed before brewing, which ensures an even extraction. Again, this means that your coffee will taste gosh-dang delicious.

Incidentally, I mentioned at the beginning of this guide that all of my picks have reusable filters. However, the PurePrecision’s laser-etched stainless steel filter is quite a bit nicer than the standard filters. Add to this the stainless steel body and you’re getting one stylish hunk of metal!

The one criticism I can make here is that the PurePrecison has a pretty small 8-cup capacity. That said, I really don’t see this being a problem for most people. I mean, brewing coffee with this thing is so easy, it’d be hard to complain about having to make a second pot. Plus, the PurePrecision is a good crowd-friendly alternative to a pour-over dripper.

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Cuisinart Grind and Brew Single Serve: Best Single Serve

Cuisinart Grind and Brew Single Serve Feature


  • Built-in conical burr grinder
  • Compact footprint
  • Simple control panel
  • Large water reservoir


  • Not the best cup quality
  • No carafe option

If you’re looking for a coffee maker with a built-in grinder, the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Single Serve Coffee Maker is a great option. Unsurprisingly, the bean hopper and conical burr grinder make it easy to grind your coffee fresh.

And let me tell you, it’s not often that you can buy a coffee maker and a burr grinder for $118.99.

What’s more, this pod-free single serve coffee maker is an eco-friendly way to quickly and easily brew coffee for one. In fact, the reusable filter cup fits into a cradle directly below the grinder, so you don’t need to worry about any messy coffee grounds transfer.

And more importantly, no single-use coffee pods are required. Hello to the future of one-cup brewers!

Though households with more than one coffee drinker will have to get in line for a cup of java, the queue time shouldn’t be too long. This thing brews up to 12 ounces (355 milliliters) lighting-fast, and the large water reservoir allows you to brew several cups back-to-back.

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Cuisinart 14-Cup Coffee Maker: Best Programmable

Cuisinart 14 Cup Coffee Maker Angled View


  • Great value
  • Stainless steel build
  • Many color options
  • Small brew function


  • Glass carafe
  • Water reservoir isn’t removable

If you’d like a more traditional drip coffee maker, look no further than the Cuisinart DCC 3200 14-Cup Coffee Maker. The design and user interface should be pretty familiar: it’s got a chunky diner-style carafe, a simple control panel and a generous 14-cup capacity.

What’s more, programmable controls include a scheduled start time and basic strength controls. Even better, there’s a 1-4 cup function that changes the brew recipe if you’re brewing half a pot or less.

I’d say that the Cuisinart’s DCC 3200’s $99.95 price point is pretty accessible for most buyers, seeing as you’ll likely use it day-in and day-out. And though it’s budget-friendly, the stainless steel body brings an element of sophistication to your daily brew.

Really the only thing that would make this budget coffee maker better is a thermal carafe. But hey, can’t win ’em all!

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Cuisinart Coffee Center

Cuisinart Coffee Center Cover With Mugs


  • Dual brew coffee maker
  • Stylish and modern
  • Includes two reusable filters
  • Easy to use


  • Rather bulky
  • Glass carafe

The Cuisinart Coffee Center offers the best of both worlds, combining a single serve coffee maker and a regular drip brewer in one stylish machine. This choice is almost a no-brainer if you’re on the fence between the two types of coffee makers.

As it happens, one-cup brewers are super convenient until you inevitably have company over and can’t make a whole pot at once. On the flip side, brewing a whole pot every day could be wasteful if you’re usually enjoying your cuppa with a healthy spoonful of solitude.

So, enter the dual brewer – you can brew a whole carafe when you need it, and pour a single cup when it’s just you.

Naturally, there are downsides to a dual brewer; the Coffee Center is quite bulky, and it’s pretty expensive at $199.95

But honestly, this only makes sense seeing as you’re getting two of everything.

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Cuisinart DCC3000

Cuisinart DCC3000 Coffee Maker Overview


  • Unique coffee dispensing design 
  • Digital display
  • Keeps coffee hot without a hot plate
  • Small brew setting


  • Mostly plastic
  • Hard to tell how much coffee is left

Is it a drip coffee maker? Is it a single serve coffee maker? No, it’s the Cuisinart DCC3000!

This may be the coolest home coffee maker I’ve ever seen. Really, the DCC3000 is a 2010 coffee maker if I’ve ever seen one. Rather than a carafe, it’s got an internal coffee reservoir that looks like a big box. You could almost mistake it for an old-school computer monitor. 

So, if there’s no carafe, how do you get your coffee? Well, instead of pouring, you dispense coffee into individual cups with a press of a lever. Pretty neat!

There are a few flaws to this system, but for only $87.22 I’m tempted to overlook them.

First, there’s the issue of the coffee gauge, which measures how much coffee is left in the reservoir. It looks like a car’s fuel gauge, but it doesn’t work quite as well. Incidentally, you may try to pour – ahem, dispense – yourself a cup and end up being disappointed with a thin trickle.

Plus, you’ll need to remember to remove the coffee reservoir daily to empty and clean it. This could be difficult because, well, out of sight, out of mind.

Still, these are little more than small quirks that you can easily learn how to live with.

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Cuisinart Coffee Center Barista Bar

Cuisinart Coffee Center Barista Bar Main


  • Versatile brew styles
  • Milk frother
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use


  • Dependent on single-use espresso pods
  • Pricey

I’m including the Cuisinart Coffee Center Barista Bar on my list because it’s the most versatile brewer in Cuisinart’s line-up. I have some big qualms with it, but first I’ll discuss the advantages.

This thing is a hybrid machine, featuring a single serve brew head, a drip brewer and a milk frother that doubles as a hot water dispenser. This means you can up your coffee game by brewing a cafe au lait at home.

That said, the Barista Bar is quite expensive: $238.99 to be exact.

What’s worse, Cuisinart claims that the Barista Bar has espresso capabilities, but it only works with Nespresso pods. And finding a reusable Nespresso cup that’s compatible with this machine won’t be easy.

Consequently, I wouldn’t recommend using the wasteful “espresso” function. Even if you do buy the single use pods, you can’t expect this machine to operate anywhere near as well as a home espresso machine or super automatic espresso machine.

Still, if you find a way to justify the environmental waste, I can see the appeal of a hybrid brewer like the Cuisinart Barista Bar. And at the very least you’re getting a bonus milk frother with your dual brewer!

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Choosing the Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker: What to Consider

Now that I’ve given you a run-down of my picks for the best Cuisinart coffee maker, it’s time to go over some general buying guidelines. You didn’t think I was going to leave you in the dark here, did you?

Your Budget

Naturally, budget is one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a new kitchen appliance of any sort. And if you’re looking at Cuisinart coffee makers, you’re likely not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for your daily brewer.

Unfortunately for my wallet, it’s hard for me to resist the siren calls of the newest high-tech coffee makers on the market. Really, I could hear the gorgeously expensive Ratio Six Coffee Maker singing to me the moment it was launched.

But I have to say that the Cuisinart aficionados of the world may just be doing something right. As it happens, pretty much all Cuisinart products represent good value for money, even the models that tiptoe over the $200 mark. And for the record, most Cuisinart coffee makers are even more affordable than that.

Put simply, there’s not a huge price range in Cuisinart’s coffee maker lineup. I did include a couple decidedly budget picks on this list, as well as one pricier option. But as a whole, the models I’ve highlighted today are affordable mid-range brewers that won’t break the bank and will serve you well for years to come.

Size and Design

For many people, a coffee maker is the most important appliance in their kitchen. I count myself in that group! I mean, how many other kitchen appliances do you use on the daily, let alone first thing in the morning with a look of adoration in your eyes?

Needless to say, the thing has to look nice. Fortunately, most of these brewers have sleek lines and come in a neutral black and silver colorway. That said, some models have extra colors to choose from.

Perhaps more importantly, the brewer also needs to take up an appropriate amount of space on your counter. So, it’s a good idea to break out the tape measure and evaluate your available real estate before placing an order.

I’ve included a couple dual brewers on this guide to the best Cuisinart coffee maker. As a general rule, 2-in-1 machines are going to be bulkier than a brewer that only has one job to do. After all, two water reservoirs, two drip trays and two brew units have to go somewhere.

On that note, you’ll also need to consider how much space you’ll need around the coffee maker to do side tasks like filling or removing the water tank.

In particular, those of you with overhanging cabinets will need to take note of the height of the brewer and the location of its water tank. Plus, many of these coffee makers have brew heads that hinge open on the top. In that case, preparing the coffee bed could be difficult if you have to maneuver around cabinets.

Finally, don’t forget that you’ll likely need to leave room beside your coffee maker for your burr grinder and other coffee gear. So, a compact coffee maker is probably a good choice for most buyers.

Brew Capacity

Cuisinart 14 Cup Coffee Maker Glass Carafe

Cuisinart has brewers with a range of brew capacities, so be sure to look closely before you go ahead and click the Buy Now button.

As far as drip coffee makers go, they’ve got everything from 8-cup to 14-cup carafes. But try not to be fooled by these numbers; coffee machine manufacturers tend to over exaggerate how many pours you’ll get from one brew. In reality, you can probably expect no more than four sizable mugs of java from the 8-cup brewer.

When it comes to the capacities of Cuisinart’s single serve coffee makers, you’re not getting as wide of a range. Rather, there are typically just a few different serving sizes.

That said, keep in mind that the cup sizes in a single serve brewer reflect the amount of water in each brew, not an increased coffee dose. In other words, the larger the brew, the more watered down it is.

What’s more, a single serve coffee maker with a large water reservoir would have a larger perceived brew capacity when compared to smaller models. This is because you’d be able to brew more cups back-to-back without having to pause and refill the tank.

Finally, some of the machines I’ve included in my guide to the best Cuisinart coffee maker are dual brewers, with both carafes and single cup brews. So, you’ll want to pay attention to the brew capacities of both brew methods.

Special Features

If you’d like to level up your coffee bar with some bonus features, here are some design elements to look out for:

  • Quality-forward features like bloom or temperature control

  • Different brew styles and sizes

  • Milk frother

  • Built-in grinder

  • Insulated carafe

  • Dual brewer

  • Single serve compatibility

Decision Time: Which Cuisinart Coffee Maker Will You Choose?

At the end of the day, the best Cuisinart coffee maker is whichever model suits your needs – no more, no less. After all, there’s no reason to shell out for a dual brewer with a milk frother if you don’t plan to use those extra features.

Ultimately I have to say that the PurePrecision 8-Cup Pour-Over Coffee Maker is my top choice. As a pour over nerd myself, I can’t help but fall for drip coffee makers that embrace the intentionality of manual brewing methods. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to good coffee!

Do you have a Cuisinart coffee maker in your kitchen? Did I leave one of your favorites off my list? Let me know in the comments below which model is your favorite!

Best Cuisinart Coffee Maker FAQ

There’s no such thing; what’s the best for one person could be the worst for another. That said, my personal favorite on this list is the Cuisinart PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer.

Cuisinart isn’t necessarily better than Keurig, just different. However, I tend to prefer Cuisinart products because I don’t like to use single-use coffee pods.

Cuisinart usually doesn’t produce top-of-the-line products, but they are very popular as a manufacturer of affordable mid-range appliances.

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Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

Hi! My name is Arne. Having spent years working as a barista I'm now on a mission to bring more good coffee to the people. To that end, my team and I provide you with a broad knowledge base on the subject of coffee.

More about Arne Preuss

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