DeLonghi Eletta Review 2022: Do You Know What’s Missing?

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It wasn't until recently that I realized there was a glaring omission in my super automatic espresso machine guide: a DeLonghi Eletta review.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized there was a glaring omission in my super automatic espresso machine guide: a DeLonghi Eletta review.

My completist brain just couldn’t handle that, so I’ve decided to go ahead and take a closer look at this intriguing coffee machine. I say intriguing because I’m interested to see how the DeLonghi Eletta fits into the Italian manufacturer’s lineup.

Is this automatic coffee maker really all that special, or is it eclipsed by DeLonghi’s more high-profile offerings?

DeLonghi Eletta

Loads of great features!

LatteCrema system for milk foam

Manual steam wand

Independent thermoblocks for coffee and milk

Stainless steel cup warmer

No user profiles

Expensive for what you get

DeLonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine Overview

First things first, I’d better clarify exactly which model I’ll be looking at during today’s DeLonghi Eletta review. Those of you who are already familiar with the brand will know that DeLonghi just can’t resist the temptation to release seemingly endless variations on a theme.

Add in the fact that you’ll be tearing your hair out trying to determine the difference between a string of confusing serial numbers and things can get infuriating pretty fast.

Don’t worry, though; I’m going to keep it simple by looking at just one of the several Elettas out there – the DeLonghi ECAM45760B Eletta. To keep things even simpler still, I won’t mention the other variations. You have my word on that!

Regular Coffeeness readers will know that I’m a big fan of DeLonghi espresso makers. In my experience, even the most expensive DeLonghi coffee machine represents exceptional value in terms of features, durability and quality of espresso and milk foam.

When looking at the manufacturer’s mid-range offerings, I’d say there isn’t another brand out there that can compete with what DeLonghi packs into a machine at that price point.

That’s why I find the DeLonghi Eletta kind of confusing. After all, this is a super automatic machine that’ll set you back $2,199.95 on Amazon, yet it doesn’t have a touchscreen display, isn’t compatible with DeLonghi’s Coffee Link app and doesn’t even allow you to create user profiles.

That said, there’s a lot to love about the Eletta. For instance, it allows you to choose between the wonderful LatteCrema automatic milk foam system or a manual steam wand. Plus, if my experience with other mid-range DeLonghi machines is anything to go by, the Eletta will produce pretty fantastic espresso to go along with that perfect milk foam.

DeLonghi Eletta First Impressions

DeLonghi Eletta super automatic espresso machine first impressions.

The DeLonghi Eletta has a modern, streamlined look. Though there’s a lot of plastic involved, there’s also plenty of stainless steel incorporated into the design. 

Aside from the sturdy stainless steel drip tray, there’s an awesome metal cup warmer on top of the machine. I love this feature – the warmer plate is actively heated and you can program it to turn on before you wake up. Nice warm espresso cups waiting for me as I stumble out of bed? Yes please!

Directly behind the cup warmer, you’ll find the bean hopper lid. Inside there’s a 13-level dial for adjusting the grinder. This versatility in grind control is one of the reasons you’ll get such great coffee from the DeLonghi Eletta.

Next to the bean hopper, there’s a ground coffee chute for those times when it’s in everyone’s best interest if you switch to decaf.

I do wonder why DeLonghi insisted on adding “Cappuccino” to the Eletta’s branding on the front of the machine. This seems really old fashioned, harking back to the early days of fully automatic coffee makers.

Back then, manufacturers liked to wow us with machines that could make … wait for it … cappuccinos! Things have changed in a big way, and now we expect a machine to offer several different coffee specialties, at the very least.

I’m not necessarily the biggest proponent of touchscreen displays, but at this price point I’d expect to see a color display with pretty icons. That’s why I’m surprised to see a small LCD text window surrounded by buttons. It’s definitely missing!

Still, the user interface does seem to be very intuitive and, at the end of the day, I only really care about whether my automatic coffee maker can dispense delicious espresso and creamy milk foam.


DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine display.

Located front and center, the DeLonghi Eletta’s display is angled upward, which is a nice design feature. The small text screen is augmented by durable touch sensitive buttons with easily identifiable icons and drink names. This makes the DeLonghi Eletta extremely easy to use, even for those who feel lost without a touchscreen in their hand!

Coffee Grinder

The DeLonghi Eletta has an integrated burr grinder that’ll give consistent results every time. With 13 grind settings to choose from, you can really dial in your espresso. However, I don’t recommend going too fine as you could run into clogging issues. 

Remember to only make changes to the grinder’s settings when it’s running. Plus, you may have to prepare a few cups before you see evidence of changes you’ve made.

Water Filter

De’Longhi Eletta Water Filter.

I’m always happy when an automatic coffee maker offers a water filter option. After all, preparing coffee with clean, filtered water really does have a positive effect on flavor. The DeLonghi Eletta comes with a free water filter which will last for a couple of months. 

Installing the filter is as easy as clicking it into place inside the water reservoir and letting the machine know via the control panel. You won’t have to set yourself a reminder, either – the DeLonghi Eletta will let you know when it’s time to change out the filter for a new one.

Water Reservoir

DeLonghi Eletta removable water reservoir.

I’m really impressed by the way the DeLonghi Eletta’s water reservoir is seamlessly integrated into the machine’s design. Not only that, it’s super easy to remove the 67 ounce (2 liter) tank for convenient filling.

Once the water tank has been removed, there’s easy access to the machine’s group head, which can be taken out and cleaned.

Spout Height

The DeLonghi Eletta’s coffee dispensing spout can be easily moved to accommodate whichever cup or glass you may be using. The maximum spout height is a generous 5.5 inches (14 centimeters) which should be enough for most latte glasses.

Best of all, the dispensing hose for the LatteCrema automatic frothing system can be moved up and down in tandem with the coffee spout, adding another layer of convenience to specialty drink preparation.

Specialty Coffees

If you’re looking for a super automatic espresso machine that’ll deliver every coffee specialty under the sun at the touch of a button, the DeLonghi Eletta is not for you. 

That said, you’ll get excellent espresso and exquisite milk foam from this machine, so don’t be deterred! Anyway, there are many ways to customize both coffee beverages and milk foam, so you can create the drink of your dreams. 

The DeLonghi Eletta features dedicated buttons for cappuccino, latte and latte macchiato. For flat white and other milk based drinks, you’ll need to go into the menu. What’s cool is being able to make adjustments to the espresso and milk foam on the fly, which means you can really nail down your coffee creations. 

How to Use the DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine

how to use the De’Longhi Eletta espresso machine.

If you’ve never owned a super automatic coffee machine, have no fear; I’ve yet to meet an automatic coffee maker that I didn’t think anyone could use with just the briefest perusal of the instructions.

As it happens, these machines have been designed to be really intuitive and user friendly. All you really need to do is add water to the reservoir and fresh beans to the hopper before getting started. 

Remember that you’ll need to make grinder adjustments, especially if you’re changing between different coffee beans. With that in mind, you’ll want to avoid using oily coffee beans – they’ll wreak havoc on your Eletta’s delicate insides.

Of course, it’ll take some trial and error to get everything really dialed in, but you can start making coffee, espresso and milk based specialties right away by using the Eletta’s control panel and menu. As well as being able to adjust settings on the fly, you can make changes to coffee strength, volume and temperature in the menu. 

DeLonghi Eletta Milk Foam

DeLonghi Eletta espresso machine milk foam.

I’ve been saving one tasty tidbit until now: the DeLonghi Eletta has two independent heating systems – one for coffee preparation and one for the milk system. 

This is a really big deal, as it allows you to prepare coffee and milk foam simultaneously. You’ll also get more consistent results because the DeLonghi Eletta won’t be constantly dividing its heating capabilities between specialty coffee and milk.

LatteCrema System

For automatic milk froth, the Eletta uses DeLonghi’s awesome LatteCrema system. The LatteCrema milk carafe can be stored in the fridge, then attached to the machine when you’re ready to use it. 

I love the froth dial that allows you fine control over the milk foam consistency. Not only that, once it’s finished dispensing, you can set it to the clean position and the machine will flush the pipe with hot water.

Steam Wand

DeLonghi Eletta espresso machine milk foam.

If all that wasn’t enough, you also have the option to steam milk manually with the DeLonghi Eletta. The machine comes with a steam wand that doubles as a hot water dispenser. From what I can gather, the steam wand is very effective in creating finely textured milk foam.

DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine Cleaning

DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine cleaning.

There’s just no getting around it, you have to treat your coffee maker well if you want it to keep treating you well! Fortunately, DeLonghi super automatic espresso machines are really easy to clean and maintain, so a few daily tasks is all it really takes to keep the Eletta in tiptop condition.

The DeLonghi Eletta has a rinsing function, which purges the coffee and hot water system upon starting up and shutting down. As I already mentioned, the LatteCrema milk system can be rinsed after every use. Still, it’s a good idea to remove the whole thing and give it a good rinse at the end of the day. The same goes for the drip tray and grounds container

The brew group is really easy to access and remove, so make sure to give it a thorough rinse under warm water. Aside from cleaning all removable parts, take some time to wipe down the machine of any coffee splatters. A clean machine is a happy machine!

Even if you’re using a water softener filter, you’ll need to descale the DeLonghi Eletta from time to time. Don’t worry – the machine will let you know when it’s time to perform this function. 

The manufacturer recommends using only DeLonghi EcoDecalk Descaler. Of course they do. Whether or not a different product would destroy your machine is anyone’s guess. Personally, if I’m spending over $2,000 on a coffee maker, I’m going to do what I’m told!

DeLonghi Eletta Accessories

As you might expect, DeLonghi offers a range of accessories that you may or may not find essential. Let’s take a look at how you can accessorize the DeLonghi Eletta:

Coffee Canister

De’Longhi Coffee Canister.

If you’re using high quality coffee beans (which I hope you are), it’s important to keep them nice and fresh. I actually really like the DeLonghi Coffee Canister . It’s vacuum sealed and made from polished stainless steel, which gives it a sleek, modern vibe. 

The coffee canister holds up to a pound (453 grams) of coffee and has a built-in date indicator. Plus, it only costs $45.95 on amazon, which I think is pretty reasonable.

Milk Pitcher

De’Longhi Milk Frothing Pitcher.

When you’re using the Eletta’s manual steam wand, you’ll need a decent milk pitcher for hot milk. DeLonghi offers a 12 ounce (350 milliliter) stainless steel milk frothing pitcher for $24.95, which should help you in your quest to become the ultimate home barista!


De’Longhi Espresso Glasses.

I just can’t resist DeLonghi’s collection of double wall thermal insulated glassware. I love preparing espresso in pretty glasses and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as admiring the layers in a latte macchiato. 

A set of six DeLonghi espresso glasses costs $54.95 on Amazon, while a pair of DeLonghi latte glasses will set you back $29.95. Money well spent, in my opinion.

DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine Specifications

 DeLonghi ECAM45760 Eletta
Removable brew groupYes
Casing materialPlastic
Milk frothing systemLatteCrema automatic milk system / manual steam wand
User interfaceText with soft touch buttons
User profilesNo
Water reservoir capacity67.6 oz / 2 l
Minimum cup height3.3 in / 8.4 cm
Maximum cup height5.6 in / 14.2 cm
GrinderStainless steel conical burr grinder
Number of grind adjustment settings13
Bean container capacity14 oz / 397 g
Grounds container capacityApproximately 14 servings
Specialty drinks11
Adjustable coffee temperatureYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureYes
2-cup functionYes
Hot water functionYes
Hot milk functionYes
Milk foam only optionYes
Water filterYes
Weight24.0 lb / 10.9 kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 10.2 x 14.2 x 18.4 in / 25.9 x 36.0 x 46.6 cm
Current price on Amazon$2,099.95

DeLonghi Eletta vs Other Super Automatics

Let’s take a look at how the DeLonghi Eletta measures up to a few of my all time favorite super automatic espresso machines.

DeLonghi Eletta vs DeLonghi Dinamica Plus

DeLonghi Dinamica Plus vs DeLonghi Eletta.

Sometimes I feel like DeLonghi is in competition with itself, although whether or not that’s a good thing isn’t for me to say. 

Costing $1,699.95 on Amazon, the DeLonghi Dinamica Plus is quite a bit cheaper than the Eletta, and includes a gorgeous touchscreen display, user profiles and a TrueBrew Over Ice function. Plus, you can navigate the Dinamica Plus menu using DeLonghi’s Coffee Link app. 

Even though the Dinamica Plus only has one thermoblock and doesn’t offer a manual frother function, it might seem like a more attractive option to many folks.

See also: DeLonghi Dinamica Plus Hands On Review 2022

DeLonghi Eletta vs Jura E8

Jura E8 vs DeLonghi Eletta fully automatic espresso machine.

The Jura E8 won me over during my hands-on review of the machine, and really helped restore my faith in the Swiss manufacturer. 

Costing $2,469.00 on Amazon, the Jura E8 is substantially more expensive than the DeLonghi Eletta, but I really believe you’ll get what you pay for. 

The Jura E8 doesn’t just look great, it also produces some of the best espresso I’ve ever tasted, thanks to the manufacturer’s Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) brewing technology. Plus, the milk frother’s fine foam adjustment dial is a dream come true for lovers of microfoam.

See also: Jura E8 Hands On Review 2022

DeLonghi Eletta vs Miele CM 6360

Miele CM 6360 vs DeLonghi Eletta.

The Miele CM 6360 is another automatic coffee maker that really gives the DeLonghi Eletta a run for its money.

The German manufacturer consistently produces machines that are durable, elegant and easy to use. Like the Eletta, the Miele CM 6360 doesn’t have a touchscreen display, and the app isn’t really worth bothering with

However, this automatic coffee maker will produce excellent espresso and consistent milk foam. The Miele CM 6360 costs $2,699.00 on Amazon. 

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DeLonghi Eletta vs Other Super Automatics Comparison Chart

 DeLonghi ECAM44660 ElettaJura E8DeLonghi Dinamica PlusMiele CM 6360 MilkPerfection
TypeSuper-Automatic Espresso MachineSuper-Automatic Espresso MachineSuper-Automatic Espresso MachineSuper-Automatic Espresso Machine
Removable brew groupYesNoYesYes
Casing materialPlasticPlastic / aluminumPlastic / stainless steelPlastic
Milk frothing systemLatteCrema automaticAutomatic, cappuccinatoreLatteCrema automaticAutomatic (hose)
DisplayText with soft touch buttonsTFT color displayTouchscreenText with sensor buttons
User profilesNoYesYesYes
Water reservoir capacity67.6 oz / 2 l63.6 oz / 1.88 l60 oz / 1.77 l61 oz / 1.8 l
Minimum cup height3.3 in / 8.4 cm2.6 in / 6.6 cm3.3 in / 8.4 cm3 in / 7.6 cm
Maximum cup height5.6 in / 14.2 cm6.0 in / 15.24 cm5.3 in / 13.5 cm5.5 in / 14 cm
GrinderStainless steel cone grinderStainless steel cone grinderStainless steel cone grinderStainless steel cone grinder
Bean container capacity14 oz / 397 g9.9 oz / 280 g10.5 oz / 300 g10.5 oz / 300 g
Grounds container capacityApproximately 14 servingsApproximately 16 servingsApproximately 14 servingsMaximum 10 servings
Coffee drinks prepared at the touch of a button11171618
Adjustable coffee temperatureYesYesYesYes
Adjustable milk foam temperatureYesNoYesYes
2-cup functionYesYesYesYes
Hot water functionYesYesYesYes
Hot milk functionYesYesYesYes
Milk foam only optionYesYesYesYes
Water filterYesYesYesNo
Weight24 lbs / 10.9 kgs21.6 lbs / 9.79 kgs21lbs / 9.5 kgs21.8 lbs / 9.9 kgs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 10.2 x 14.16 x 18.36 in / 25.9 x 36 x 46.6 cm15.0 x 12.6 x 17.7 in / 38 x 32 x 45 cm9.3 x 16.9 x 13.7 in / 23.6 x 42.9 x 34.8 cm16.8 x 9.9 x 14.1 in / 42.6 x 25.1 x 35.8 cm
Current price on Amazon$2,099.95$2,330.00$1,499.95$2,699.00

Verdict: DeLonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine

There’s little doubt the DeLonghi Eletta is a fantastic automatic espresso machine. Having separate heating elements for coffee and milk foam is a pretty big deal. The option to use a manual steam wand is a big plus, as well. 

DeLonghi Eletta

Loads of great features!

LatteCrema system for milk foam

Manual steam wand

Independent thermoblocks for coffee and milk

Stainless steel cup warmer

No user profiles

Expensive for what you get

I’m glad I did this DeLonghi Eletta Review. Still, I do wonder whether most coffee lovers will decide that they’d rather sacrifice a touchscreen, app and user profiles just to be able to prepare espresso and milk foam at the same time. 

At the end of the day, I can’t escape the feeling that the Eletta’s price point and lack of features just makes the more affordable DeLonghi Dinamica Plus look like a more attractive machine. Who knows … perhaps this is all part of DeLonghi’s master plan to conquer the super automatic universe!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my preliminary DeLonghi Eletta review. Would you choose this machine over the Dinamica Plus? I look forward to your comments!

DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine FAQ

The DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine features high quality design and durable construction. The machine has two thermoblock heating elements, meaning you can prepare espresso and milk foam at the same time.

The DeLonghi Eletta espresso machine is still available both on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon.

To set up the DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine for the first time, simply plug in the machine. Then, press the on/off button. After filling the water tank and adding coffee beans to the hopper, follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup.

To use the DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine, you’ll need to fill the water tank. Then, and add beans to the hopper. The Eletta’s intuitive control panel makes it easy to prepare espresso drinks. Plus, you’ll have the option to adjust a variety of settings.

The DeLonghi Eletta’s on/off button is located on the front of the machine, next to the control panel.

The DeLonghi Eletta coffee grinder isn’t especially loud when making drinks, compared to other automatic coffee makers. 

The DeLonghi Eletta espresso machine has a bypass doser which allows you to use ground coffee instead of whole beans.

The DeLonghi Eletta automatic espresso machine is manufactured in China.

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