About us: Arne Preuss & Team Coffeeness

Coffee is our mission, your trust is our corporate philosophy. We unpack and explain our corporate culture to you.

Anyone can test coffee beans or fully automatic coffee machines for the Internet. Being honest, direct and uncompromising at all times is our specialty. That’s because we have an allergy to empty advertising promises and marketing nonsense. And above all against the dark side of the coffee value chain.

Our Mission

Coffee is a valuable luxury product that deserves to be treated as such. Coffeeness helps you to learn more about coffee and how to recognize good coffee beans.

As experts in coffee makers, fully automatic machines and all preparation methods, we at Coffeeness advise you transparently, openly and with a critical eye. This way you can find equipment and preparation methods that suit your life perfectly.

Our Promise

  • We mean what we say.

  • We aren’t for sale.

  • We always test and write on behalf of our readers.

Our tests are objective, transparent and yet opinionated. We make compare manufacturers and machines to show you what you should look out for when shopping. We are neither sponsored by a manufacturer nor paid for advertising.

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Our Origins and History

Arne in der Küche mit der Pavoni Handhebel Espressomaschine

Coffeeness was launched in 2008 as a small side project, by professional barista Arne Preuss. Back then, all serious coffee content was aimed exclusively at connoisseurs and insiders. Consumers who were curious and willing to learn were fobbed off with false advertising and bad coffee.

Arne is neither a show barista with the best latte art technique nor a technology freak with espresso machine serial numbers committed to memory. Rather, Arne is an experimenter, discoverer and explainer.

Absolutely everyone should be able to understand the Coffeeness tips, instructions and guides and put them into practice at home. Moreover, absolutely everyone should be able to get to know good coffee. Finally, everyone should be able to see past the marketing ploys of manufacturers and machines.

Our Team and Expertise

Over the course of our company’s history, we have continued to grow. Team Coffeeness now has many international members looking after our blog, YouTube channel, store and the Coffeeness community. And no longer just in Germany.

Our vision and mission remain the same — only now we work internationally with remote experts who know their trade.

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