KRUPS EA8108 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

KRUPS EA8108 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review Ergebnis

For around 2 years, I’ve been working mostly with super automatic espresso machines here on Coffeeness. I must have tested and reviewed at least 20 machines so far. Today I’d like to present a popular machine in the (relatively) low-price category: the KRUPS EA8108.

You can find all the reviews on the best espresso machines here.

One thing that I especially like about this machine is that it’s a truly small automatic espresso machine that can fit in many kitchens. It’s also an affordable option for someone living in an apartment or shared dorm, or really any budget-minded person or family.

Of course, we need to look at this machine from a slightly different angle. It’s not quite fair to compare a machine in this price class with a more expensive machine that costs over $800.

Nevertheless, this price class is very interesting for my readers because many are looking for an entry-level machine that will help guide them into the world of automatic espresso machines.
I’ve already reviewed a more expensive KRUPS machine, the KRUPS EA8808, when it came onto the market. However, this machine is more expensive on Amazon.

I also have higher expectations from the machines in that higher price class, which explains why the EA8808 received a lower grade in comparison to Melitta machines. But let’s go back to the EA8108.

KRUPS EA8108 Review – Summary of the Highlights

When testing the KRUPS EA8108, I concentrated on the most important aspects of an automatic espresso machine: How well can it make espresso, and how easy is it to make milk foam that I can use in drinks like cappuccinos, caffe lattes or latte macchiatos? I also considered other important criteria such as how noisy the machine was and how easy it was to use. You can find the EA8108 on Amazon.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the KRUPS EA8108

  • Small size; can fit into small kitchens
  • Relatively quiet; good for apartments
  • Inexpensive
  • Very easy to use
  • Brewing unit warms up quickly
  • Lots of (somewhat cheap) plastic.
  • Rather low spout; standard IKEA glasses don’t fit underneath.
  • No automatic milk foaming system.
  • Only average espresso quality.

Quality of Espresso and Milk Foam

There are two ways to affect the strength–and with it the taste—of an espresso. The main deciding factor is the coarseness of the ground coffee you use. If it’s too fine, the brewing unit on the automatic espresso machine can get clogged. If it’s too coarse, the espresso will be watery.

Krups EA8108 super automatic Espresso Machine Making Espresso

The other variable is the amount of water that is pushed through the puck of coffee. If you use more or less, it will change the results. The EA8108 lets you change both of these variables.

The grinder gives you three different coarseness settings to choose from. There’s also a dial on the front of the machine where you can adjust the amount of water. At first, I’d recommend using the least amount of water, which will give you an optimum amount of espresso, about ¾ of an ounce (20 ml).

Generally speaking, the KRUPS EA8108’s espresso quality is fairly average. When using the finest grinder setting, the water flows too quickly through the puck.

If you want milk foam, you’ll have to make it manually, unless you buy the XS 6000 Auto Cappuccino Set (available on Amazon). That makes milk foam using a steam jet, like you’ll find on many more expensive automatic espresso machines.

Still, the steam wand on the EA8108 can really work up quite a bit of steam. In fact, it made so much steam that I had to be a bit careful that my milk didn’t get too hot. In general, the foam quality was OK, and I was able to make a good latte macchiato in my glass.

The foam could stand to be a bit finer. With a bit of practice, though, I was able to get good foam using whole milk, 2% milk and UHT milk. This machine made good foam even with lactose-free milk. You can have a look here to see how the different kinds of milk foam turned out (although I was using the more expensive KRUPS model):

Technical Specifications and Instructions for the EA8108

This KRUPS machine came with a user’s manual in 14 languages. This can help you when making your first espressos and when cleaning the machine. You can also download a manual from KRUPS if you lose the original.

Krups whats in the Box

What’s in the box:

  • The KRUPS EA8108 super automatic espresso machine, of course
  • A 14-language user’s manual
  • Safety instructions
  • An international warranty card good for two years or 6,000 uses
  • Two decalcifying tablets (you can also buy more here)
Machine series
MaterialsBlack plastic
Made in
Grinder settings3
GrinderConical grinder (metal)
Milk foaming systemManual, with steam wand
Brewing unitNon-removable
Water filterOptional
Warranty2 years or 6,000 uses
Max. pump pressure15 bars
Water tank capacityAround 60 ounces (1.8 liters)
Max. cup heightAround 4.5 inches (12 cm)
Bean holderAround 7 ounces (200 g)
Power use1,450 watts
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage220 V
Dimensions10.2 in x 14.4 in x 12.6 in
(26 cm x 36.5 cm x 32 cm)
Weight28 ounces (798 g)

Price Comparison: KRUPS EA8108 Vs. Other Automatic Espresso Machines

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this KRUPS is an inexpensive, entry-level machine. You can probably find it for under 300 pounds in the UK, but it’s always best to compare prices.Krups EA 8108

KRUPS EA8108 (The Machine in this Review)

It’s usually difficult to understand the nomenclature that manufacturers use. Small differences between individual model numbers can actually translate into striking differences in price. You can get this KRUPS automatic espresso machine in either black (EA8108) or white (EA8105), though that should hardly affect the price.

Krups EA 8160 ReviewKRUPS EA8160 – Mit Milchschaumsystem

This machine is absolutely identical to the machine reviewed here, except it comes with the XS 6000 Auto Cappuccino Set, which will automatically make milk foam. You can also get the add-on separately. Generally, you should be able to save a bit of money by buying the combo set together instead of separately.

If you’d like more features such as a display or the ability to save programmed drinks, you’ll need to move up to the next most expensive KRUPS machine, the EA8150. That one is also available only in black.

Krups EA 88298 ReviewKRUPS EA8298 – One-Touch with external milk carafe

This model, which costs around $150 more than our review machine, includes the One-Touch feature. Basically, that just means that you can make a cappuccino with a single press of a button. Generally, that’s a feature that’s found mainly in machines that cost over $500.

The advantage of this model is its external milk carafe. It’s easy to clean and you can also store it in the fridge. You can also get a silvery one, although it’s also at least $50 more.

Check out this machine on Amazon.

Setting Up the KRUPS EA8108

Using the EA8108 is really very easy. It gets by with very few buttons and you can understand the symbols without needing to look at the manual. Before making your first espresso, be sure to thoroughly rinse out everything.

Krups Cappuccino Maker

Unfortunately, the cleaning isn’t automatic. Instead, you’ll have to press the button to rinse it out before the first use, and you’ll also need to do it after normal use. That’s a shame because it’s easy to forget to rinse out everything, and coffee residue can get stuck in the tubes and spout. So, don’t forget to clean it!

The machine heats up quickly and you can start the cleaning right away. The cycle will run through two times, which means that you’ll need to put a container under the spout that can hold at least 20 ounces (600 ml).

KRUPS put two different buttons on the machine to adjust coffee strength. But in my taste test I couldn’t notice any difference between them; the espresso flowed quickly (and poorly) through both. I therefore assume that choosing the stronger setting means the machine will use more ground coffee.

Making Two Espressos Simultaneously

Cappuccino Machine Krups Display

The KRUPS EA8108 can make two espressos or americanos simultaneously—to do so, just press the espresso button two times quickly. This feature doesn’t really improve the taste of the espresso, though. In reality, it just runs through two grinder cycles.

The dial in the middle of the machine lets you choose the amount of espresso or coffee you want. For espresso, I always recommend keeping it around 20 ml—anything else will be watery and the espresso won’t be good.

If you want to make a café americano, you can turn the dial relatively far to the right; that’ll increase the water volume. But generally, I’d recommend just making a normal espresso and then adding hot water to it separately.

This automatic espresso machine lets you choose from three grinder settings. I always start out at the finest setting possible. You should be sure to change the setting while it’s grinding, otherwise it can get jammed.

I mostly wasn’t able to get the espresso to work right with the minimum flow time of around 20 seconds. That’s a shame because that means you can’t enjoy a “true” espresso from this machine.

The ground coffee looked really finely ground and the puck was dry when it came out of the machine. Maybe I should try it with another kind of coffee, but I have the feeling that the in this case, the problem lies with the software.

Spout Height of the KRUPS EA8108

I know that there are many latte macchiato fans among my readers. It’s therefore important for you to know how high the spout can go when you’re looking at an automatic espresso machine. This KRUPS is a very compact machine, but one drawback of its size has to do with the spout height.

Krups: super automatic Espresso Machine spout Max

Krups Spout Min

At just 4.5 inches (12 cm) or so, it’s difficult (or impossible) but fit a standard IKEA glass underneath the spout. That may mean that you’ll need to grab a shorter glass or cup. But if you want to have a higher spout, I’d recommend checking out my review of the Melitta Café Solo.
Its spout, which raises to over 5 inches (13 cm), will let you use taller glasses.

Pre-Ground Coffee with the EA8108?

Larger super automatic espresso machines often have a so-called “bypass,” which lets you use pre-ground coffee. These compartments aren’t on the cheapest machines, and this KRUPS machine doesn’t have one either.

I tend to advise against using these compartments anyhow. After all, one of the main reasons people buy automatic espresso machines is because they include grinders. Plus, these compartments can get clogged easily due to the humidity and coffee residue that can build up inside.

Milk Foam with the KRUPS EA8108

The KRUPS we tested here is actually just half of a super automatic espresso machine. That’s because you still need to manually make milk foam. As a barista, that’s not a big deal for me, but it still might make it a bit less convenient to use the machine than you’d like.

Machine steam Wand

If that sounds like you, then it would be best to go with the model I mentioned above, which includes the XS 6000 Auto Cappuccino milk foam system. Then you don’t have to worry about the steam wand.

Although the steam wand on the EA8108 is small, it can still build up a good head of steam. You can foam milk in around a minute, but it’s best to use a thermometer to ensure that the milk doesn’t get too hot. Otherwise, it won’t taste good.

With a bit of practice, you can get some good foam, although it’s a bit too heavy for my tastes. The manual says it’s best to not use whole milk, but I personally didn’t notice any big differences when using different kinds of milk. I was even able to get good results from soy milk.

The steam wand takes some getting used to. The top part detaches easily if you move it too roughly, and it can be a bit tricky to fit it just right into larger glasses.

You should be especially meticulous about cleaning the steam wand. Otherwise, a milk crust will build up and make the wand unusable. The KRUPS EA8108 doesn’t clean itself automatically, so you’ll need to press the button to clean it every time.

I’d recommend that you remove the whole steam wand after using the machine and soaking it in warm water. That’ll help clean out all the milk residue.

Other Parts on the KRUPS EA8108

With its dimensions of 10.2 in x 14.4 in x 12.6 in (26 x 36.5 x 32 cm), this really is a very compact automatic espresso machine. It had been a long time since I’d tested such a small machine, and I was really surprised.

It will work well in small kitchens, and in houses with one or two coffee drinkers. But if you’re a big coffee fiend, I’d recommend moving up to the next price class, with a machine like the Saeco Moltio. You can find the review here: Saeco Moltio Review.

Non-Removable Brewing Unit

The KRUPS EA8108 unfortunately doesn’t have a removable brewing unit. That’s a shame because it makes it harder to clean it thoroughly. There’s a red slider that you can remove—it’s there so that you can clear out any clogs from the brewing unit. Still, I was able to notice some coffee residue in the brewing unit even after making just a few espressos.

That’s not good in the long run. If you can remove the brewing unit, you can wash it out with well with running water and leave it out of the machine for longer periods of time, like when you go on vacation. What’s more, if a removable unit breaks, it’s much easier to replace, without needing to take the whole machine to a repair shop.

The Tiny Drip Tray

This must be the tiniest drip tray that I’ve ever seen on an automatic espresso machine. You must empty it out constantly, which can quickly get annoying. In the picture below, you can see the drip tray from the Melitta Caffeo CI (left) and the one on the KRUPS EA8108 (right).

Cappuccino Machine Comparison

The floating gauges (the red and blue bits) indicate when they trays are full. You shouldn’t just shake out the trays, but instead regularly rinse them out with warm water.

The Water Tank

The water tank is on the back of the machine. You should be sure to put the machine in a place that makes it easy to access the back.

The tank holds about 61 ounces (1.8 liters) which is quite large for such a small machine. You can install an optional water filter, which will let you decalcify the machine less frequently. I certainly recommend installing one, and I’d advise you buy a multi-pack to save some money. You can find some here on Amazon.

Water Tank

Water Tank install Filter

The Catch Tray on the KRUPS EA8108

Once the machine has made an espresso, the coffee pucks fall into the catch tray. Relative to the size of the machine itself, the catch tray on the KRUPS EA8108 is actually quite large–after I saw the teeny tiny drip tray, I feared the worst.

Catch Tray

Catch Tray removed

All the removable parts can theoretically go into the dishwasher, but I’d simply rinse them out with warm water instead. It will also help extend the lifespan of the machine.

The catch tray is on the left side of the machine. It’s easy to remove, and when you remove it, you’ll be able to access the red coffee slider.


Cleaning the KRUPS EA8108

Surely, we’ve all heard the horror stories of automatic espresso machines that have gotten moldy or hopelessly encrusted with calcium deposits, making the coffee taste bad.

There’s likely some truth to the stories, even if they’re a bit exaggerated at times. If you don’t take care of your machine, you shouldn’t be surprised if it gets gross. You must clean it regularly, even if many manufacturers promise that their machines have great self-cleaning programs. By themselves, they’re usually not enough, and you’ll need to do a bit more.

The KRUPS EA8108 is theoretically easy to clean since you supposedly just need to press a single button to do it. But the standard cleaning program just quickly rinses out the spout.

The KRUPS EA8108 also has a self-cleaning setting that you can’t start manually. You can only run it when the machine “tells” you it’s ready for it, after around 300 uses. Other manufacturers recommend cleaning the brewing unit at least one a week.

If you want to clean your machine more frequently, you’re in a bind. There is a cleaning program that lasts around 13 minutes, according to the manual. The “CLEAN” light will start flashing and then you can run the cleaning program.

Finally, there’s an intensive rinse cycle that lasts around 2 minutes. You can start it when the “CLEAN” and “CALC” lights are flashing at the same time.

Decalcifying the EA8108

This machine also has a decalcifying program that takes around 20 minutes. Your water hardness will determine how often you need to decalcify. Here in Berlin we have very hard water, which is why I always recommend using a filter. It reduces the water hardness and means you don’t have to decalcify as often. The machine doesn’t come with a filter cartridge, but you can buy them separately on Amazon.

I’ve put together a table that can help you out here. KRUPS machines are set in the factory for water hardness level 4 as the default, but you can change that.

LevelDegree of HardnessMillimoles of Calcium Carbonate per LiterGerman Hardness (dH) DegreesHow Often Should I Decalcify?
1SoftFewer than 1.5Fewer than 8.4 °dHRarely
2Medium1.5 to 2.58.4 to 14 °dHOccasionally
3HardMore than 2.5More than 14 °dHOften

Additionally, the machine will regularly remind you to decalcify, and in those cases, I’d simply follow the schedule. You can easily buy decalcifying tablets for the KRUPS EA8108 here (and the machine also comes with two).

Summary and Rating of the KRUPS EA8108 Review

The KRUPS EA8108 is a very inexpensive super automatic espresso machine that is compact and can fit into many kitchens. It’s geared towards small households with up to 2 coffee drinkers. overall, though, I wasn’t very convinced by this machine, which is why I can only give it three stars.

Best price and performance
DeLonghi Magnifica

Small, sturdy and easy to clean

The espresso simply comes out too quickly. The amount of water used is OK, but you simply can’t get good results after only 5 seconds of extraction. So, if you mainly drink espresso, this machine isn’t for you. There are better alternatives.

It’s possible that the espresso quality is good enough to make coffee drinks with milk, such as a latte macchiato, caffe latte or a cappuccino. You can make good milk foam with the KRUPS EA8108, but it tends to quickly overheat and nearly burn the milk; it’s best to use a thermometer to ensure it doesn’t get over 160 degrees Fahrenheit (70 Celsius).

I had no issues using different kinds of milk to make foam. But if you don’t have any interesting in roleplaying as a barista, I’d recommend getting the model with the XS 6000 Auto Cappuccino set. It’s cheaper to buy it from the start than to buy it separately later. You can order this model here from Amazon.
The drip tray is tiny, which means you need to empty it often. It’s pretty funny to compare it to trays on other automatic espresso machines. The machine heats up quickly which is good if you’re in a hurry and need to make a quick espresso before you run out the door.

It’s an easy machine to use and you don’t actually need any instructions to use it. You only need to push a few more buttons when you use the cleaning program.

Like its bigger brother, the KRUPS EA8808, this automatic espresso machine is only in the middle of the pack. I’d therefore suggest that you check out a few alternative ideas:

Alternatives to the KRUPS EA8108

alternative: Melitta Caffeo SoloMelitta Caffeo Solo

If you’re looking for a small, inexpensive automatic espresso machine, it’s worth checking out the Melitta Caffeo Solo. It’s ideal for 2-person households and for people who want to make espresso drinks. I did an extensive test of this machine in my “laboratory,” and you can find my full review of this machine here: Melitta Caffeo Solo Review.

Bestseller: DeLonghi ECAM 22.110

alternative: DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.BThis inexpensive DeLonghi espresso machine has long been a bestseller on Amazon. At Coffeeness I also gave this machine 3.5 stars in my full review: DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.B Review. DeLonghi ECAM 22.110. Review.

Like the KRUPS machine reviewed here, this DeLonghi machine has a steam wand so you can manually make milk foam. But it’s a bit larger than the KRUPS. The DeLonghi also has a spout around 5 inches (13 cm) high, which gives you more room for taller latte macchiato glasses.

alternative: Melitta Caffeo CIA Bit Pricier: Melitta Caffeo CI

The Melitta Caffeo CI is a kind of “worry-free” automatic espresso machine. However, it’ll cost about twice as much as the competitors. But at least that extra money will get you an excellent automatic milk system, programmable drinks and profiles that you can save, and a nice display that makes using the machine easy and intuitive. That’s why it got 4.5 stars from me, making it one of the best automatic espresso machines I’ve reviewed.

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