How To Make Bulletproof Coffee: Belief Can Counter Calories

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If you've been wondering how to make bulletproof coffee, you've come to the right place. Still, I bet you've got a load of questions. For starters, is the concept of healthy fats really an oxymoron? What's more, is putting butter in your coffee a way to lose weight?

Bulletproof Coffee Komposition

If you’ve been wondering how to make bulletproof coffee, you’ve come to the right place. Still, I bet you’ve got a load of questions. For starters, is the concept of healthy fats really an oxymoron? What’s more, is putting butter in your coffee a way to lose weight?

Keto dieters have demonstrated an easy upgrade to morning coffee, using butter and MCT oil. In today’s post, I’ll detail this energizing, fat-burning morning cup of coffee. Once you are a pro, there are more keto coffee recipes to try.

Let’s delve into possible health benefits of this bulletproof coffee, also called butter coffee. Perhaps, like me, you’ve been curious to drink coffee while adding healthy fats, such as grass fed butter and MCT oil. I’m here to demystify what makes the best bulletproof coffee a satiating morning fuel!

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Previous to the keto and paleo communities’ notion of biohacking, Ayurvedic practitioners in India sipped on a beverage called butter coffee. Ingeniously, they added ghee (clarified butter) in coffee to balance disparate elements.

Specifically, because caffeine is a stimulant, Ayurveda requires that an earthy and grounding substance balance out the beverage. Thus, the healthy fat in ghee or butter neutralizes the caffeine – and voila – bulletproof coffee!

As I pointed out in my guide to enzyme coffee, I am no medical expert when it comes to the health claims of the keto diet. Yet, most of us recall the mistaken trans fats trends of the 20th century, wherein folks completely embraced margarine. Thankfully, the early 2000s highlighted the health benefits of good cholesterol! The keto diet uses beneficial fatty acids to an advantage. Whereas trans fats are banished.
Quick on the heels of these discoveries, Dave Asprey founded the Bulletproof brand. In particular, Asprey bio-hacked butter coffee for the keto diet. His website offers a Bulletproof coffee line, plus MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil and ghee.

With this in mind, a merit of Asprey’s brand is its claim to be free of pesticides, allergens and GMOs. Still, a potential downside is that the freshness quotient of this coffee is undetermined.

It almost goes without saying: I only brew coffee using freshly roasted coffee beans. In the interest of freshness, I’ll give you more than one recipe on how to make bulletproof coffee at home!

Certainly, any health benefits will vary from person to person. Yet, if you’ve been as curious as I have, I recommend you give butter coffee a whirl! Then observe how you feel.

Why Drink Bulletproof Coffee?

A keto approach on how to make bulletproof coffee aims to deliver some of the healthiest saturated fats available. With that in mind, fats like MCT oil and ghee are swiftly converted into fuel, giving your body more energy.

Equally important are other benefits of MCT oil and grass-fed butter in your morning cup of coffee. Healthy fats slow buzzy effects of caffeine, spark energy to promote weight loss and can potentially reduce overall body fat over time.

Why Use MCT Oil?

Interestingly, MCT oil is distilled from coconut oil. As opposed to long-chain triglycerides, medium-chain triglycerides are associated with reduced body weight, reduced fat and a slimmer waist circumference. MCT oil, also known as Brain Octane Oil, achieves more efficient ketogenic results ( a quicker conversion from fat to energy) than plain coconut oil.

Coconut oil can be a fine substitution in bulletproof coffee, as it contains medium-chain triglycerides, albeit a less potent ratio of them. Essentially, it achieves a slower caloric burn.

Along with Brain Octane Oil, it is also one of the only fats which will seamlessly blend into a cold bulletproof coffee. For a weight loss keto diet, the aim is healthy fats and low carbs.

A couple of biohacks: My recommended bulletproof coffee ingredients always include MCT oil and pasture butter. Yet, I have substituted coconut oil for MCT oil in a pinch. For the lactose intolerant, ghee may be substituted for grass-fed butter in any butter coffee recipe.

Why Use Grass-Fed Butter?

The keto and paleo communities know that grass-fed butter and MCT oil are high in fatty acids, making them optimal brain health food. Additionally, pasture butter is high in vitamin K-2, which strengthens the heart and bones. Surprisingly present is the beneficial antioxidant beta-carotene, proven to prevent cellular damage.

Finally, it’s safe to assume that any keto beverage calling itself butter coffee recommends grass-fed butter over standard butter.

Why Use Unsalted Butter?

It sounds nutty, but we nutrient junkies prefer to start with unsalted butter in our bulletproof coffee, then add nutrient-dense pink salt back in. In particular, pink Himalayan sea salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements.

Simultaneously, the pink salt flavor adds a nice kick to your bulletproof coffee recipe. Especially when paired with maple syrup or honey.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

Milk Foam Nose Arne

OK, enough science talk already! Now it’s high time to get into the nitty gritty of how to make bulletproof coffee. Coming up, I’ll share some tips, tricks and recipes.

Creamy Latte Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Ready for a bulletproof coffee break? Here are the tools I use to produce a creamy cup:

  1. French press

  2. Blending pitcher

  3. Immersion blender or milk frother

Making bulletproof coffee is only as complex as you like it. First, I begin with my basic recipe for French press coffee. Alternatively, you could brew in your drip coffee maker or Chemex coffee maker. Anyway, here are the ingredients:

  • 12 ounces (355 milliliters) freshly brewed coffee

  • 2 tablespoons grass-fed butter or ghee

  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil

  • Pinch of pink salt

Next, pour your hot coffee into a blending pitcher. Accordingly, you may add a combination of healthy fats, or just one to start. As mentioned, a pinch of pink salt will give your bulletproof coffee a kick, plus essential minerals.

Blitz the mix with a blender or use a milk frother! Blending the mixture thoroughly is essential to creating the creamiest latte.

Bulletproof Coffee Additions 

Now, if you want to get fancy with your bulletproof coffee recipe, you may add any of the following flavor and nutrient boosts to your black coffee for an equally creamy cup:

  • Nut butter

  • Cinnamon

  • Cacao butter

  • Maple syrup or honey

  • Pure vanilla extract

  • Unsweetened cocoa powder

For a mocha style coffee recipe, unsweetened cocoa powder will add iron and antioxidants. Oh, and a dollop of maple syrup or honey rather than processed sugar will regulate your carbohydrate intake. Pretty cool, eh?

Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Beyond a hot coffee recipe, did you know bulletproof coffee can be enjoyed cold? Refreshingly, there is a cold brew bullet coffee! Likewise, the cold brew coffee features butter and MCT oil.

  • Black coffee (cooled) or cold brew concentrate

  • 2 tablespoons melted butter or ghee

  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil

  • Pinch of pink salt

  • 2 cups of ice

Mix it all together, pour over the ice and enjoy. Careful, though – it’s easy to guzzle this down way too quickly! Alternatively, I like to blend this freshly brewed coffee recipe with ice, converting it into a delightful keto coffee smoothie!

What Does Bulletproof Coffee Taste Like?

In summation, Bulletproof coffee boasts the silky texture of a creamy coffee drink filled with nutrients. Ideally, you will have blended your healthy fats thoroughly, so that the oil is well-distributed.

Indeed, the taste spectrum of your bullet coffee latte depends on the coffee recipe and the ratio of added ingredients. Variously, your creamy latte may feature butter, nut butter, cocoa or cinnamon. Either way, you’ll be able to create a delicious coffee drink and tailor it to your tastes.

Verdict: How Healthy Is Bulletproof Coffee Really?

Of course, bulletproof coffee is only as healthy as it makes you feel. Nevertheless, if you find you are caffeine-sensitive or you experience sluggish digestion, these are legitimate reasons to seek out an alternative brain fuel. Additionally, if you experience weight gain instead of weight loss, bullet coffee may not be your optimal morning cup of joe.

Ideally though, your bullet coffee will spark a morning exercise regimen and regulate your metabolism! It may become as essential to your daily routine as regular coffee once was. The many added health benefits of this energizing beverage are worth exploring. Be my guest and try out a bulletproof coffee recipe to jumpstart your day!

Comment below if you are a burgeoning biohacker or a bulletproof coffee connoisseur! Tell me your favorite brew method! Do you use a French press, immersion blender or milk frother?

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee FAQ

Also known as keto coffee, bulletproof coffee contains grass-fed butter and MCT oil. These healthy fats are brain fuel, meant for a quick burning conversion to energy.

Bulletproof coffee is healthy insofar as it boots energy and regulates metabolism. Depending on what is added, the potential for added nutrients and minerals is vast.

If you find you are gaining weight or you are struggling to digest fats, bulletproof coffee may not be your jam.

Yes, although MCT oil is derived from coconut oil to be more efficiently metabolized.

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